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Alt-Right Defeated by Antifa in Michigan


hugzOn March 4th racists, fascists and white nationalists of all stripes began to trickle from their various miserable corners of the country and into Michigan to attend Richard Spencer's speaking event which was to take place on March 5th. They may have been expecting a Nuremberg rally, but instead they were met with a two-day festival of failure brought on by a combination of their own inability to organize effectively and bold community opposition to their abhorrent views. The alt-right was refused platforms and gathering places at all of their planned stops in Detroit, Lansing, and Ann Arbor, clearly showing that the people of Michigan will not allow hate in their homes. After being denied entry at every turn, from their original venue, The Carpathia Club in Sterling Heights to Tipsy McStaggers, a bar in Warren, Michigan, the defeated group of racists slunk off to an AirBnB outside Ann Arbor. The alt-right may have felt they would be safe in the remote mansion hidden among trees and only accessible by a road that ran one way in and one way out but they were unable to keep even this location a secret. Within hours they were forced to flee yet again, presumably seeking shelter scattered among any local motels with vacancies as they tried to rally themselves for the next day and stewed in their obvious defeat.

MARCH 5TH pt.1

March 5th began with a large group gathering in opposition to Spencer’s event in the parking lot of the MSU agricultural pavilion, a venue normally used for livestock auctions. As small groups of fascists tried to make their way through the opposition in order to hear their beloved glassjaw spout his hateful views, it quickly became clear that they would not be able to do so without risking the same consequences their idol famously experienced on film and they scurried back to whatever holes they had crawled out of. After some time the Traditionalist Workers Party(TWP) arrived along with fascists who where turned away earlier, clearly laboring under the incorrect assumption that their sieg heils and shouts of “white power” would get them through the crowd gathered to oppose them. Their proud walk slowly turned to cowering stances as they slowly realized they were outnumbered and outmatched by over 100 antifascists who took to the streets to block their path. Scuffles began almost immediately as the TWP foolishly attempted to push their way through and were forced back at every attempt, unable even to protect their leader, Matt Heimbach, who was struck on several occasions. The look of fear on the nazi’s faces clearly echoed their defeat as they clung desperately to each other and shouted, often almost in tears, at the cops who were unable to protect them from the antifascists’ focused opposition. Finally the police were able to intervene and the roundly defeated TWP made a walk of shame, cowering behind the cops who protect them, back to wherever they came from.



Despite the risk of facing down the assembled antifascists in order to enter the building, small groups of racists continued to attempt to get through the opposition throughout the day. Most had the good sense to know that calling on the cops for an escort was their best chance of success, but even those chances proved to be slim, as police continually failed in their efforts to safely guide the racists through opposition lines. In these moments, both the fascists and cops who were there to protect them were shown that this event and those in support of it would not be tolerated. The cops even found themselves struck and pelted with rock on multiple occasions as the community made it clear that they hold both fascists and those who protect them in the same regard. This event was a clear victory for all who oppose fascism and it was a day of miserable failure for fascist organizing, which was reflected by terrible event attendance (TWP organizers included) and the cancellation of Richard Spencer's college tour. Slowly but surely the alt-right is falling on its ass. Good riddance!

Monday, August 14, 2017

Milo Ads Torn Down From CTA Platforms

The following is an anonymous submission from local Chicago antifa regarding the recent posting of advertisements for Milo Yiannopoulos' book along the CTA lines (public transit).
"Queers and Trans Women especially, Trans Women Of Color are always on the front lines of Antifascism regardless of our choice to be there because
bigots and fascists will attack us and our community without hesitation or
provocation. It is essential to our survival that we fight for our
community and ourselves. While we will continue to struggle to exist, we
call on anyone who claims to stand with the LGBTQI community to accomplice
us in our militant fight for our right to live and love whoever the fuck we
want and whoever we want to fuck. Solidarity with all the GLBTQI folx out
there standing tall and battling genocide and heteropatriarchy! Solidarity
with our LGBTQI Family who are in Chechnyan death camps whom we call on
militants to liberate by bringing death to the Chechnyan
​ State! Solidarty with TQILA who have formed an Anarchist LGBTQI Militia
with the IRPGF to destroy Daesh, the state, and Capitalism!  Total
Liberation for all! Fuck Rainbow Capitalism and Assimilation to any
oppressive behavior or system! Milo Yiannopoulos is a bigoted fascist piece
of shit who is a traitor to the GLBTQI community and deserves the same
treatment as any other fascist scum. Exile and Death." 
                                                       - A QT Antifascist

