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Exposing Illinois White Supremacist John Alexander. Ties To SIkh Temple Shooter Found

John Alexander first came in contact with Illinois antifascists in early 2010 when the white pride world wide(WPWW) march, originally called for by the Illinois National Socialist Front(INSF) was brought to an immediate end via physical confrontation. The four white supremacists who actually showed up were Patrick Leyland(Independent), Matthew Cunneen(NSM-224 s Chase ave apt B Lombard, IL 60148-5809), Tim Durkan(KKK/NSM- 7204 W. 53rd St. Apt. #2 Summit, IL, 60501) and John Alexander(Blood and Honour C-18). Since the march, Patrick Leyland has been outed, received much antifa harassment, and moved to Germany, Tim Durkan was outed and lost custody of his kid, and Matthew Cunneen was exposed and had his address released in the recent NSM outing. John Alexander was exposed immediately after as well, and has been harassed on a few different levels but for someone living right underneath our noses, it took us quite a while to track down his specific whereabouts and full details. Finally, here it all is… no one escapes our clutches forever.

Merton on left
John Alexander is a 21 year old member of Blood and Honour C-18 division who attended Taft high school. He was recently attempting to start a chapter of Prison State Skinheads with Tim nelson up until Timmy got ran out of Chicago by antifa. He is Polish(dad Aleks side) and Italian(mom Elisias side) and acquired his last name from a marriage his mom was in. He works doing roofing with a Polish work crew on the south side of Chicago near Archer and Harlem. Rumors have speculated the he is 1/4 Guatemalan with the last name "Hernandez", but this has not been confirmed to any capacity. John got arrested a while back when him and fellow Skinhead Merton Gary jumped someone on Addison and Harlem. Since Johns participation in the WPWW march he has since been seen at the Hitler birthday celebration in 2010, an NSM demo in West Allis, WI, "Nordic Fest" in Mokena, IL, a Vinlanders Social Club show in Ohio, and he attends a Blood and Honour council meeting very year in North Carolina.

It has recently came to our attention that John  knew Wade Michael Page (Sikh Temple shooter) and hung out with him in Chicago. He can be seen on the right hanging out with him at the Vinlanders show just last year in Pickerington, Ohio.

John is rumored to be a very possessive and jealous partner with severe abandonment issues. Maybe it's partly paranoia caused by the fact that he cheats on his girlfriend with a fellow racist girl named Sylwia Sobczak who lives by Belmont and Austin. Aside from Rock Against Communism (RAC) and Oi John listens to "terror", "blood for blood", and "death before dishonor", but will allegedly not go to hardcore shows due to his fear of  the Straight Edge crew known as "Friends Stand United" or "Fuck Shit Up"(F.S.U.). John wont be found at most white power (WP) shows in Chicago either, because he is not liked by Marcin Golebiowski, who books most of the WP shows, or his wife Suzan Lenner. They have accused him of breaking Suzies windows amongst other things.

John frequents Keepers pub(6232 W Addison St) and will often go to an outlaw bar called Jimmy Macks(5581 N Northwest Hwy)in Jefferson Park. He sometimes parties with a friend at 5053 w. Pensacola ave Chicago, IL and hangs with Mike Marcink(fellow Blood and Honour member who raises his ugly children to be white supremacists).

John, if you don't follow in your leaders footsteps then you should at least follow Patrick Leyland and Tim Nelson's lead and get the fuck out of this State. After all, what have white supremacists done in Illinois besides get their asses kicked?

