Wednesday, November 24, 2010

INSF Collapses After Leadership Exposed as Known Pedophile

Does anyone remember that white nationalist group out of Peoria, Illinois calling themselves the Illinois National Socialist Front (INSF)? Formed from the ashes of the American National Socialist Workers' Party (ANSWP) which was founded by now-imprisoned Bill White after he was excommunicated from the National Socialist Movement (NSM), they were once the talk of the white nationalist movement in Illinois: a promising group holding monthly meet-and-greet barbecue events, distributing literature, organizing protests, and even putting pro-white messages in childrens' easter eggs.

Their "success" seemed unchallenged until South Side Chicago ARA came into the picture. With face to face beat downs, multiple infiltrations of their ranks, and public humiliation at their attempted 2010 White Pride march where four nazis from different white nationalist organizations were beaten and arrested, they have been relatively quiet since. After suffering utter defeat they stopped organizing any public events or updating their website, in constant fear of fierce antifa retribution. It is now known that the INSF have disbanded.

Creativity Movement failure James Logsdon (101 Tanner St, Bloomington, IL 61701) gave a more disturbing explanation for the collapse of the INSF: one of their main organizers was discovered to be a convicted pedophile. It has been confirmed that Steve Turpel of the Arlington Heights INSF was imprisoned for kidnapping, rape, and child pornography. After his initial arrest, several other victims came forward detailing Steve's abuse stretching several years, and when Steve's house was raided, a large cache of guns and ammunition were found. Steve was surprisingly acquitted of the rape charges despite community outrage and after his sentence he was back on the streets with "Illinois United" and the INSF organizing barbecue events at his house where he currently lives at 1308 W Northwest Hwy, Arlington Heights, IL 60005. Especially disturbing when teens go to events like an INSF barbeque or the Mokena Fest, or the 2009 St. Patricks Day Parade to be recruited by the likes of Steve Turpel, who probably shouldn't be hanging out with children at all.

Phil Anderson and other INSF members tried to keep this information about one of their leaders a secret, even from other white supremacist organizations. Maybe its because the fact that kidnappers, rapists, and child molesters are attracted to their movement reveals the blatant contradictions of their supposed racial superiority. Or maybe because Steve Turpel's history is as embarrassing and  discrediting to the nazi movement as Bill Riccio, Andrew Hengel, Levi Dale Lucas, or John Snyder.

With the collapse of the INSF, James Logsdon is attempting to fill the void by holding several failed meet-and-greet barbecue recruitment events - including their most recent plans for a cross / nazi swastika burning held by Ron Ruhl and Eli James on November 7th near the border of Indiana and Michigan which never happened because their members flaked out. But with all of Logsdon's trash talking of the INSF as being pedophile apologists, it seems Logsdon himself is unable to come to terms with similar allegations with members of his own group. Joel Dufresne, a leading Creativity Movement member, was arrested in 2006 for kidnapping and raping the mother of his son Hale (named after imprisoned WCOTC leader Matt Hale). While Logsdon claims to be one of the few able to stand up to Turpel, he has continuously defended Dufresne.

This hasn't been a good year for the "Reverend" and friends: after having his front teeth knocked out during his second prison sentence, his Creativity friend Brian Moudry (304 S. Reed St Joliet, IL) was arrested in Joliet after wildly waving guns and threatening people, his friend Brother Marshal in the Washington Creators was exposed to be a police informant, and most of his former friends in the World Church of the Creator turned on him and started splinter group Creativity Alliance. No wonder many in what is left of the Creativity Movement is calling into question Logsdon's leadership and want imprisoned Matt Hale to be once again officially recognized as Pontifus Maximus.

And we haven't forgotten about the handful of NSM members in Chicago - NSM Matt, Susan Lenner, Michael Schloer, and others who also attended a few INSF events. They are also feeling the heat being confronted - at their jobs, schools, and at their homes.

While internal and external blows coupled with their own idiocy has left Illinois Nazis highly ineffective and discreditable, things on our side of the fence are looking good. One year later South Side ARA and comrades are hard at work and are still organizing, smashing fascism in the streets. While we have clearly won the war between us and the INSF, the larger struggle against fascism and racist oppression is an uphill battle that we are determined to fight and win.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Iowa Anarchists Shutdown Neo-Nazi Rally in Des Moines

Reposted from Infoshop News:

More than sixty anarchists, antifascists, catholic workers, communists, and everyday people from Iowa City, IA; Des Moines, IA; Omaha, Nebraska; and elsewhere converged in Des Moines on Saturday, November 20 to protest a scheduled ¨White Pride Day¨ rally organized by the American National Socialist Party based in Chillicothe, Ohio. Although a few suspected white nationalists were seen driving around the perimeter of the Iowa state capitol, where the fascist rally was supposed to be held, none apparently had the guts to get out of their cars and risk a confrontation with the large mob of antifascists.

