Saturday, February 4, 2012

Prison Society Breaks Our Hearts: A Valentine's Day Anti-Prison Noise Demo

Why do we wish to destroy prisons? Many radicals will say its because these torturous institutions “aren’t working”. But that ideology only helps to strengthen the prison industrial complex's attempt to mask its true nature. It is to assume that prisons and current(and historical for that matter) methods of punishment were created with a common goal in mind; to protect. This is false! Prisons must be destroyed immediately because in their quest to brutalize, torture, repress and most importantly control ..they most definitely are working. But the war is not over and there are many of us within and without these beasts with eyes wide open. We will have the last laugh.. and penitentiaries will fall

Taken From
February 14th 
@ Chicago Metropolitan Correctional Center (71 W Van Buren) 

Following up on a very successful noise demo on New Years Eve, the Committee for Illegal Life is excited to announce another noise demo at the MCC this Valentine’s Day. No matter how critical of the holiday we may be, Valentine’s Day remains a time when we are told to celebrate those we love and cherish in our lives. Although we often concern ourselves with that which we hate, it is equally true that this hatred is the flip-side to our love for each other, for revolt, for friends and lovers we have yet to meet. Prison society, above all, is built in a way which seeks to separate us, to try to break the intense emotional connections that we build as we struggle against the State and capital. For those held captive by the state, so many remain separated from their lovers, spouses, parents, and friends, keeping them from being able to adequately express their love and their desire for others on the outside. Others, trapped in the invisible prisons of gender normativity and compulsory heterosexuality, are punished for being with their lovers on the inside. So many of us as well find ourselves imprisoned by misery and depression that comes with not having the romantic relationships that we’re “supposed to have.” The only love worth having is that which is a love for revolt and the necessary complicities that come with it. Join us on February 14th to reach out to friends, comrades, and lovers at the MCC to once again show that love and revolt will never be separated by prison walls. 

*those expressly not invited: cops, snitches, rapists, people more interested in selling their politics, revolutionary organization, and/or newspaper than they are interested in the destruction of all prisons/ jails/detention facilities and supporting those behind bars*


  1. Now you are spot on! -rodent.

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