Monday, August 14, 2017

Milo Ads Torn Down From CTA Platforms

The following is an anonymous submission from local Chicago antifa regarding the recent posting of advertisements for Milo Yiannopoulos' book along the CTA lines (public transit).
"Queers and Trans Women especially, Trans Women Of Color are always on the front lines of Antifascism regardless of our choice to be there because
bigots and fascists will attack us and our community without hesitation or
provocation. It is essential to our survival that we fight for our
community and ourselves. While we will continue to struggle to exist, we
call on anyone who claims to stand with the LGBTQI community to accomplice
us in our militant fight for our right to live and love whoever the fuck we
want and whoever we want to fuck. Solidarity with all the GLBTQI folx out
there standing tall and battling genocide and heteropatriarchy! Solidarity
with our LGBTQI Family who are in Chechnyan death camps whom we call on
militants to liberate by bringing death to the Chechnyan
​ State! Solidarty with TQILA who have formed an Anarchist LGBTQI Militia
with the IRPGF to destroy Daesh, the state, and Capitalism!  Total
Liberation for all! Fuck Rainbow Capitalism and Assimilation to any
oppressive behavior or system! Milo Yiannopoulos is a bigoted fascist piece
of shit who is a traitor to the GLBTQI community and deserves the same
treatment as any other fascist scum. Exile and Death." 
                                                       - A QT Antifascist