Proud Boy Gets Wanking Hand Broken

On the night of May 13th a group of young white men met up at McKesey's Irish Pub in Madison, WI. What started out as a quiet meeting in a booth near the door gradually became a raucous and drunken frat party in the upstairs lounge area. In the bathroom, things like "the west is the best", "no wanks" and "proud boys" were scrawled on the walls. A drunk frat kid with a USA tank top and another with a "deplorables" shirt roam the bar, leaning in obnoxiously close to people and declaring that they were going to punch each other in the face over and over after they left, "just like a gang!" One of the boys questions a young Latinx in broken spanish about there citizenship while several others surround young women at the end of the bar like ravenous vultures. This was the scene of the first annual Midwest Proud Boys meetup.

 We received word from anonymous local Chicagoland antifascists that they were aware of the meetup well in advance and decided to go scope it out. The Proud Boys have long been on the radar of antifascists as a group that cherry picks from fascist ideologies, attracting the interest of known white supremacists who now make up their ranks. In a previous reportback, an outed neo-nazi by the name of "Trigger" Tom Christensen, known for infiltrating antifa groups in Portland, having ties to Volksfront, regularly contributing to Stormfront, and has claimed responsibility for shooting a comrade in the back, was discovered to have been trying to start a Proud Boys chapter in Chicago. Despite social media claims, that was not a successful endeavor, nor will it ever be. 

For those who are unaware, The Proud Boys are a group started by Gavin McGinnes, a 46-year-old millionaire who co-founded VICE. As mentioned, many of the tenets of The Proud Boys seem to be ripped right out of the reactionary fascists handbook, for example, "anti-political-correctness, anti-racial guilt, closed borders, anti-Islam" are just a few of their self-proclaimed beliefs. McGinnes believes that the borders should be closed down and all those within be forced to conform to a "white, western,  English speaking culture."  Gavin McGinnes has also displayed extreme transphobia, referring to trans folx on his show recently as "gender n****ers". To top it all off, one of the main tenets of their 4-level membership platform, and the only way to reach the "4th degree", theyve openly declared war on antifascist ideology by imploring their members to "kick the crap out of antifa". Anybody who finds common ground with these platforms is an obvious threat to the safety of our communities and Antifa everywhere will be happy to step up and knock these fucks back a few degrees on their membership.

Which brings us back to the Proud Boys Meetup in Madison, WI. The terrified, deer-in-the-headlights expression on this guys face is a result of the challenge issued by The Proud Boys, and the danger they pose to safety and freedom of members of our community. Meet Thaddeus Pall, who will find it much easier to meet their anti-masturbation criteria with broken hands. This excerpt from an anonymous communication will explain...

"After they stumbled out of the pub, we followed the large group a few blocks toward the housing complex they lived in and were presumably going to discuss further recruitment and initiation details. They seemed to be stopping and waiting for one of their group who had separated from them a little earlier. Once the kept walking, we continued to follow the group before losing them after they entered a gated section of one of the complexes. We waited outside hoping to catch them on their way back out. It was then that the dude with the deplorables shirt came walking up, this was the one that had gotten separated from them. We said, "Whats up, Proud Boy?" and the rest you can see. He didnt take it well at all. "

Thaddeus Pall has since tweeted about his broken hand, bemoaning the mean bullies that did this to him. Who would've thought that espousing hateful and harmful ideology would come with consequences? Theres enough issue with another white male dominated group pervaded with toxic masculinity and hatred, but when these groups decide to flirt with aspects of fascist political rhetoric, they really bring the nazis out of the wood works, emboldening themselves and inspiring acts of hate-fueled violence abroad. You can call us the violent ones all you want, but we act in self defense and the defense of our friends and family. Any blow struck to the head of a fascist, any little fashy hand that is broken, is not an unprovoked act of violence but a blow struck in defense. With regard to The Proud Boys, never forget that you declared this war with antifascists. You'd do well to keep in mind that this isnt some movement that sprang up last November in reaction to another piece of shit in a long line of pieces of shit in power. Some of us have been in this fight a very long time and are not about to be intimidated by a group of entitled college brats who want to pretend to be militant and rub elbows with nazis. There are consequences to the actions you take and the hate you spew. So, Proud Boys, guard your wanking hands, because as long as your group exists and you continue to attempt to silence and incite violence against marginalized groups, Antifa will be there, maybe when you least expect it. Get well soon, Thaddeus. :) 

