Tuesday, April 22, 2014

South Side ARA Annual Zine #5 (2013-2014)

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Welcome to the newest (Fifth!) edition of the South Side Chicago ARA zine. Every year we put together a collection of our updates on local antifascist work and intelligence, as well as a few relevant articles and updates from other sources.

Its been another busy year for antifascists in Illinois. As always, we've collected and posted the addresses and personal information on local white supremacists.

Antifascists have also been busy on the ground. We reported on the exposing of the Illinois NSM membership, which has since effectively been shut down following the resignation of their leader. David Irving, the world's most well-known Holocaust denier, once again had his Chicago stop on his speaking tour abruptly cancelled. It also pleased us to see that the Illinois white supremacists responsible for organizing the White Man March in Centralia were richly rewarded for their efforts. These are just a few of the accomplishments this past year has seen.

South Side ARA was involved in the founding of TORCH, a new North American antifascist network along with Hoosier Anti-Racist Movement, Central Texas ARA, Central Florida Antifa, and ARA LA/PART. We have also welcomed the addition of Philly Antifa. For more information on TORCH, scope it out at http://torchantifa.org/.

Watching Europe, we've seen many reasons why antifascism is still necessary. In this crisis of the capitalist system, we've seen from across the pond fascism rearing its ugly head again. From Greece to Ukraine to Sweden and elsewhere, fascist parties have been gaining seats in parliament and street groups have been attacking immigrants, gays, Jews, Roma, and leftists. Neo-nazis in Paris, France murdered a young antifascist and gay rights organizer Clement Meric, and Swedish fascists assaulted multiple people at an International Women's Day demo in the Swedish city of Malmo, sending another gay rights organizer to the hospital with life-threatening stab wounds.

If you are excited by what you read inside this zine, we encourage you to join in the fight against fascism. There are lots of ways to join in the struggle, like hosting benefits and letter-writing parties for antifa political prisoners, taking part in demos, or even getting involved in a local antifascist crew. Whatever path you choose, we hope to see you in the streets.

We would like to dedicate this issue of the South Side Chicago ARA Zine to antifascist Clement Meric, who was murdered by neo-nazis in Paris, and to the victims of the Overland Park, Kansas shooting on April 13 by Frazier Glen Miller, a longtime KKK and neo-nazi organizer.

No Pasaran!
South Side Chicago ARA


  1. The democratic party formed the kkk before the cival war ended. Ara is nothing but a bunch of skinny jean wearing punk rock wannabe fags who will be green lighted when they go to prison. Ara is propaganda, joiners beware.

  2. Dont follow this ara propaganda. It is poisen. The nwo is behind all of this. They want the people to all hate each other. Ara are just like the nazis they fight because they keep the hate going.

  3. If the nwo can get people to hate each other by using nazis, ara, and other hate groups. They will divide and rule us all. They will disaram us, poisen us, and put this country into marshal law. Do not join this ara group.

  4. This ara group is a majority white group who hates their own white people formed by a jewish guy. They claim south side chicago but their from a white suburb south of chicago the blacks on the southside of chi would not let these white boys roll on the southside because they hate white people on the southside but ara wont talk about that because they only attack racist white people.

  5. Was looking forward to reading the ARA's latest masterpiece of a newsletter but, alas, the links lead to deletion notices. Seems Scribd thinks these guys are a joke as well.

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