Saturday, April 2, 2011

Andrew Jackson of the INSF behind bars for attempted home invasion

Last we heard from Andrew Jackson, he was arrested in Chicago after getting his ass kicked to the ground by antifa while his once respected leader Phil Anderson (804 E Marietta Ave / Peoria Heights) watched in awe. Since then it doesn’t seem things have gotten much better for him. Two weeks after that arrest and beat down he was arrested again for an attempted home invasion/cause injury. We don’t know what the story behind this is but we do know that he has been sitting behind bars since March 4th of  2011 in Stanton, IL at the Illinois River correctional and isn’t set for parole until January of 2012. So lets get this straight; one year after having his ass beat along with Phil, not only is he sitting behind bars but his crew, the Illinois National Socialist Front(INSF), have broken up after the backbone of their organization, Steven Turpel, turned out to be a kidnapping, child porn loving, pedophile. Maybe white nationalism hasn’t been the best route for this bonehead from Peoria. If he decides to stick with it after being released from Prison, his life is only going to continue to suck.

We urge people to send hate mail to Andrew Jackson #m12302 P.O. box 999 Canton, IL 61520 or email him at

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