left to right: andrew michael peterson (madison, WI), nicholas james watson (lacrosse, WI), mark christensen, luke endres, thaddeus emerson pall

Doxxes will be updated as information is available. 

Andrew Michael Peterson
student at UW
Mom: Kim A Peterson, 20 Grishaber Ct Appleton, WI

Nicholas James Watson 
Age 31 6/23/85
now lives in lacrosse and is involved UWL swim team
IX (roman numeral 9) tattoo 
Member of the band Sweat Boys
Competitive Swimmer

Luke Endres  
 Member of UW-Madison Phi Kappa Theta (Beta Class "Spiritual Committee")
 15 S Charter Madison, WI
Adam Kendall
 Previous Address: 5733 Modernaire St. Fitchburg, WI 53711
 Possible Phone Number: (608) 271 -0369

Adam Kendall (milwaukee/wauwatosa)
 Runs @proudboyswisco twitter account 
 He and his brother are 2nd degree proud boys

Eric Holevatz (Rubicon, WI)(Bonehead)
  740 N Main St, Hartford, WI
  Admin on PB WI vetting page 
  Carpenter At Squared Away Builders Inc, Germantown, WI
  Married to Kayla Holovatz Works at Horicon Bank, RUbicon, WI

Thaddeus Emerson Pall
Age 27
twitter: @teapall
Parents: 603 E Lake St, Petoskey, MI
Lives in Madison
Adam Moller
Adam Moller 
Age: 31 or 33
2227 Terrace View Dr #2A, Sheboygan, WI
or 1312 Wisconsin Ave #101, Grafton, WI
Industrial Designer at Kohler Co. in Sheboygan

Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Known White Supremacist Tom Christensen Sent to Hospital by Antifa

On the night of April 11th Chicago antifascist activists spotted known white Supremacist "Trigger"
Tom Christensen (34) at Delilahs bar located on the Northside of Chicago. Shortly after being seen, a Melee ensued between Tom and the local Antifa. Tom was sent sent to the hospital in an ambulance following a lengthy meeting with the business end of several cue sticks and a frantic 911 call from those with him. Unfortunately, two bystanders were injured by Tom. Both are alive and well.

For those who don't know, Trigger Tom is a violent neo-nazi originally brought to public attention by Rose City Antifa (Portland) while attempting to infiltrate and gather information on local leftist/anarchists. Christensen has made hundreds of posts on the white supremacist forum (see bottom of article) known as under the username "whitepunx". During his time in Portland he was actively promoting a known neo-nazi organization called Volksfront International. Tom has also claimed responsibility for shootig and paralying and Antifa comrade while in Portland. Shortly after being doxed, it became very clear that Tom’s presence would not be tolerated by antifascists in Portland and he was forced to move to Chicago and has been remained on the radar of antifascists. He has done a good job slipping through the cracks, until this past Tuesday.

Since Toms residency in Chicago he has been seen violently attacking women on more than one occasion and is currently involved in "men’s rights activism". As recently as February, he has associated himself with groups like Proud Boys, supporting a fundraiser for a midwest chapter. Tom has been questioned by friends about his racism but is very good at using manipulative language to paint himself as non-threatening and not racist. Something he was said to be very good at in Portland as well. However, for those who are more perceptive or more knowledgeable in the language of fascism, his true intentions tend to surface.

Tom was confronted by Chicago antifascists who believe that neo-nazis are not to be debated with, but rather pushed out of any community or scene. If someone’s beliefs are based of the oppression of others, that belief poses a bigger threat to our society than the discomfort or pain experienced by those who hold them.

