Saturday, August 11, 2012

Exposing Illinois White Supremacist John Alexander. Ties To SIkh Temple Shooter Found

John Alexander first came in contact with Illinois antifascists in early 2010 when the white pride world wide(WPWW) march, originally called for by the Illinois National Socialist Front(INSF) was brought to an immediate end via physical confrontation. The four white supremacists who actually showed up were Patrick Leyland(Independent), Matthew Cunneen(NSM-224 s Chase ave apt B Lombard, IL 60148-5809), Tim Durkan(KKK/NSM- 7204 W. 53rd St. Apt. #2 Summit, IL, 60501) and John Alexander(Blood and Honour C-18). Since the march, Patrick Leyland has been outed, received much antifa harassment, and moved to Germany, Tim Durkan was outed and lost custody of his kid, and Matthew Cunneen was exposed and had his address released in the recent NSM outing. John Alexander was exposed immediately after as well, and has been harassed on a few different levels but for someone living right underneath our noses, it took us quite a while to track down his specific whereabouts and full details. Finally, here it all is… no one escapes our clutches forever.

Merton on left
John Alexander is a 21 year old member of Blood and Honour C-18 division who attended Taft high school. He was recently attempting to start a chapter of Prison State Skinheads with Tim nelson up until Timmy got ran out of Chicago by antifa. He is Polish(dad Aleks side) and Italian(mom Elisias side) and acquired his last name from a marriage his mom was in. He works doing roofing with a Polish work crew on the south side of Chicago near Archer and Harlem. Rumors have speculated the he is 1/4 Guatemalan with the last name "Hernandez", but this has not been confirmed to any capacity. John got arrested a while back when him and fellow Skinhead Merton Gary jumped someone on Addison and Harlem. Since Johns participation in the WPWW march he has since been seen at the Hitler birthday celebration in 2010, an NSM demo in West Allis, WI, "Nordic Fest" in Mokena, IL, a Vinlanders Social Club show in Ohio, and he attends a Blood and Honour council meeting very year in North Carolina.

It has recently came to our attention that John  knew Wade Michael Page (Sikh Temple shooter) and hung out with him in Chicago. He can be seen on the right hanging out with him at the Vinlanders show just last year in Pickerington, Ohio.

John is rumored to be a very possessive and jealous partner with severe abandonment issues. Maybe it's partly paranoia caused by the fact that he cheats on his girlfriend with a fellow racist girl named Sylwia Sobczak who lives by Belmont and Austin. Aside from Rock Against Communism (RAC) and Oi John listens to "terror", "blood for blood", and "death before dishonor", but will allegedly not go to hardcore shows due to his fear of  the Straight Edge crew known as "Friends Stand United" or "Fuck Shit Up"(F.S.U.). John wont be found at most white power (WP) shows in Chicago either, because he is not liked by Marcin Golebiowski, who books most of the WP shows, or his wife Suzan Lenner. They have accused him of breaking Suzies windows amongst other things.

John frequents Keepers pub(6232 W Addison St) and will often go to an outlaw bar called Jimmy Macks(5581 N Northwest Hwy)in Jefferson Park. He sometimes parties with a friend at 5053 w. Pensacola ave Chicago, IL and hangs with Mike Marcink(fellow Blood and Honour member who raises his ugly children to be white supremacists).

John, if you don't follow in your leaders footsteps then you should at least follow Patrick Leyland and Tim Nelson's lead and get the fuck out of this State. After all, what have white supremacists done in Illinois besides get their asses kicked?

John Alexander
3850 N.Kedvale ave Chicago, IL (temporarily staying here)
other addresses:
5384 w grace Street Chicago, IL
5346 N Nordica Ave Chicago, IL
Born 02/20/91

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