Monday, June 7, 2010

Confront Racist “Illinois Minutemen” and “Naperville Tea Patriots”

On June 12th the Naperville Tea Patriots and the Illinois Minutemen Project are demonstrating against "illegal immigration" and in support of Arizona's racist legislation SB1070:
City Hall/Municipal Center (400 S. Eagle, Naperville, IL)

Rally begins at 3 PM with speakers and "reading of the bill"
Special Scheduled speaker: Rosanna Pulido, Illinois Minutemen Project

Following the rally, those who are interested in supporting an AZ business are invited to walk to Cold Stone Creamery and purchase a "scoop in support" of AZ (Cold Stone is headquartered in Scottsdale).

Immigrant Solidarity DuPage is calling for a counter-demonstration against the right-wing bigots:
In Dupage we are Arizona! Counter-protest the Minutemen! Justice for Immigrant Workers and their Families! 
Elements of the anti-immigrant Naperville "Tea Patriots" and Illinois Minutemen Project will be hosting a rally in Naperville on June 12. The purpose of the rally is to express solidarity with the far right-wing 'buycott' Arizona campaign, that is, to support SB 1070 and other racist proposals that are coming out of that state.

Keynote speaker Rosanna Pulido is chair of the Illinois Minutemen Project and supports a "war of attrition" against undocumented immigrants . After the rally the tea-baggers and minutemensos will march to Stone Cold Creamery in Downtown Naperville (23 W Jefferson Ave) to purchase a "scoop in support" of the Scottsdale-based corporation.

Join Immigrant Solidarity Dupage along with allies and special guests from Aurora and Chicago as we energetically counter-protest this action en masse in downtown Naperville. We stand for the suspension of Arizona's SB 1070 and the ethnic studies targeting HB 2281 initiatives and call on the City of Naperville to immediately boycott the state of Arizona for their racist, Latino-targeting policy.

The "special scheduled speaker" at this rally, Rosanna Pulido, has a history of anti-immigrant activism and was publicly disgraced last year for making a number of racist comments on right-wing extremist website But she still hasn't called it quits, holding a June 3rd "Pro-SB1070" rally at Chicago City Hall, giving a Fox News TV interview, and organizing people to come see her speak on June 12. So here's her profile complete with phone and address from the white pages:
Rosanna Pulido - 773-250-3399
2525 W Foster Ave / Chicago, IL 60625-2514


  1. Printing Rosanna's home address. Real classy.

    When you motherfuckers want the second US civil war to start, pipe up. There's more than a few of us who like to oblige you.

  2. The lady you refer to - and the people who support Arizona's new laws - are not "anti-immigrant". They welcome legal immigrants. It's illegal immigrants and illegal aliens in general whose presence they oppose.

    It is interesting that you oppose someone by spreading lies about them. Why can't you publish the truth? What other lies are on here? Why should I believe anything else you publish about her or the groups involved?

  3. Come look me up you little lawbreaking anti legal immigration morons.

  4. It's also kind of interesting that the home page of "Immigrant Solidarity DuPage" shows the flags of Mexico and other Latin American countries as well as that of Puerto Rico. Apparently they know so little about the United States in general or Puerto Rico in general that they don't realize that Puerto Ricans are American citizens and are not - cannot be - immigrants. Gives you real confidence on their understanding of immigration issues, doesn't it?

  5. You're real brave posting someone else's address, why don't you post your own address? You're not afraid are you?

  6. Internet tough guys are hilarious, good luck with the counter demo.

  7. When you carelessly call everything racism in an effort to boost your cause, even when it clearly is not, the word eventually loses its meaning.

  8. "law breaking anti legal immigration morons"

    I am amused.

    Naperville should have burned years ago. Godspeed, ARA.

  9. What part of ILlegal do you people not understand?
    Legal immigration = fine. Illegal = deport or jail. Simple

  10. What is the ARA doing to protect Eastern European women who are smuggled into this country and worked as sex slaves? Don't you get that accepting undocumented workers in this country affects ALL ETHNICITIES? All we want is for the law to be upheld. Illegals of European heritage - ie Irish, Polish, & Ukrainian - must be deported along with people of Cetnral & South American heritage. It doesn't matter where their nation of origin is - an illegal is an illegal! Fill out the paperwork or seek refuge at the US embassy!

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