Sunday, June 10, 2012

White Supremacist Reactions to Tinley Park Five Incident Part I

After the Tinley Park incident happened it came to our attention that one of the attendees, Steven Speers, is not only a white supremacist, but is a pedophile. This type of behavior is all too familiar amongst the White Nationalist(WN) scene but what really took us back is that the WN's tried saying that he was a mole for ARA, responsible for not only the attack, but also for the email hack of Beckie Williams. We in south side thought about addressing this but figured that because the email hack happened while Speers was in prison(it was littered with post incident reactions) and that he looked pretty banged up in his mug shot that even the nazis wouldn't be stupid enough to take the bait. Boy were we wrong, and luckily for us HARM decided to do it anyway.

Oh, and while you are here, take a look at Steven Speers awesome rap videos!!!

Taken from HARM:

Watching the white supremacist community react to the alleged attack in Tinley Park has been very informative. Online racist forums are marked by utter chaos, confusion, backstabbing, and top-down censorship in the aftermath of the event. White supremacist are turning on each other, blaming each other for perceived faults. They’re keeping their members from discussing anything that doesn’t fit into their talking points. They’re fleeing the white nationalist movement like rats from a sinking ship. They’re simultaneously claiming to be innocent, law-abiding victims of Marxist thugs while making death threats against children and family members. We’d like to delve into some of these issues in brief detail. 

Skin color trumps everything, even pedophilia 

In all fairness, not all members of the white supremacist community want to turn the alleged assault of a pedophile into a rallying cry for the white nationalist community. The leaders of the movement however see things much differently. Rather than just admit that one of the longtime activists involved in their community was indeed a disgusting human being who abused his wife and children and that they’re glad that his sexual proclivities have been exposed so as to rid their community of him, they decided to double-down.

In this screenshot we see that those of lower social status in the white supremacist community want nothing to do with Stormfront’s new obsessive cause. User chrisnoble states, “Just read about the ‘victim’ arrested for the child porn warrant. WTF! We can’t seem to have a single news worthy incident connected to the White Nationalist Movement without something like this materializing out of the story. I am so sick of the freaks and misfits that gravitate towards our cause.” The white supremacist community knows it’s filled with pedophiles and rapists. In order to protect its ‘prestige’, we see that the leadership of Stormfront makes the executive decision to censor any talk regarding the Steven Speer’s pedophilia.
In this thread Shawn “Kayden” bans all mentions of referring to the victim’s problem with child-pornography. User merk0331 adds in regarding the censorship of rank-and-file members of the community with, “Agreed. No need to assist them in their efforts against us. (They will have enough assistance.) The topic is: Evil/Violent/Misguided/Marxist/Fascists who attack innocent people.” (We’ll not bother to dissect the ridiculous irony of simultaneously labeling someone as both Marxist and Fascist.)
I hope all the low-ranking members over there are clear about what you’re allowed to talk about on Stormfront: Talking points set forth by your leaders. You can feel free to express yourself as long as it’s in line with the false narrative they think will best serve them. Not the “victims” of the alleged attack. Not the truth. Your leaders’ self-interest.
The tactic of simply avoiding the topic didn’t work out very well. Steven Speers is just to disgusting an individual to be ignored and the story is just too sensational to be covered up. So once again, rather than just throwing him under the bus, they triple-down. The new talking point you’re allowed to discuss on Stormfront is that the pedophile was an Anti-Racist Action mole. Surely they have some sort of evidence to back this ridiculous claim up you might assume…. Oh they do…. He has an anarchy symbol tattooed on him.
Anarchy symbols mean a lot of different things to a lot of different people. Given Speer’s difficulty with law enforcement over his violent and pedophile-riddled legal history, I don’t find it surprising that he’s no friend of the police. They keep cramping his ability to assault his family and stroke off to child pornography. His wife successfully took his children away from him, we can only hope she did it in time… 
If you look at Steven the Viking’s profile on Stormfront you’ll see that he’s been a member since 2006. The new talking point is that Anti-Racist Action had a pedophile mole. This mole used his real name, attended several white supremacists events, and then finally decided to act on his “under-cover” work after six years by allegedly getting his head split open. Then after the poor little racist chomo got his ass handed to him, he decided he’d become a triple-agent! He volunteered to participate in a line-up to identify his former-anti-racist comrades, only to have his name run through the system finding warrants for child pornography.
Because Beckie Williams (aka “SGAITHAICH”, “scottylass”) supposedly used Steven’s laptop (and possibly was romantically involved with him), the geniuses over at Stormfront and white news network have asserted that he must have ‘hacked’ her accounts and leaked it to his ARA buddies. He did this all while incarcerated in Cook County Jail. Quite a story… I wonder how many of the rank-and-file members of the Stormfront community actually buy this shit? More simple explanation: Your “leaders” are all incompetent.

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