Monday, October 14, 2013

Meet Mark Davis AKA Mad Mark

Mark A Davis II is a 37 year old neo nazi skinhead living in Creve Coeur, Illinois. Mark was part of a failed attempt at a white unity crew in Illinois called "Illinois United" that was to feature several individuals and groups from a wide range of white supremacist ideologies. It featured the INSF (Phil Anderson and molester Steve Turpel), James Logsdon and his 2-3 man junkie creator army, Art Jones, Eli James, and a few others. This group fizzled out fairly quick likely due to INSF's disbanding, though this is not confirmed.

Mark has been on, the white nationalist internet forum, since September 9th, 2001 and uses the handle "madmark88". Before living in Illinois, Mark lived in Wisconsin where he was found guilty of multiple felonies including one hate crime in Waukesha in 2003. For this he was sentenced to 3 years and 6 months. It is alleged that Mark has active warrants in Wisconsin as well.

We were reminded of Mark once again after his recent posts on stormfront promoting White Nationalist meet and greet barbecue events in Central, IL . The most recent one was for the third weekend in September of this year. It is unclear if it was held at Marks house  (585 Roosevelt St Apt 2, Creve Coeur IL), but judging by the last two central Illinois BBQ meetups it was likely held at James Logsdons residence (1233 holiday rd Bloomington, illinois 61704 ). This is the first attempt at open white supremacist networking since the "May Meet" in Tinley park last year. The WN scene in Chicago has been in a scared and pathetic state since about 2011 and it's comments like these that not only confirm it, but lead us to assume that this BBQ event was not very well attended.

In response to "we will be having a cookout and a keg on the 3rd weekend in sept. in central Illinois anyone interested in attending send me a pm for more details. all pro-white people are welcome. 14/88! " by madmark88:

Mark was last known to be working at Keystone Steel (12/15/2012) and drives a 2005 Chevy Impala.

 Mark A Davis II‬
585 Roosevelt ST APT 2,‬
‪Creve Coeur,IL 61610-4186 (Tazewell County)‬
‪DOB: 02/1976‬
‪Landline: (309) 643-2296‬
‪Cell: (217) 341-5537‬
‪SF: madmark88‬
‪Drives a 2005 Chevy Impala‬
‪VIN: 2G1WF52E059282323‬
‪Plates: IL L985368 Valid from: (09/27/2011 to 12/31/2012)‬
‪Most recent employer: Keystone Steel‬
‪Previous employers: Richardson Manufacturing and Aerotek ‬

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