Thursday, November 11, 2010

PROTEST Against “Americans For Truth About Homosexuality”

From the Gay Liberation Network

On Saturday, Nov. 13th please join the Gay Liberation Network in protest against the annual banquet of Illinois’s leading anti-gay bigot organization, “Americans For Truth About Homosexuality” (AFTAH).
In contrast to many on the far right such as Rev. Rick Warren, AFTAH’s Executive Director Peter LaBarbera is such an unreconstructed hater of LGBT people that he remains one of the few who still publicly support Uganda’s notorious “kill the gays” bill. AFTAH so regularly slanders LGBT people that the Southern Poverty Law Center recently labeled it a “hate group” along with neo-fascists and other haters.
Unfortunately AFTAH is not just a fringe joke group like Fred Phelps of “God Hates Fags” infamy. AFTAH has led two failed attempts to get anti-gay referenda on the Illinois state ballot and closely allies itself with Republican candidates like immigrant-hater Jim Oberweis.
Please help us defeat AFTAH’s hate by exposing it through protest:
5:30 PM
Saturday, Nov. 13
In front of “Christian Liberty Academy”
502 W. Euclid Avenue
Arlington Heights
The protest is just a few blocks away from the “Arlington Heights” Metra stop of the Union Pacific Northwest Line in downtown Arlington Heights. Those traveling from Chicago will meet in front of the Ogilvie Transportation Center Metra Station, 500 W. Madison Street, Chicago at 4 PM sharp – just look for the Pride flag. For info email

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