More than sixty anarchists, antifascists, catholic workers, communists, and everyday people from Iowa City, IA; Des Moines, IA; Omaha, Nebraska; and elsewhere converged in Des Moines on Saturday, November 20 to protest a scheduled ¨White Pride Day¨ rally organized by the American National Socialist Party based in Chillicothe, Ohio.

Although a few suspected white nationalists were seen driving around the perimeter of the Iowa state capitol, where the fascist rally was supposed to be held, none apparently had the guts to get out of their cars and risk a confrontation with the large mob of antifascists.

The Des Moines Police Department, Polk County Sherriff´s Department, and unknown federal law enforcement were all monitoring the scene, and some anarchists suspect that at least three men who attended the counter-protest were probably undercover law enforcement officers, due to their appearance and behavior.

The counterprotest was organized on less than two weeks notice, and was generally considered a victory for the loosely-affiiliated anarchist movement in Iowa.

¨Sixty-three people attended the counter-protest which means there were sixty--three different social movements represented here today,¨ said one local anarchist. ¨We not only successfully shut-down the neo-nazi rally, we also successfully demonstrated our strength in numbers and the effectiveness of the decentralized affinity group model of organizing.¨

Word of the ¨White Pride Day¨ rally and the proposed counter-protest were disseminated through Facebook, email, and other online social media, and half a dozen or more affinity groups, representing a wide variety of ideologies and personal styles, and ranging anywhere between four and fourteen people each answered the call.

¨Nazi punks fuck off!¨ yelled one SkinHead Against Racial Prejudice.

Another woman from Des Moines carried a sign that read, ¨Hamsters are taking our jobs.¨

¨I used to have a really great job, running around in a cage and rolling in a ball around the living room,¨ she said. ¨Then a hamster came along and took that job from me, and that´s not right. I don´t think hamsters should be allowed to take our jobs. I´m sick of unicorns, as well, coming around with all their rainbows.¨

Thursday, November 11, 2010

PROTEST Against “Americans For Truth About Homosexuality”

From the Gay Liberation Network

On Saturday, Nov. 13th please join the Gay Liberation Network in protest against the annual banquet of Illinois’s leading anti-gay bigot organization, “Americans For Truth About Homosexuality” (AFTAH).
In contrast to many on the far right such as Rev. Rick Warren, AFTAH’s Executive Director Peter LaBarbera is such an unreconstructed hater of LGBT people that he remains one of the few who still publicly support Uganda’s notorious “kill the gays” bill. AFTAH so regularly slanders LGBT people that the Southern Poverty Law Center recently labeled it a “hate group” along with neo-fascists and other haters.
Unfortunately AFTAH is not just a fringe joke group like Fred Phelps of “God Hates Fags” infamy. AFTAH has led two failed attempts to get anti-gay referenda on the Illinois state ballot and closely allies itself with Republican candidates like immigrant-hater Jim Oberweis.
Please help us defeat AFTAH’s hate by exposing it through protest:
5:30 PM
Saturday, Nov. 13
In front of “Christian Liberty Academy”
502 W. Euclid Avenue
Arlington Heights
The protest is just a few blocks away from the “Arlington Heights” Metra stop of the Union Pacific Northwest Line in downtown Arlington Heights. Those traveling from Chicago will meet in front of the Ogilvie Transportation Center Metra Station, 500 W. Madison Street, Chicago at 4 PM sharp – just look for the Pride flag. For info email

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Nazis and the 2010 Elections

While we know there is no hope in electoral politics to achieve revolutionary change, several white supremacists failed miserably attempting to run for office in this past election (although their more mainstream counterparts in the Republican Party managed to secure a few seats in congress). NSM bonehead Jeff Hall couldn't even get on the municipal water board in Riverside, CA, and Tom Metzger in Warsaw, IN failed even harder to mobilize any support at all getting less than 0.1% of the vote in the third congressional district. Indiana Red and Anarchist Skinheads reports:

