Thursday, January 12, 2017

Matthew Heimbach and Traditionalist Workers Party Sneak Rally in Daley Plaza

On Sunday January 8th, Matt Heimbach and his petty hate brigade, better known as the
Traditionalist Workers Party, gathered on the steps of what they apparently thought was city hall but was actually Daley Plaza, to little fanfare, to spread their message of racism and ignorance to the citizens of Chicago. Despite claims of not being afraid of either Antifas or the “Black gangs” of Chicago, this action was planned in secret and executed with neither supporters nor foes being aware of their presence. Heimbach, in his usual long winded manner, had much to say, most of it the played out drivel he has become known for, and most of which he has proven time and again incapable of and unwilling to execute. In other words, he was talking awfully big for someone who chose a Sunday afternoon to have a secret rally outside of a nearly empty building, in a non-residential area of downtown that sits mostly empty on Sunday afternoons.

Their proclaimed reason for this sneak attack in Chicago, a city they are proclaiming to be “the seat of leftism in the Midwest” (if only) is despicable and, naturally, exploitative. Lets be honest Heimbach, you don’t give a shit about what happened to the man who was kidnapped and beaten here. No more than you cared about the high school football players in Idaho who assaulted and raped a young mentally challenged Black kid in the locker room. Nor the countless incidents of violence perpetrated against marginalized people, largely emboldened by your hateful lies. Nor do you give a shit about the 400 years or so of oppression that Black people have faced here. That’s the difference between what happened to that young white kid and what people of color face on a daily basis. There is no white genocide nor any systematic racism against white people. What those four kids did was just a symptom of the systemic oppression that Black people have faced for centuries, and of the hateful rhetoric that scum like you spew.

Let us make ourselves clear, we do NOT condone what those four did to that young man. What happened was tragic and sad. However we realize that this is not a part of some larger conspiracy to oppress white people. Those who hold power cannot be oppressed by the marginalized and oppressed. Oppression stems from power. The State acted swiftly in this case because those responsible are Black. They will serve significantly more time in prison, compared to white people found guilty of similar acts, because they are Black. They will likely be shown no mercy, no leniency and for the most part people wont care. THAT is what we do not condone and are working towards dismantling. THAT is what oppression looks like.

Despite the pathetic nature of this display, it does highlight a new found boldness on the part of these cowardly hate mongers which cannot be taken lightly. In these times even sad attempts at publicity like this sneak attack cannot be allowed to stand. It is imperative that if you see a display like this, that you contact your local antifa chapter and members of your community so that we can uphold our tradition of ensuring the safety of our community as a fascist free zone.

Heimbach, we see you. We will not allow you to exploit tragic incidents within our communities, so that you can mold the narrative to suit your own despicable ends. Your cowardice has been noticed. Your fragile male ego and rancid world view have no place in our city and will not be tolerated. You have been weighed and measured and found wanting.  Chicago eagerly awaits your return, should you have the spine to make your presence better known. This is your warning, one we are not afraid to hide from public view, as you did.  Your next visit will be met with force.