Monday, June 7, 2010

Exposing Rogers Park White Nationalist Soren Renner

Soren Renner, known for speaking at the 2009 Hitler Birthday celebration in Chicago and recently chased out of the 2010 tax day tea party, has once again crossed our radar. Soren Renner, who supposedly used to be an anarchist, is a third postion White Nationalist living in Rogers park. He is currently hoping to organize under a variety of names including "Chicago Area National Anarchists" and/or "Rogers Park National Front", attempting to mimic the California-based Bay Area National Anarchists (BANA), which has nothing to do with Anarchism and much more to do with white supremacy. So Soren, you were paranoid before, but things are only getting worse:
  • Home Address: 1409 W Greenleaf Ave, Chicago, IL 60626-2883
  • Phone: 1 773 508 0562
  • Email:
  • 46 years old, married to Judith Renner, attended University of Chicago
  • Eats at Carmen's Pizzeria (6568 N. Sheridan Road, 773 465-1700) and the Heartland Cafe, a popular liberal cafe (7000 N. Glenwood, 773 465 8005)
  • Posts racist blog posts at and Vanguard News Network forum
  • Frequently attends public demonstrations with video equipment in an attempt to document the Left
Some of his greatest quotes: "War starts in the mind", "I've been intimidating people since I was five", "I'm gonna pop your white nationalist Cherry", "Rise against the enemies of god", "I'm pretty important", "Im kind of a big deal", "You have a lot to learn from me".
Soren is trying hard to recruit (brainwash) young people to do his dirty work for him, but all his attempts have seemed to be a failure. He has no real followers, except for maybe his tea party buddy Scott Irving, and we don't see that changing any time soon. What we do see changing is that now that folks in Rogers Park know who he is, he will no longer be welcome in public places like the Heartland Cafe.

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