John Alexander
3850 N.Kedvale ave Chicago, IL (temporarily staying here)
other addresses:
5384 w grace Street Chicago, IL
5346 N Nordica Ave Chicago, IL
Born 02/20/91

Friday, August 10, 2012

Misty Cook; Illinois/Wisconsin White Supremacist And Ex-Girlfriend Of Sikh Temple Shooter

Misty Cook
SF and B&H forum username: luluroman
Last Address: 726 Minnesota Ave, Apt 5 South Milwaukee, WI 53172-2142
Age: 31
Associatons past and present: Volksfront, Hammerkins

The Arrest. Taken from the Huffington Post:

    Police searching a former apartment of the shooter who killed six people at a Sikh temple in Wisconsin, found a gun and arrested his ex-girlfriend on Tuesday. 
 Misty Cook lived with Wade Michael Page in Milwaukee until June when the couple split. A team from the FBI and South Milwaukee Police Department looking for evidence related to Sunday's shooting spree in Oak Creek locked up Cook for illegal possession of a firearm, ABC News said. 
 The 31-year-old nursing student and waitress is barred from owning guns, because of a felony conviction from 2005 for fleeing and eluding a traffic officer, the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel reported. 
 The seized gun was not related to the temple shooting , according to TV-station Fox 6. 
 Authorities have said they believe Page, a musician in a skinhead hardcore band, acted alone. The 40-year-old former member of the Army was shot to death by police outside the temple. 
 Researchers say Cook was part of the white supremacist movement in which her ex-boyfriend was an active member. 
 The Anti-Defamation League, which monitors extremist groups, released a photograph of Cook wearing a t-shirt of white power group Volksfront and holding a beer bottle. 
 In 2007 and 2008, Cook was actively involved in Volksfront, the Los Angeles Times reported. She was linked to another neo-Nazi group, Hammerskin, with which Page also had ties. 
  Cook, her son, and Page moved into the South Milwaukee apartment in November, according to the Journal-Sentinel. Neighbors told the newspaper that the couple kept to themselves and sometimes blared loud music. 

Some interesting quotes from Misty Cook via Hammerskin board:

     "Obama Christmas ornaments are going on sale Friday. It's finally gonna be legal to hang a nigger from a tree  :D'"
 "I think it's awesome to get into fighting, and to get involved in the community in any way. I would probably take an approach more conducive to infiltration (by not wearing crew 38 stuff in the gym, maybe hanging out later with some of the guys). Everybody out there is trying to have their say, they're just dying to give away their position. I think we should be a little more guarded"

    "Back to my original point, though, getting out in the community, possibly volunteering at a veteran's association or something to that effect. We are either our own best friends or our own worst enemies. When you actually get out there, you're expanding your resource base automatically by giving people the best impression of you possible. If and when you decide to present yourself in a racial manner, try to be light and friendly (joking about Obama, trying to understand illegals or something to that effect). It may sound silly, but think about it, people are intimidated by an angry person. We must be seen smiling as often as possible, and let our enemies be seen as the angry ones. It builds a positive association with us" 
 "I was actually just thinking the other day how I'd like a nice pair of jump boots (those are the ones w/ the zipper on the side)... I wear my doc's (oxfords) or chucks generally.... My issue with military boots is that they're always made in some 3rd world shithole... Anyone know of any American/ European combat boot manufacturers?' 
    "Whoa, whoa, first of all, I've been involved in the scene out here for seven years. I was a member of VF for almost 4 of those years. If you think, during your time hanging out with them, that you got to know them better than I do, I don't know what to tell you. Everyone knows me, I am not the new one here, and YES, I will ask you what happened with VF because if you are still hanging out with them, we have nothing further to discuss. I am merely looking out for myself...if that's okay with you?

    The reason "groups" have beef with each other is because of ego problems, plain and simple. Let me break it down to you like this, Jason; the purpose of a crew is not to be some political arm or "activists" like some claim to be, and anyone that believes that is fooling themselves. Rather, the purpose is to establish a social network so you can hang out w/ like-minded people, make sure your kids have other white kids to hang out with, take care of each other. That doesn't mean that there aren't activists in a given group, but that doesn't make EVERYONE in the group an activist. I hope you can see the relevance of my point. When one group tries to take a holier-than-thou, we're-super-activist attitude (when they're only imitating other groups' methods anyway) and tries to implement internet aggression against other groups the way VF has, then cries about it when people push back, the way VF has, yeah, people lose a little respect for them. I know them more than you ever will, and take it from me, they WANT to be the biggest, baddest gang, but they're not."

