Saturday, February 25, 2012

ALERT: Neo-Nazis To Rally In Harrisburg On February 27th.

 Submitted by our comrades in NJ Antifascists – Hub City Division:

On February 27th, several cities will play unwilling host to protests organized under the guise of stopping “white genocide” in South Africa. 

The reality is that these rallies are being organized EXCLUSIVELY by WHITE SUPREMACISTS. The idea was picked up on the largest Neo-Nazi message board in the world, STORMFRONT, by several individuals and organizations from D.C., PA, FL and more. 

Rather than being concerned with the welfare of white South Africans (except for other Racist ones), these rallies really serve as a way for Nazis to once again mourn the specter of Apartheid Racism which once kept black South Africans as a servant class to the “Boer” colonizers. 

These FASCISTS hope to frighten white Americans with stories of liberated blacks randomly murdering innocent whites. This serves to help hinder dismantling racist government and the free movement of people of color and reinforces damaging lies and stereotypes. One stormfront poster, going by “Genseric,” even threatened that… “It is likely to happen to this violent degree in America and Europe if massive immigration isn't squelched. And soon!” 

These Nazis are going to be on their best behavior and attempting to portray themselves as simply anti-genocide activists. DO NOT BE FOOLED. The Florida coordinator for this event, posting under “MoJo,” referred to the United States as “a brainwashed multi cultural hell hole ripe with joo commies and chickens*** braindead Whites.” 

There has been a demonstration organized by Anti-Racists in Harrisburg for the same time. Those attending the Anti-Racist demonstration should be on the lookout for these Fascists. 

The rally in PA has been picked up by two groups that work closely together, the American 3rd Positionist Party (A3P) and the Keystone State Skinheads (KSS). Some of the likely people involved are: 

Steve Smith, Chairman of KSS and head of PA A3P. Smith has been a neo-Nazi for years and has held membership in the KKK, Aryan Nations, and several other neo-Nazi groups. Smith was once convicted of Assault and Ethnic intimidation for a hate crime incident in Scranton in 2003.

Anthony James Olsen, a former member of South Jersey Skinheads and current coordinator for Philadelphia KSS.

Robert Gaus, member of KSS.

Jimmy “Thorson,”member of KSS
 Here are some other members and associates of KSS and/or A3P: 

 Jason Honeywell, member of KSS

Ryan Wojitowicz, member of A3P. 

Kevin McKeegan, member of A3P

Jake Clink, member of KSS

Alex Carmicahel, NJ A3P 

Matt Kauffman, Member of KSS 

The info for the Nazi event is: 

Where: Pennsylvania State House, Harrisburg PA 
When: February 27th, 2012 1:30pm 

Liberty, Solidarity, and Equality,NJ Antifascists – Hub City Division

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