Monday, September 24, 2012

White Supremacist Treated At Swap O Rama

Chicago nazis are in a really bad place currently. The Illinois National Socialist Front (INSF) have been dead for a long time now, the National Socialist Movement (NSM) Chicago unit doesn't even have the ability to bring in a single new member (Suzan Lenner is the state contact), Marcin Golebiowski's local White Power music venue has stopped doing shows, and the Ashford House scuffle has forced Beckie Williams to drop out of the game while leaving other attendees, like Jeffrey Burns (AKA "Thomas Stuart"), shell shocked. There are obviously many individuals left; James Logsdon and his non-existent Illinois Creator comrades have a BBQ at his house in Bloomington, IL now and again, but there is no real recruiting forces or functional organizations left at the moment. Does this mean we sit back and relax until some new losers step in front of the wrecking ball? Fuck no. Aside from the fact that our list of enemies is ever growing and spans far wider than just white supremacists, we still want every last fascist, regardless of if they belong to a crew or not, to feel the heat. According to a recent email, the Lienbergers aren't the only ones feeling that heat. Apparently a white supremacist was spotted on the south side at a Swap-O-Rama and "got confronted to say the least". Keep an eye out for this guy at local flea markets in Chicago. He goes for the porn and the shoes and has white pride tattoos on the back of his arms. See a picture of his face here. If anyone has any info on this guy, get in touch.

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  1. All of us need to get in touch with the police if you break the law with respect to anyone whether or not you like their politics or not.