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Who Are The Chi-Town 77's?

Taken from sevensevenlulz:

The “chi-town 77′s streetpunks” (aka “the 77′s”) are a shockpunk crew that started in 1995, originally
lead by Chris Coan. The 77′s used the band  “the street brats” as a recruiting force for their crew. The Chi-town 77′s are best known for their violence against homeless people and travelers, for sexual assault and misogyny, and they often flirt with fascist imagery and racism. The chi- town 77s are NOT nazis, though some do hold far right political tendencies and sometimes spout racist language (hyper sexist language as well). In a conversation leaked in 2011, between their Leader Conor P Looby and neo nazi Erich Scott Kriske of the now defunct CMS, Conor states “, I dont know how women can protect us so thereby should not exist in our crews. You may be able to prove me wrong about this, but women, who are not our girlfriends, only belong around us to suck dick or open beers. The few girls that are outside of these roles and are still respected still do not belong in crews of any sort including ours or even our enemies.”

In that same conversation, Conor states “everything must justify its own existence”. We then ask the question; what is the justification for the 77′s existence? They call themselves a gang but they having nothing gang-like going for them. They are not involved in extortion, bribery, loansharking, contract hits, high level drug running, etc. They definitely have no real muscle and possess no dominance over any part of “the scene”. So what is their purpose? In their hilarious mission statement,  found here (likely written a years back) they attempt to answer that very question. Please read, it’s a gem for sure.

Their current formation will jump a homeless person with the odds in their favor but when challenged by organized antifascists in the past 3 years they have consistently NOT been victorious, and they
know this. What we mean to say is, with the exception of 1 or 2 of them, they can not fight. That is why they typically pick on people they deem weaker and are sure to do it when the numbers are in their favor. Many of them did not grown up in the city and are actually from the suburbs, making their territorial claim over wicker park; a bourgeois north side tourist attraction, absolutely hilarious. Due to fairly violent and clandestine antifascist attacks against them in the past few years, and presumably their own internal issues, the 77′s are pretty fractured these days. They are disorganized, small in numbers, spread apart, and are rarely seen wearing their “colors” (jean vest or jacket with “chi-town 77 street punks” embroidered on the back). As much as they claim to be “the scene” they are actually only a tiny portion of one small, more mainstream and club based, scene in Chicago. They idolize 77 punk and power pop bands (which I like as well) but most of their bands are very generic and uninspired.

We don’t oppose them because we think they are politically important or that they are actual fascists (they’re neither of those things) but since they dwell in the city of Chicago and attack people based on their identity, we find them relevant and necessary to smash. We put this site together so others can know their faces and their location.

Suburban bully killers forever..

Current members:

Conor Looby (leader- pictured here on left and here 2nd from the right)
2432 N MILWAUKEE AVE #2 above Auroras jewelry (77 clubhouse)
Chicago, IL 60647
DOB: 04/1987

Marcin J. Soroka (pictured here and here)
Drives a black four door Nissan sentry
plates: N50 8044
towed December 1st 2012 to 701 n Sacramento

Phu Nguyen AKA “Ping Pong” (pictured here and here)
Currently renting an apartment in Lake in the Hills, IL
Other associated addresses:
Age: 27
Drives a white car with black motorhead decal on the back
plates: 680 7995

Fernando Arroyo (pictured here and here)
DOB: 12/1986
Drives a 2006 NISSAN XTERRA

Jordan J Edwards (pictured here and here)
(recently moved to Seattle..goodbye)
previous locations:
559 W SURF ST, CHICAGO, IL 60657-6058
25557 FRONT ST, STERLING, IL 61081-8967
DOB: 10/1987
Associated phone numbers past and present:
(312) 607-7278
(815) 626-0244
(815) 670-2328
(815) 670-2628
(815) 499-0695

Richard Dean Cummings (pictured here and here)
2540 N LAWNDALE AVE APT 1, CHICAGO, IL 60647-1173
DOB: 5/1985
Associated phone numbers past and present:
(773) 586-0751
(217) 324-9253
(773) 360-7315
(773) 788-0744
(217) 851 1491
works at A plus tattoos 3034 N Bellmont

Timothy M Beck (pictured here)
1522 W AUGUSTA BLVD APT 1F, CHICAGO, IL 60642-3970 (Lease might be running up)
DOB: 09/1986
Associated phone numbers past and present:
(773) 853-9614
(773) 681-1838
(773) 407-1472
(773) 754-6477
(773) 807-6387

“Rubber” Rob (pictured here and here)
Works at Cobra Lounge

Matt Mikols (pictured here and here)
works at whole foods at 1101 s Canal

Jimmy Fauser (pictured here), Junior (pictured here and here), and Miles Billington (pictured here and here)

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