Monday, June 7, 2010

White Supremacist “Nordic Fest” Event Held in Mokena, IL

"Nordic Fest" is a white supremacist gathering held every year in Dawson Springs, KY at the Imperial Klans of America headquarters drawing neo-nazis, skinheads and Klan from around the country to see white power bands and burn crosses. We were surprised and angered to hear that this year's gathering was moved to Chicago suburb Mokena, IL. But this year was significantly more pathetic than usual: only 1-2 dozen people came and the event was crawling with feds. Why? Because a week before the fest, the IKA headquarters was raided by federal authorities who arrested IKA "Imperial Wizard" Ron Edwards, his girlfriend Christine Gillette, and Jeremy Katro for dealing methamphetamines, marijuana, and hydrocodone. So much for "family values"! Plans for Nordic Fest was not looking good and started looking even worse after Blood & Honour / Combat 18 publicly withdrew all support from the IKA :

Unfortunately, two days ago now, Ron Edwards of the International Klans of America, a group that has been long and staunch supporters of Blood and Honour; was arrested and charged with manufacturing and distribution of methampethamine as well as other pharmaceutical drugs. The article may be found here.

After discussions among the various crew heads in the US that make up Blood and Honour USA, we have collectively decided that at this time, given the amount of evidence- not only that which led to his being charged- but also that of individuals that have witnessed behaviours of this type- that Blood and Honour USA is pulling any and all support from the Nordicfest music festival and also any and all support of the IKA. We are planning to reschedule the event on the following weekend to be held in Chicago, Il.- the details of which will be announced shortly.

Drugs, drug users, and those that market them cannot and will not be tolerated- regardless of who the persons are that are involved. Indeed it is even worse when someone that has held themselves up as a standard of white nationalism becomes caught up in this ****** nonsense.

Further, we would request that any persons that may have planned to attend the event that are not associated directly with Blood and Honour also respect our decision and avoid supporting the IKA and this event.

As a friend said to me last evening, "You just have to keep moving forward". Solid advice from a solid individual. This will not stop us. This will not deter us from working towards a final victory. It is simply one more loss along the way.
Blood and Honour USA / Combat 18 secured a place in Mokena IL to host the festival but when police and the media approached the property owner about the gathering, he claimed he had no knowledge of the organizer's racist affiliations and told numerous newspaper articles that the event had been cancelled. We were not convinced and soon reports were coming in from Mokena residents who spotted skinheads, confederate flags and 'event parking' signs suggesting the event was taking place after all. Eventually newspapers confirmed the rally actually happened :
May 30, 2010   BY TONY GRAF, Sun-Times Media

After reports that a "white pride" rally had been canceled, an informal gathering still was held Saturday at a property in Frankfort Township near Mokena, police said.

The property owner was denied a camping permit for the event, Will County sheriff's police spokesman Pat Barry said. But that denial isn't enough to prohibit an informal gathering on private property.

Nordic Fest, a white supremacist rally described by organizers as a three-day "annual white pride and music festival," had been planned for this weekend. Deputies reportedly met with the property owner Thursday and urged him to cancel the event. He had been unaware of the group's plans before that time, the Herald-News of Joliet reported.

On Friday, Barry said the owner told police "he had made calls to the organizers that their event would not be welcome here." But Barry later said a dozen to two dozen people attended the informal gathering on the property, near Wolf and Cleveland roads. He said extra patrols were added for the area Saturday.

"Our main concern is that we keep the peace and that no laws are violated," Barry said.

Barry said there had been no calls or problems related to the gathering as of Saturday afternoon. He said people were at the site Friday night, when a giant Confederate flag was hung on a tree. Attendees declined Saturday to comment.

Without permits, people at the informal gathering could not install restroom facilities or charge admission, Barry said. But because the property is private, a gathering can be held, provided no laws are broken.
A video called "major disappointment in Mokena" posted to YouTube on May 31st, 2010 shows a very small and pathetic looking show taking place (the caption claims it was the 2009 gathering but evidence suggests it was this year's gathering):

During the weekend numerous calls were made to Mokena residents and businesses nearly Wolf and Cleveland Road to try to ascertain information on what Klan-affiliated bonehead would have the nerve to hold such a gathering on his property. Many people in the town said they knew about the gathering, had "no problems with it one way or the other", and would not reveal the name of the property owner even though they claimed they knew who and where it was hosted. If you are a resident of Mokena and have information or opinions about the gathering, please contact us at


  1. Wow this happened minutes from where I grew up and I never even heard about it until now. To think, none of the local WNs invited me??? I guess I have been written off as a race traitor! AWESOME!

  2. "During the weekend numerous calls were made to Mokena residents and businesses nearly Wolf and Cleveland Road to try to ascertain information"

    LOL, change yer name to anti racist information ascertainers.
    but im sure you had a good excuse for not being there, probably had to beat down some 16 year old bro for eating meat, in pilsen, in what was OBVIOUSLY a direct attack on disabled lesbian ironworkers of color.

    at least you still got decent intel tho.


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