Monday, February 6, 2017

Rockford IL "Daily Stormer" Meetup Disrupted by Antifas

The meeting between the two chumps in this picture was not just any cordial chit chat over a beer at some bar.  These two are not old buddies, or co workers kicking back after a long day of work.  Nope, these two adorable strangers were brought together by a site we all know well, “The Daily Stormer”.  It started on January 27, last Friday afternoon when it was brought to the attention of Antifas within the Midwest region that a group of people were openly planning to meetup in Rockford, IL that night. This planning process unfolded in an open thread on “The Daily Stormer” among several people, but those who seemed most interested and likely to partake went under these usernames:

(Click to see Screenshots)

Little known to these unsuspecting Nazis, one of those people involved in the discussion tipped the Antifas off. The mastermind behind the meet, seemed to be the one calling himself “brotheryellow” (pictured here) , apparently quite the runner (as he was about to prove later on that night). He claimed to be a mobile homesteader, traveling the country and looking for like-minded people to meet up with.  He was even kind enough to include in his profile on The Daily Stormer a real picture of himself, and the fact that he drives a van. He even let everyone know that he would be wearing a yellow hat when he got there! Aside from the one in that forum who let our comrades know about the potential meetup, “brotheryellow” proved to be just as useful.

After going back and forth amongst themselves, seeming unable to agree on a time and place, and even rejecting a Starbuck’s as the location because it was too “Jewish”, they were, finally satisfied with a little dive bar called the Oasis at 901 State Street in Rockford. Upon the arrival of some of our comrades, prior to the agreed time, it seemed obvious that one of the Nazis from the forum was already there waiting. After some time passed and the presence of Antifas in the bar grew, the lone fascist grew visibly uncomfortable and took off, just as our two unsuspecting pals above, along with a woman in their company, entered the bar.

They had a few beers and pushed their way through what looked like some awkward conversation, then finally asked for the check. They seemed to think it prudent to use the emergency exit pictured behind them and clearly weren’t enjoying the vibe that this bar was putting off.

As the trio headed toward the parking lot they were greeted by some comrades, obviously shocked and confused, and politely asked not to come back to the bar….. Just kidding they were all actually given an entire can of that special hot sauce (see: bear mace) point blank to the face. The last anyone saw of “brotheryellow” he was seen sprinting down the street the other direction, true to his claim in The Daily Stormer profile he has. Obviously no hero to his fellow Nazis. The last that was seen of the remaining two, they were left in the parking lot, stripping off their clothes in the frigid weather, clawing at their faces, awaiting the WAHmbulance and piggies that they would call.

As satisfying as it can be to punch a nazi or, in this case, empty a can of bear mace in their face, it's also important to notice something particularly alarming about this report. The sheer stupidity in which they openly planned this meeting and were unable to detect the presence of Antifas in the room is great for the action, but its indicative of the lack experience these fascists have. Their profiles all showed recent membership with The Daily Stormer site, and through that platform they intended to set up a meeting, to share already toxic and hateful perspectives of their worlds, to further radicalize their fascist ideology. The same trends we are noticing on our side with the amount of people rising up, maybe taking action for the first time in their lives against this oncoming wave of fascism, we see the equal and opposite reaction on the right. It’s at this crucial stage that we have to strike; to smash fascism at its very inception can quite literally save lives. It would have to be assumed that going forward from here, these folks will be somewhat hesitant about having the audacity to put their oppressive ideology on full display in the community among the very people they would oppress.