Sunday, April 10, 2011

David Irving's Indianapolis Speaking Event Attacked...Twice

It's only been a few days since David Irving began the second portion of his 2011 tour and already the Midwest has been delivering militant antifa resistance.

His first Midwest speaking event was to take place in Indianapolis speaking to members of the racist hate groups Hoosier Nation and American Third Position. However, the night before, the MCL Cafeteria hosting the event had several windows bashed out with bricks that read "Shut David Irving Down" and "No Nazis", forcing the MCL Cafeteria to shut down the event and tell Hoosier Nation that they can no longer host their monthly racist gatherings there. Matt Parrott and Jaenelle Antas had to scramble to find another emergency location at the last minute, although they have tried to claim, as the boneheads usually do, that this was not the space for their event. We know this is bullshit because dependable intelligence sources have confirmed this before and after bricks were thrown.

antifa communique from an anonymous email:
On April 8th, the night before holocaust denier and nazi sympathizer David Irving's Indianapolis speaking event, we paid the hosting restaurant an early visit. Three Bricks written with "Shut David Irving Down" and "No Nazis" were launched through the windows to harass the MCL Cafeteria and to prevent Irving from speaking there. The MCL Cafeteria regularly hosts racist gatherings of Hoosier Nation, Council of Conservative Citizens(CCC) and American Third Position meetings led by Indianapolis-based racists Matt Parrott and Jaenelle Antas (who are organizing to support Indiana's anti-immigrant bill SB590). Attacking Irving on the first function of the Midwest portion of his 2011 speaking tour sets the tone for things to intensify: not only for Irving and his assistant Jaenelle, not only for those who attend and host his events, but for every holocaust denier and every white nationalist. We wish them to be a target of war every minute and every second of there lives and in those moments in which they seem unchallenged, let them wither in fear of retribution and drown in the paranoia caused by the panopticon-like gaze that is antifa.
 The list of cities Irving plans to visit on the rest of his tour. Click 'read more' for more info on the Indianapolis speaking event.
The restaurant hosting Irving's speaking event:
MCL Cafeteria
1390 Keystone Way
Carmel, IN 46032
Carmel location phone: 317-844-9217 Corporate phone: 317-257-5425
 Two Indianapolis-based racists who invited Irving here who are part of which also holds regular meetings at the MCL Cafeteria.
Matt Parrott
1145 Golfview Dr Apt F
Carmel, IN 46032
(317) 324-8282

Jaenelle Antas
7823 Ella Dobbs Ln
Indianapolis, IN 46227
(317) 379-8871 and (305) 923-9400
Apparently, after the location was moved, the dumb asses managed to give up their new location spot again and, according to Jaenelle's(tristania) post on stormfront, were forced by management to leave. They claim that they found a new location last second but whether this is true or not can't be confirmed. They try to call the event a success but lets analyze the situation; even if they did have this talk at parrotts apartment, or as the Hoosier nation response says, "in a van down by the river", it wouldn't have been until two of the former locations fell through, not to mention that one of them was Hoosier nations monthly meeting spot in which they are no longer welcome. And how many people do you think were unable to attend this speech due to this fiasco? Meeting taking place or not they went through some hell while antifa had a good time and with no legal repercussions.

Today, according to David Irving's facebook, as well as some other sources, st. Louis antifascists have broke windows harassed and spray painted the hotel that were said to be hosting Irving.

Even before his tour began, Irving was already facing disagreements with Jaenelle about how he is poorly managing the funds raised from his book and ticket sales in addition to harsh criticism from his own neo-nazi affiliates that he is washed up, old and an irrelevant mockery of his former self. After an awesome campaign against Irving's 2010 U.S. tour, we are making sure 2011 will deliver a whole new round of failures for Irving's holocaust denial tour. Two days of war and twenty-two more to go. Good work to our comrades in Indiana and st. Louis and for all of our other antifas out there, lets keep it up. No platform for the fascists!

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