Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Abusive Father Tim C Durkan AKA Sgt. Sean Finnerty

The last time we saw NSM's Tim Durkan, former member of Church of the National Knights KKK, he was getting a well deserved ass kicking at the failed 2010 white pride world wide (WPWW) march in Chicago. After the march we released his information along with the other three attendees. Since then, Tim has appeared to be some what off the radar..until now. Over the past two years Tim lost custody of his son after abusing and threatening his life. Tim did this because his son had been diagnosed with Autism, stating under oath that "all special needs and disabled people need to be purged as they are genetic defects". Thankfully our website, including photographs of Tim at WPWW, allegedly helped to prove Tims nazi affiliations, helping land another important blow against Tim in the custody decision.Other then being a racist and abusing his son, Durkan also likes to hit his partners. He has charges of battery against two ex-girlfriends. He has since married Deserae Dawn Durkan and now lives at 7204 W. 53rd St. Apt. #2 Summit, IL, 60501.

Tim C Durkan
(alias: "Sgt." Sean Finnerty, hoodedstormtroop)
Address: 7204 W. 53rd St. Apt. #2 Summit, IL, 60501
previous address: 6301 N Sheridan Rd / Chicago, IL 60660
Phone: 312 504 7201 (formerly 630 709 6446)
Birthday: December 09, 1979
Email: chicagobrownshirt@yahoo.com
Was arrested at the failed 2010 "White Pride World Wide" march in Chicago
Attended numerous Christian Identity(CI) meetings, Wisconsin NSM anti-gay protests, former member of Church of the National Knights KKK
Went to Willowbrook H.S. in Villa Park, Illinois Institute of Art in Chicago. Married Deserae Dawn Durkan

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