So, “Trigger” Tom Christensen, this message is for you. You can spin whatever story you want out of what happened at Delilah’s. You can deflect blame onto other groups all you want, we’re telling you that the reason you got dealt that beating, was we see you and know who you really are. Chicago is no more safer for you than Portland was when you tucked your tail and ran. But, hey, don’t take our word for it, stick around and we’ll have some more fun. Y,know, maybe shoot some more pool sometime.

Antifascist forever!

Tom Frederich Christensen 
3007 N Allen (2nd floor) 

Stormfront screencaps:

"Trigger says he is a WN, which stands for White Nationalist"

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Mark Solotroff, of Fortieth Day, Tries to Escape His Racist Past

Mark Solotroff, a musician in the electronic/noise genre and operator of Bloodlust! records, was
AWB Record label
recently called out in Chicago for his "art project" AWB recordings and the pseudonym under which he released what was described as “white power racist noise”. As stated before, we are anti-fascist and not art critics. Crypto fascist "artists" have been attempting to make inroads in various music scenes for quite some time and their impact has only been increasing as of late. Despite these recordings taking place in the late 1980's/early 90's, they continue to have impact based on the new found popularity of their provocations. White supremacist america has answered these provocations boldly. Fascism? YES!
      By aiming to be provacative, Mark Solotroff succeeded in provoking a response by fascists and anti-fascists alike. One of admiration and respect and the latter of disgust and anger. When conceiving art projects on horrid subjects we would hope the aim is to stare into the abyss, then recoil in disgust. That is not the case with AWB/Terre Blanche. The extremist imagery and content of these recordings caught the eye of Antifa and fascists alike. Whether it's nazi skinheads Sieg Heiling on album covers, song titles like "Sickle Cell", an obvious reference to a disease that largely affects people of African origin, or "They Kill Their Own, And Blame Us", a reference to the Atlanta Child Murders, a series of murders between 1979-81 in which the victims were Black, and attributed to a man who was never tried and convicted in many of the cases. Its also been asserted by many that the actual perpetrators of the murders were members of the local KKK but it was covered up. It becomes immediately apparent Mark Solotroff’s work in this time period took a very specific course, to target Black america specifically.
"New Slavery" Depicts death of Harold Washington and slave imagery

Despite being of limited copies the music and myth of AWB/Terre Blanche spread. In 1989, In response to a notification he’d received from Electronic Cottage, a popular publication of the genre, that there were protestors upset with their advertisement of AWB/Terre Blanche, Mark escalated by deliberately taking out a full page ad in the next issue, boldly claiming that “AWB rcording artists are racists...” to provoke anti-fascists even further. Also in 1989, Mark gave an interview with a magazine called Chemical Castration, in which Terre Blanche is described as being unique in the electronic music genre because of the raw expression of racial hatred pervading their music. In this interview Mark attempts to separate himself from groups like the KKK by saying where they attempt to victimize others, he is the one who has been victimized. He repeatedly claims that white people are an oppressed class and that this music is their way of taking a stand against this. All of this he did under his pseudonym, before it became widely known in the early 90s who had been behind AWB/Terre Blanche. An article was published in 1991 by Ben Gilbert, an editor for Chemical Castration magazine, detailing a series of correspondences and events that led folks like himself and PBK to discover that Solotroff was behind the project.

 In 1991, musicians in the industry from the U.S. to Europe, like Philip B Klingler and Frans de Waard, concerned about the normalization of these hateful themes in their network, worked with other artists on an anti racist compilation called "Anti-White Bastards" in response to Mark Solotroff's label. Artists from all over contributed to this effort likening people like Solotroff to known white supremacists in the industry like Death in June or Boyd Rice.
 Following is an excerpt from an interview with Philip B Klingler with Personal Best: Issue #6 on 1/2016 Norway:

      "I certainly don't object to extreme content as a narrative within noise music, so I'm not trying to say that controversial subject matter shouldn't be addressed, it really should be. But anything done stupidly, immorally, or only for shock value, has a lot less value when the shock has worn off, and the shock aspect wears off pretty damned fast. If your defense is that you were only trying to shock people and make them think, well in my opinion you should've provided a better point of view of what your angle was, otherwise it's too obtuse. There are better, more intelligent ways to do that, ways that don't leave it open for interpretation as to what the artist's point of view is in relation to the content. On the other hand, if you align your work closely to these backwards ideologies, then in the long run you've ruined your legacy, especially if you don't believe in what you are saying, but are just trying to make a controversial statement, to shock the audience. It's fakery. But there isalways going to be a subculture in the fan base that enjoys this extremist content. So.. for those of us who have been honestly trying to use the medium as a means of evolving the language of music, those groups, those labels, made it harder for us over the years to be taken seriously in a genre where racist or licentious ideas were the norm."