    "No, Jason, nobody is going to "get over" anything. Unlike you, some of us have a lot of history involved in this. In a perfect world, pro- white people would all get along, sure, but it's just not that simple. I'm not asking you to take a side, and nobody is going to hold you personally responsible for VF's actions or anything like that, but there are real reasons behind the divide, so please do try to be respectful of that and not trivialize the issue with "Why can't we all get along?" It's not gonna happen, so why beat a dead horse? Sorry', 'No, I left VF back in January along w/ most of the central region. They started prospecting anybody & everybody after that. They lost over 1/3 of their membership between 08-09, maybe closer to 1/2... and good solid people too. (Well some of em, Johnny from St Louis was giving info to the feds. Info of what, I dunno. He was a dumbass. Probably got into trouble over something stupid and was looking to scapegoat somebody else to save his own hiney. That's how this type of thing usually goes. If you end up knowing a couple solid people in the movement, you're doing good. Hell, even 80% of the guys in Federal Prisons turned over on somebody.

    LOL, listen to me. It's not all felonies and prison time, haha... In fact, if you're doing the right thing and don't hang around dumbasses that get you in trouble (and will just roll over on you anyway), you don't have anything to worry about. Most of the HSN guys I know (most of the people I hang out with at all) are married w/ families, just trying to get by. Me, I don't even drink any more. I'm looking to get into some volunteer work within the community, maybe the VA out here. I'd like to help veterans, you know? ANyway, I got a 5 page paper due on the Vikings in the morning and I haven't evenstarted on it yet. I'll talk to ya later, Jason. Take it easy.')"

Monday, August 6, 2012

Wade Michael Page Of The Hammerskin Nation Leaves Six Dead In Milwaukee

On August 5, 2012, Wade Michael Page opened fire on members of the congregation of the Sikh Temple in Oak Creek, Milwaukee.  Six were left dead, three were wounded, and a police officer responding to the scene was was shot multiple times before another officer shot and killed Page.

Wade Michael Page was an active member of the white power bands Definite Hate and End Apathy.  Both bands were associated with the Hammerskin Nation, a neo-nazi skinhead group known for organizing white power music festivals.  Page spent time filling in with well known white power bands like Max Resist and Blue Eyed Devils, and anti-fascist website One People's Project has found pictures of Page wearing Hammerskin Nation patches that prove his affiliation.

The events of this day are a tragedy for the congregation, for the community, and for the families and loved ones of those shot.  However, we have seen this tragedy happen before.  White supremacists leave a trail of terror wherever they organize, targeting people of color, immigrants, LGBT people, and leftists. 

In April, Minnesota white supremacists Joseph Thomas and Samuel Johnson (ex-National Socialist Movement) were arrested prior to planned attacks intended to coincide with May 1st, an international holiday for socialist and labor movements.  Thomas and Johnson were organizing an "Aryan Liberation Movement" that would use violent means to provoke a race war.  Both were spotted observing and documenting participants in pro-immigration rallies, and according to the affidavit planned to attack the Mexican embassy.

Earlier this year in May, former National Socialist Movement member and border vigilante J.T. Ready went on a shooting rampage that resulted in the death of his girlfriend, her daughter, granddaughter, and her daughter's boyfriend.  Ready committed suicide after the massacre.  Ready had also been under investigation by the FBI for the murder of immigrants whose bodies had been found along the border of Arizona and Mexico.

Milwaukee has been on south side's shit list for over a year now. During the NSM's opportunistic attempts to rally in West Allis, WI after a so called "anti-white flash mob attack", it became abundantly clear that Milwaukee had its share of white supremacists. It also became clear that its opposition was dominated almost entirely by liberals who were literally hushing those they believed to be chanting too loud,  proving not only their authoritarian and dictatorial character, but also their unwillingness to challenge the fascists in any serious way.

People have tried to vilify militant anti-fascist activity for years, whether it's for being too "violent" or simply not important, but events like this only show that direct confrontation against the fascists and white supremacists is absolutely necessary. We hope that, because of this tragedy and others alike, militant anti-fascism will
start to emerge in Milwaukee and other places where antifas appear to be less prevalent. No sympathy for the fascists!