Indiana - No More Cops, Nazi runs for office - Bash the fash!
In Indiana it has been business on parade as usual, but the 3rd District had a National Socialist run for office this year. America has had a fascination with the west, including John Wayne who was a fucking nazi! The new-age nazi of District 3 was named Tom Metzger. Has been incarcerated in Los Angeles, California as well as in Toronto for involvement with the KKK. Fuck that mother fucker, we hate him cause he's an asshole! In California he ran against Jerry Brown (shows what a sorry ass lot of choices this piece of shit democracy provides!). We have known about the National Socialist presence in Indiana for a while and street fights occassionally break out in the skinhead scene where the nazis want to beat somebody up(not all skinheads are fascists!!!). Tom Metzger did lose, though, getting less than one percent of the vote I believe. Still, America's so straightly set on the bipartisan candidates until this past election when the leftists promised so much Obama were forgotten and they lost the house. I hate to say it, but I saw it coming. America goes back to french fries and the corporate death burger, working day after day, but we are losing fear and organizing. Despite what else has been said here lately, it's not going to be a bunch of steroid injecting weight lifters that will save the day. Martial arts could prove useful though and is encouraged and used in the RASH scene. They don't care, it's day after day of life with the multi death corporation where people work, consume and even relax in front of at night in front of the television.

What we need now though is for there to be no more cops! With costs going up, we will take what we can get of prison reform, but we will continue working for the abolition of prisons as well as the police state. So many of my friends drink to forget, they worked at the factories or even the autoworker factories like me. The recent passing of a Vietnam vet where I live who was always on the brink of homelessness has left us with sadness, yet we are creating an entire new generation of these warriors coming home and many are losing their homes. How could America continue this cycle? We need to stop the wars and take care of those who come home. They want their guns to be silent.

Million of damn conservative christians (not trying to alienate the anarcho-christians or progressive christians) are the reason for fundamental shift to the right towards fascist capitalism in the recent elections. It's a fact, and also the disappointed left that had been such a strong base for the Demopublicans. It doesn't even seem that long ago we told ol' ronnie bye bye. Why haven't the bankers went to jail yet? We have people now that still strongly resemble Henry Kissinger, I don't think I need to elaborate on this.

Anyways, fuck the stupid racist skinheads. The fascist, gay-bashing skinheads like the Vinlanders Social Club that infests Indiana and Ohio, the National Socialist movement of Warsaw, Indiana where Tom Metzger lives and ran from. Also, come on, 100 police motorbike escort for Obama? Did we really elect dirty harry for president? The recent planned construction of I-69 through Indiana's Patoka wildlife refuge, with it's inhabitant endangered Indiana bat, to the deep heart of Texas doesn't seem like a stark contrast despite strong opposition in Bloomington, Indiana. It would be the obvious choice for the fascist capitalists who want to reunite Klu Klux Klan members from Texas to Tom Metzger in Warsaw, Indiana.

Cops who are bigots and thugs are constantly causing problems with the growing meth problem here in Indiana as well. It seems every week or two on the news people I have knew who were killed in a drug bust. We need drug treatment and mental health facilities not more cops! Also, the recent posts about weight-lifting to get strong to beat somebody up is stupid! Those chauvinistic ideas have no place here!

I do not wish to take part in the animal slaughters by eating death burgers, the environmental destruction of forests of Indiana (also now they want to destroy 3,000 acres of old-growth forests for logging!) or the wars that slaughter people every day in foreign lands.

And fuck the rich who hoard and have the money pile! They prefer to leave a legacy of wealth over a legacy of a preserved, uncruel and environmentally sound world. Fuck the cock rockers as well, the major rock stars who enshroud themselves into Pop, that shit sucks! Indiana R.A.S.H. is about creating and being involved in music that doesn't suck! We get involved with the rap, hardcore as well as the anarcho-punk in the scnene. The shades of brown need to be identified in the music roots of the (non-racist, if not antiracist) origins of the skinhead movement, but especially within the anarchist skinhead movement! People of Color need to be included and we have been seeing them at our shows, though, throughout the summer.

The State is living on borrowed time, though, my friends. There will be a time when people will be able to look back at a time of a capitalist that that will be a long time gone. Secret to a long life is knowing when it's time to go. Lastly, we want to remind people that "Nazis shouldn't drive!", as we climb into our bicycles and ride into town today. Ian Stuart, lead singer of racist skinhead band Skrewdriver died in a car accident. Fuck him and fuck the NAFTA superhighway I-69 that is planned to ferry in more racists and big business actions!

3,000 acres of old-growth forests in southern Indiana will be open to logging unless we stop it! Send a letter now! Visit Heartwood petition