The following is a quote from one of our correspondences with popular noise artist, PBK,  active since the mid-80's, who has released over a hundred albums and collaborated with such well known experimentalists as Jarboe (of Swans), Jim O'Rourke, Wolf Eyes and many others. He has been very outspoken about racist/fascist/nazi and hateful imagery in music:

       “In noise music the artist is creating an abstract expression which, if listened to on it's own, without a title guiding it's narrative, it is probable that every person would come up with a different set of correlations. Once the artist titles the piece they set the metaphor in a direction for the listener. When they create a work that has a racist title and then say 'well, i was simply being a provocateur', that's too easy, they are escaping responsibility. I have made a number of protest works in noise: 'Domineer', 'Asesino', 'Warfare State', 'Politics Of Aggression' and others. None of these works requires a defense or explanation from me as to my point of view yet they are all provocative. Truth in art is essential, hoaxes are a con man's game. It's a misconception that art needs to be elusive, ambiguous, not easily interpreted. I think the work can be challenging, disturbing, it can explore many sociocultural aspects, it can be mind-blowing, inspirational, or give a pure feeling of dread. So many things can be encapsulated in abstract art ----- and still stay on the right side of history.”

When confronted by a group of antifa recently, Mark attempted to use the limited nature of the
recordings as an excuse that many hadn't heard or would even know of them. Our goal in confronting Mark was to hold him accountable for this past and encourage him to denounce the reality of these provocations by denouncing AWB/terre blanche and Fascism as a legitimate political ideology. From our conversation at the Hideout in Chicago, Mark agreed to put out a statement doing just that. He eventually did release a very wordy statement full of excuses and deflections, seeming to completely miss the point.

   In reading the expected statement from Mark regarding the racist roots in his music career, its become amply clear that he does not and will not take ownership of his misguided and hateful views at the time. He continues to dismiss his work as a joke or silly art project. He continues to allude to his own Jewish heritage and the people of Latinx descent in his life, as well as his apparently queer identifying friends, in an effort to insulate him from the white supremacist ideologies he glorified through his “art”. Not once in his statement does he address the community that he continuously attacked and incited violence against, the Black community. The very record label itself is an homage to a neo-nazi separatist group in apartheid South Africa.

               Particularly offensive is his assertion that as an artist he reserves the right to explore the topics that pique his interest. Mark, you didn’t explore them, you glorified and capitalized on the violence, hatred and oppression of the Black community. For that, the community reserves the right to retaliate against the oppressive forces and imagery that you elevated and contributed to. This is not suppression of your artistic expression or free speech, it is literally self defense. Mark Solotroff was given the opportunity here to atone for his past and ask the communities he openly attacked for forgiveness because that is what restorative justice looks like. However, he has proven that he is just another crypto-fascist hiding behind the guise of art and free speech.

               Antifa does not use the state to prevent anyone’s free speech. We reject the concept of constitutional free speech, as the constitution was never meant to protect human rights. It is a human right to exist in a society free of fear that people will attack you for your physical or social differences. That being said, the constitutional right to free speech supposedly restricts the state from censoring ideas, but that same constitutional right as well as basic human rights do not stop the public from opposing hateful ideas in defense of life. The fact that people dislike what bigots have to say and want to make that known is not prohibited by the concept of free speech. If bigots actively go out of their way to tell people that 90% of the world’s population should be enslaved or that the best thing they can do is kill someone because of their skin color, religion, ethnic background, immigration status, sexual orientation, disability, etc., they can’t use “free speech” to silence opposition. Anti-racists and antifascists have an obligation to deny a platform to bigots so that they can’t spread their message and recruit. Concert venues, meeting halls, radio programs, and the like make choices about who to host on a regular basis. These choices have a very real impact on bigoted ideas taking root in one’s community. Responding to bigoted speech is important. We believe in being proactive when it comes to fascist violence, which means confronting fascist views in music scenes before they have a chance to put their ideas into action, and taking fascist threats seriously.