Taken from One Peoples Project:

OAK CREEK, WI--The shooter in the shooting at a Sikh Temple in suburban Milwaukee that killed six people before police gunned him down has been identified as Wade Michael Page, a member of the Hammerskin Nation HSN, the oldest and most violent neo-Nazi bonehead organization in the United States.

According to the Anti-Defamation League website, Hammerskin Nation was formed in Dallas, Texas in the late 80s, adopting the crossed hammers - the symbol used by the fascists in Pink Floyd's the Wall as their organization's logo. At its peak, HSN was able to boast dozens of chapters across the United States and worldwide. They are best known for holding concerts around the country known as Hammerfest, but also for the murders and other violent acts that have been committed by HSN members over the past 20 years. As of late the organization has lost the strength it once had, and other organizations like Volksfront and the Vinlander Social Club - an organization founded from the remnants of the Outlaw Hammerskins, which were former Hammerskin members that were ousted - came into being.

At the time of his death, Page, 40, was a member of the CHS band Definite Hate, a longtime HSN band that has several Hammerskin-themed albums, including "Hammerfest 2009", and "Murder City Hammerfest 2010" and "Tribute to Hammer Joe", which was dedicated to the late Nordic Thunder singer Joe Rowan, who was killed in 1993 in a Green Bay, Wisconsin convenience store after a white power concert. Definite Hate played Hammerfest 2011 in Tampa, Florida.

In 2005, Page, along with two members of Definite Hate started another band. End Apathy. According to their MySpace profile, End Apathy was based in Nashville, TN and North Carolina, and have several recordings released via the white power distribution company Label 56. In an interview on the Label 56 website, Page noted that after he left his native Colorado in 2000, he had been in other bands prior to End Apathy. "I had the opportunity to play bass with Youngland for 2 years back in 2001 - 2003 and during that time I filled in for various bands on guitar and bass including Celtic Warrior, Radikahl, Max Resist, Intimidation One, Aggressive Force, Blue Eyed Devils," he said. All these bands have been associated with HSN.
Headed by Clemie Richard Haught, Label 56 is the music outlet for a violent neo-Nazi gang called Maryland State "Skinheads" (MDS). MDS head Jason Tankersley, while more involved with their Mixed Martial Arts arm has some organizational input over Label 56 as well. Label 56 has released a statement on its front page, which claims they've removed all of End Apathy's material from their store and to "not take what Wade did as honorable or respectable and please do not think we are all like that." Label 56 still promotes Youngland, however.
The rest of Label 56's catalog of music that glorifies Nazi concentration camps ("Arbeit- Zum Einen Neuen Licht"), dead neo Nazis ("Joe Rowan memorial concert" and a Skrewdriver tribute CD and metal from well known European neo-Nazis (Lord Wind, Landser, Nokturnal Mortum) is still there.
Label 56 is also promoting on their Facebook page the "European American Heritage Celebration" to be held in Moosic, PA this Saturday. That event is organized by Steve Smith, the former member of Keystone State "Skinheads" who last month became a Republican Committeman for his ward in Pittston, PA.

In addition to Label 56, Tankersley ran Absolute Combat Sports, a Mixed-Martial Arts training outfit from Exile Fitness Center in Rosedale, MD. Absolute stopped operating at Exile sometime this year.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Statue Attacked, J31 Day Of Action 2012

In Chicago, two events for the July 31st Day of Action took place; The first was a benefit film screening of the movie "antifa: Chausseurs de skins" for the Tinley Park 5, held by four star anarchist organization (4SAO) and tabled by us at south side ARA. The second was an attack against the Balbo Monument located near soldier field by Kalamazoo antifa. We also released an intelligence report on neo-nazi twins and tattoo artists Fred and Will Leinberger.


The benefit was held by 4 star anarchist organization. The film shown was Antifa: Chausseurs de skins, A French documentary on how groups of youth in Paris generated a backlash against the Neo Nazi skinhead subculture. For every person who came through the door 4SAO donated five dollars toward the Tinley Park 5. The event was well attended and therefore raised a good amount of money for those arrested. We were able to pass out literature, answer questions and have some good conversations about antifascism.


