Friday, April 29, 2011

Chicago ARA Releases Zine #2 – May Day Edition

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In solidarity with worker and immigrant communities who rise up every year on this date and take action against the bosses and politicians that oppress us all, we are proud to release the second issue of the South Side ARA zine on May Day. This issue contains action reportbacks from the past year, information on active fascists in the area, news & analysis, and more. Please read, copy, and redistribute as you see fit.

May 1st - International Workers Day is celebrated worldwide. On this date in Chicago, during the 1886 General Strike, workers and immigrants fought and died fighting for better working conditions and an eight hour work day. To this day, the State, the rich ruling class, and street-level fascists are still attacking marginalized communities and the working class. Several states are passing legislation to privatize public services and attack union collective bargaining rights, while other bills are being passed which encode racial profiling and attack immigrant communities. At the same time, Nazis, the Klan and other street-level white supremacists are spreading racial terror through vigilante border patrols, rallies and marches, and even attempted assassinations and bombings.

As the crisis of capitalism intensifies, it is becoming more and more necessary to organize and take direct action against the forces that seek to dominate our lives and the planet. We hope the release of this issue will spark debate and inspire action to destroy all forms of oppression.

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