Monday, March 19, 2012

Chicago White Power Music Venue and Promoter Revealed

In the past few years there's been a handful of spaces in the chicago area sympathetic to Nazi organizing. Edelweiss, Starpolska and PJ Klems are three that come to mind. All three were restaurants or diners that hosted events such as the Hitler birthday celebrations and David Irving speaking events. The white power music scene however, controlled by Marcin Golebiowski of Strong Survive records, managed to keep their space away from our antifa radars for quite some time. But It was only a matter of time before our side sniffed it out and revealed it to our city.

Taken from Chicago Indy media:

As a response to the call for world wide solidarity actions by Nizhny Novgorod antifascists(, we tagged and are outing what was, until now, an unknown(and possibly the only) white power music venue in Chicago. This venue has been operating for at least a few years and is located at 7153 Berwyn Ave in Chicago. The person in charge of booking shows here, including absurd in 2009 and multiple RAC bands, is Marcin Golebiowski of Strong Survive Records. Golebiowski is the father of the National Socialist Movement's Suzan Lenners child and they both live at 910 Beau SR, Unit 304 Des Plaines, IL . The venue is rented out for many other events and has connections to the Road Runners Motorcycle club. It is unclear if the roadrunners as a group have any political identity, but it is certain that one of the club members; Marcin Sambor, is in fact a polish Neo-Nazi. Sambor is believed to have once lived(and is quite possibly still living)at 7632 W Forest Preserve Ave Chicago, IL.
For all those antifascists(and others alike)facing state repression; you are not alone. Fuck the state, fuck capitalism and fuck the fascists. Stay strong and stay smart! 
-Your friends in the three way fight

Feel free to call the owner at: 773 822 2573 or Marcin Sambor of the Roadrunners MC at: 773 817 6103 

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Exposing Illinois NSM State Leaders Gerald Heidt, Jr and Amy Leanne Brady

Amy Brady(red pig tails)
Gerald Heidt(back right
One peoples project recently released a list of NSM members after Schoeps wife turned against him and provided them with his NSM roster & merchandise purchaser info. We have reviewed the info and pulled all the Illinois names and addresses. Two of the names on the list are Gerald Heidt, Jr and Amy Brady(likely married). According to the this document, released in March of 2011, Heidt and Brady, who claim to be pagans, lived at 217 W Bluff St., Marseilles, IL 61341. Gerald Heidt is a close personal friend of NSM "commander" Jeff Schoep. In addition, both Heidt and Brady were  co-state leaders of the NSM in Illinois as of 2011.

Gerald Heidt is originally from Utah where his father still lives and owns a business. He is a US Army veteran that lives on VA disability checks. Last year, Heidt discussed his intention of purchasing some property in Illinois to create a neo-Nazi paramilitary training compound on. He was trying to get a loan to buy this property from his father-in-law (Brady's father). Heidt is also a braggart, claiming to have been not only a combat veteran, but also a Special Forces ("Green Beret") combat veteran of both Iraq and Afghanistan, and claims to have shot and killed numerous African-Americans (allegedly in "self-defense") here in the US. He also brags that a home he was staying at was surrounded by a police SWAT team a few years ago, the police having been called in due to threats Heidt had made, his access to weapons, and his admitted deteriorating mental state(he is also believed to have PTSD). Heidt attended last years NSM demo in West Allis, WI organized by Harriet and Paul Paletti (20225 W Coffee Road, New Berlin, WI 53146) of the Milwaukee unit. Brady can be seen here complaining about high gas prices and food shortage. She has a daughter believed to be from an earlier relationship.

Geral Heidt Jr.

Gerald Height JR & Amy Leanne Brady
217 W Bluff St.
Marseilles, IL 61341
Heidt:(815) 250-3844
Brady: (815) 250-3864