Sunday, September 9, 2012

Chicago Antifascists Smash Windows Of Tattoo Shops Associated With The Leinberger Nazis

Send to us today via email:
Early this morning (Sunday, Sep. 9th) Chicago antifascists threw chunks of rock through the windows of two businesses associated with neo nazis. The first was Excalibur tattoo & Body Piercing (2913 S. Harlem Ave Berwyn, IL) owned by long time neo nazi Will Leinberger, and the second was Jade Dragon tattoo (5331 W Bellmont Ave), who knowingly employ Wills twin brother, Fred Leinberger. 

"Fred and Wills nazi days didn't end in the 90's. The Leinbergers attended the 2009 Hitler birthday celebration organized by Art Jones,  the 2010 Hitler Birthday celebration organized by Patrick Leyland, and may or may not have attended the failed 2011 Hitler celebration organized once again by Art Jones."

To read more info about Fred and Will, including wills long criminal record filled with many racially motivated attacks, see south side ARA's post here:
We encourage folks to call either/both of these shops

Excalibur: (708) 637-4146

Jade: (773) 736-6960

Freds home address:

7244 W. Belmont Ave.
Chicago, IL 60634-3503
Possible address for Will:

2913 Harlem Ave apt 2 Berwyn, IL  

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  1. vandalism? No surprise, little commie punks are too cowardly to take a man in open daylight. I would love to see you guys spend a day in a black ghetto. Better yet, wait til you get to prison and see how you are treated by the same black thugs you claim to love and protect.