The Balbo monument was donated by Mussolini from Ostia to Chicago in 1933. It's named after Italo Balbo, "a fascist leader in Italy immediately following WWI and one of the main participants in the March of Rome which brought Mussolini to power in 1922." The monument was spray painted and wheat pasted the night of July 30th by anonymous antifascists.

Here is a small portion of the text taken from indymedia and pastebin:
On the night of July 30,  Kalamazoo antifa attacked the Balbo Monument near Soldier Field and Grant Park in Chicago, Illinois.
Full text here
The statue, like many other fascist targets attacked in the past, was tucked away, almost hidden. The exact address or cross-street is hard to find, but we discovered it somewhere southeast of the police memorial, across Museum Campus from Soldier Field, and stuck up against the bike path. It's not far from a street of the same name, both in honor of an Italian fascist named Italo Balbo.

We spray painted the three arrows underneath the word "ANTIFA"  on the face of the statue and wheatpasted the following communique in solidarity with Greek antifascists.

It goes without saying we also stand in solidarity with the Tinley Park 5, Jock Palfreeman, Dane Rossman, Anti-Racist Action, and all antifascists facing repression, but this one's for Greece.

Flier communique for the attack:

For the July 31st Day of Action Against Fascism and Racism we chose to partake in an action against the Balbo statue in Grant Park. We humbly dedicate this action to antifascists in Greece, who have maintained an active resistance to fascism since before the early 1940's.

Italo Balbo was a fascist leader in Italy immediately following WWI and was one of the main participants in the March of Rome which brought Mussolini to power in 1922.

Nazi Tattoo Artists Fred And Will Leinberger

Update 09/05/12: Will is no longer working at World Class and now owns/works at Excalibur Tattoo & Body Piercing at 2913 S. Harlem Ave Berwyn, IL. Call them at (708) 637-4146 and let them know how you feel.
Fred C and Will G Leinberger are twin brothers who have been involved in the Chicago neo-nazi scene for years and used to hang out with polish nazi skins on the northwest side. They were both part of the SS Action Group, a national neo-nazi organization affiliated with the Ku Klux Klan.

In May, 1988, at age 24, a Criminal Court jury convicted Will Leinberger of intimidation for threatening to kill a witness moments before Leinberger made an appearance in Misdemeanor Court for drawing racial epithets in a Chicago Transit Authority bus the previous month. He was sentenced to 5 years.

Later, a list of the jurors and their hometowns was found in his cell in Cook County Jail, along with Nazi literature.

In 1990 Will was sentenced to three years for vandalizing Hobfoll Kosher Meat Market and Kaufman`s Bagel Bakery. He broke windows in the two stores and painted a swastika on one. The vandalism occurred on the anniversary of Kristallnacht, the November night in 1938 when Nazis broke windows of thousands of Jewish businesses and burned down synagogues in Germany. After his sentencing he seig heiled the court.

Will was once facing misdemeanor charges of ethnic intimidation for allegedly pulling a knife and making racially motivated threats against two patrons at the Medusa club in October of 87. It is unclear what the results of this case were.

Fred and Wills nazi days didn't end in the 90's. The Leinbergers attended the 2009 Hitler birthday celebration organized by Art Jones,  the 2010 Hitler Birthday celebration organized by Patrick Leyland, and may or may not have attended the failed 2011 Hitler celebration organized once again by Art Jones.

Will used to own World Class Body Customizing at 3263 Harlem Ave in Berwyn, IL but was fired in June. He now works at Excalibur Tattoo & Body Piercing at 2913 S. Harlem Ave Berwyn, IL  and Fred works at Jade Dragon Tattoos at 5331 W Bellmont Ave. (confirmed 4/20/12)

Fred updated
Fred's work schedule:
Tues until 7pm
Fri until 7pm
Sat until 2am
Sun 1pm until 7 or 8pm

Address for Fred Leinberger:
 7244 W Belmont Ave
Chicago, IL 60634-3503
(773) 889-7725
Possible address for Will leinberger :
2913 Harlem Ave apt 2
Berwyn, IL