Mark Solotroff
Most current addresses:
3528 W Fulton Blvd. Chicago, IL 60624
165 N Canal St. APT 1131 Chicago, IL 60606

Solotroff has an upcoming show at Cafe Mustache in Chicago on March 18th with other shows following at Subterranean on April 2nd and The Empty Bottle on May 8th, both also in Chicago. Feel free to stop by and give your opinions on his shady past.

Monday, February 6, 2017

Rockford IL "Daily Stormer" Meetup Disrupted by Antifas

The meeting between the two chumps in this picture was not just any cordial chit chat over a beer at some bar.  These two are not old buddies, or co workers kicking back after a long day of work.  Nope, these two adorable strangers were brought together by a site we all know well, “The Daily Stormer”.  It started on January 27, last Friday afternoon when it was brought to the attention of Antifas within the Midwest region that a group of people were openly planning to meetup in Rockford, IL that night. This planning process unfolded in an open thread on “The Daily Stormer” among several people, but those who seemed most interested and likely to partake went under these usernames:

(Click to see Screenshots)

Little known to these unsuspecting Nazis, one of those people involved in the discussion tipped the Antifas off. The mastermind behind the meet, seemed to be the one calling himself “brotheryellow” (pictured here) , apparently quite the runner (as he was about to prove later on that night). He claimed to be a mobile homesteader, traveling the country and looking for like-minded people to meet up with.  He was even kind enough to include in his profile on The Daily Stormer a real picture of himself, and the fact that he drives a van. He even let everyone know that he would be wearing a yellow hat when he got there! Aside from the one in that forum who let our comrades know about the potential meetup, “brotheryellow” proved to be just as useful.

After going back and forth amongst themselves, seeming unable to agree on a time and place, and even rejecting a Starbuck’s as the location because it was too “Jewish”, they were, finally satisfied with a little dive bar called the Oasis at 901 State Street in Rockford. Upon the arrival of some of our comrades, prior to the agreed time, it seemed obvious that one of the Nazis from the forum was already there waiting. After some time passed and the presence of Antifas in the bar grew, the lone fascist grew visibly uncomfortable and took off, just as our two unsuspecting pals above, along with a woman in their company, entered the bar.

They had a few beers and pushed their way through what looked like some awkward conversation, then finally asked for the check. They seemed to think it prudent to use the emergency exit pictured behind them and clearly weren’t enjoying the vibe that this bar was putting off.

As the trio headed toward the parking lot they were greeted by some comrades, obviously shocked and confused, and politely asked not to come back to the bar….. Just kidding they were all actually given an entire can of that special hot sauce (see: bear mace) point blank to the face. The last anyone saw of “brotheryellow” he was seen sprinting down the street the other direction, true to his claim in The Daily Stormer profile he has. Obviously no hero to his fellow Nazis. The last that was seen of the remaining two, they were left in the parking lot, stripping off their clothes in the frigid weather, clawing at their faces, awaiting the WAHmbulance and piggies that they would call.

As satisfying as it can be to punch a nazi or, in this case, empty a can of bear mace in their face, it's also important to notice something particularly alarming about this report. The sheer stupidity in which they openly planned this meeting and were unable to detect the presence of Antifas in the room is great for the action, but its indicative of the lack experience these fascists have. Their profiles all showed recent membership with The Daily Stormer site, and through that platform they intended to set up a meeting, to share already toxic and hateful perspectives of their worlds, to further radicalize their fascist ideology. The same trends we are noticing on our side with the amount of people rising up, maybe taking action for the first time in their lives against this oncoming wave of fascism, we see the equal and opposite reaction on the right. It’s at this crucial stage that we have to strike; to smash fascism at its very inception can quite literally save lives. It would have to be assumed that going forward from here, these folks will be somewhat hesitant about having the audacity to put their oppressive ideology on full display in the community among the very people they would oppress.