Thursday, May 1, 2014

Brad Dunlap Returns to WN Activism After Turning Informant for Antifa

Last year we outed white nationalist Brad Dunlap who lives in from Greenwood, Indiana. We first came across Dunlap on, the worlds largest white supremacist forum, where he is known as “Bradsterious”. Bradleys main goal has been to organize an American Freedom Party (AFP) chapter in Indiana.

After the initial outing, which allegedly led to him being fired from his job amongst other things, Brad claimed to have left the movement. In order to prove this, Brad shared private information he had gathered on other white nationalists with us. Normally we respect someone who turns away from the white nationalist scene and aids in the destruction of it,  but after his recent return to white nationalist activism (detailed below), we figured we'd share his spineless fence walking ways.

Bradleys return from WN activism. Taken from stormfront (since removed):

"Hey guys back. So after being fired, having leaflets sent to my neighbors calling me a Nazi, and seeing my wife get intimidated after all I was doing was trying to organize the AFP in Indiana I have dealt with everything, gotten a new job and really have been thinking thru everything.
First off I was like I am over all this ****, isnt worth it. Then I was pissed off for letting me be run outta of something I believe in. Well now I understand my legal rights better, and believe that what I was doing had a purpose and was totally right. They have parties and groups that support minorities. Nobody calls the NAACP racist, at least in the mainstream. They have a Muslim Brotherhood party forming up and hell they even have theyre own television network in the states. So when the American Freedom Party stands up for the constitution and actually acknowledges that whites have rights too and arent evil everybody goes ape**** and freaks out at them. Well I support and believe in them and I am not about too let a bunch of communists run me off.
So here is the deal. Lets have a get together, lets get a chapter going on in this state and lets make a difference. I think being in the open is the only way to get legitimacy. Hiding, and being secretive is really counter productive . I meet people everyday who share our beliefs. I hear how the Democrats, and Republicans are completely out of touch. I hear how nobody speaks the truth, its all about power and greed etc. Well I am not greedy, I am honest and I really want to do this right. So message me if your interested. I am in central Indiana and am willing to meet with anybody and get something going. 

I look forward to hearing from you. Don't be afraid too say what you believe. We have just as much right to enter the discussion about our country as any other group or party.
Cya! "-------------
Screenshots of more recent posts on stormfront can be seen here 

Conversations between Bradley and antifa after the initial outing:

Another email from Brad to antifa displaying him co-operating by sharing private email convos:
  "Hey I emailed the afp told them to take me off the contact and that I am not with them.  They responded saying they filed a complaint with somebody about the website.  I told them not intimidation just fed up with crazy people.  I will paste all these emails below.  I am not a computer genius so bare with me.  I will also be glad to help in the future."
Bradley then forwarded all email conversations between him and AFP members as well as other Indiana white supremacists.

He then volunteered to infiltrate Trad Youth network:

Brad Dunlap
2509 Grand Fir Dr
Greenwood, IN 46143
American Freedom Party Indianapolis

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