Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Stop the NSM Rally in Kansas City November 9th

Buddy Rumble, the racist loser who failed miserably at propping up a National Socialist Movement (NSM) unit in Illinois, is in the news as the NSM plans their rally in Kansas City on November 9th.

Taken from Revolution News:

NSM (National Socialist Movement) has promised to hold a rally in Kansas City on November 9th, 2013. We currently have enough verified information to significantly disrupt their rally. We still have more information to release the week of the rally. Please check back for info on how you can help via the Cat Bloc KC event page.

November 9, 2013 will be the 75th anniversary of Kristallancht, which is the day Nazi soldiers and their fascist allies killed almost 91 Jews, sent almost 30,000 to the camps, destroyed synagogues, Jewish homes and shops, and initiated the Holocaust.

The Jackson County Sheriff confirmed that the rally will be at the Jackson County Courthouse 415 East 12th Street Kansas City, MO 64106

Calling the courthouse and sheriff did not do any good. The lady who answered at the courthouse was just glad it’s on a Saturday so she won’t be there. The sheriff in charge of the courthouse said they applied for a permit and got one so legally there is nothing they can do about it.

If you would like to call people, the courthouse number is 816-881-3000 (press 0 for a person) and the sheriff that is in charge of the courthouse is 816-881-3563.

“Nazis, along with Ku Klux Klansmen and members of Aryan Nations, are expected gather the afternoon of November 9 at the Jackson County Courthouse in Kansas City for a large rally.

via: Cat Bloc KC - Please join the event page!

The NSM have made a promo video as well. Trigger warning for racism, nationalism, and hate.

Local media from Pitch.com

“Buddy Rumble, a Midwestern director of the National Socialist Movement – Nazis, for short – in the United States, thinks more than 1,000 people will show up on November 9 in downtown Kansas City to listen to “pro-white civil rights” speakers and others on the courthouse steps. Afterwards, members plan to move to an undisclosed plot of private property for a swastika and cross lighting ceremony.

Rumble tells The Pitch that the rally is in response to proposed immigration reform and the country’s economic and debt problems.

The Sugar Creek resident organizes the Nazis in Missouri, Kansas, Illinois and Arkansas. He won’t say how many members make up his organization.

“In the past we’ve been persecuted by the federal government and other organizations that are against us,” he says. “We protect our members. We are not an organization that’s going to do anything that’s against the law or violent. But we’re portrayed like that.”

It’s worth pointing out that November 9 is the 75th anniversary of Kristallnacht, a two-day roundup of thousands of Jews in Germany and Austria prior to World War II that was seen as one of the first tangible steps toward the Holocaust.

Rumble says that the Nazis have held similar rallies in Jefferson City but never in Kansas City.

The Nazis did hold a conference of sorts at a hotel in Kansas City back in 2005, which resulted in some violence. That year, Nazi sympathizer Steve Bowell and Congregation Beth Israel Abraham & Voliner Rabbi David Fine got in a fight at Kansas City International’s Terminal C. A report at the time indicated that Boswell told Fine, who was wearing a yarmulke at the time, that he was “unhuman.” Fine tossed a cup of coffee at Boswell. The two traded blows until airport police broke them up and charged the two with disorderly conduct.

Rumble was a member of the U.S. Army and used to be a Republican Party adherent.

“The Republican Party has just failed the people,” Rumble says. “I had to go find another party to join and I found the National Socialists are the only true conservative party that are going to stand their ground. They’re not going to waver to the liberals.”

But why join a party whose beliefs and imagery reflect  a dogma tied to the ugliest period of time in the 20th century? Rumble says he looked into the Holocaust, crunched the numbers and determined that the logistics of murdering so many people wasn’t possible, parroting other Holocaust deniers whose attempts at revisionist history have been debunked.

“They said they were executing and burning 2,000 people a day at Auschwitz – six ovens is not going to do 2,000 people a day,” says the amateur genocide expert.

Rumble goes on to say that the answer to the United States’ current fiscal woes can be found in the strategies employed by Adolf Hitler and his Nazi cohorts to rebuild Germany’s economy and infrastructure after being crippled after World War I.

Never mind that the Nazis’ aggression toward other countries and ethnic groups led directly to World War II, the deadliest war in history that left Germany worse off afterwards than in the dark years following World War I.

The November 9 rally may face some organized opposition. Community organization Cat Bloc KC started a Facebook page that aims to disrupt the Nazi gathering.”


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