Monday, June 4, 2012

Everything you wanted to know about the United Northern and Southern Knights of the Ku Klux Klan(UNSKKKK)

This is a portion of the full text that can be found at and Pastebin:

Once again Christmas has come early this year for us anti-fascists. Yet another info leak has been sent our way. This time it's the united Northern and Southern Knights of the Ku Klux Klan. It includes their constitution, rank system, hand shakes and salutes as well as organizer addresses for Ohio, Florida, Illinois, Georgia and many others. Another big thanks from Anti-Racist Action and all the antifa who benefit from this knowledge.

From the Anonymous Antifa Terror Squad:

"The objects of this order shall be primarily to unite all white persons, native born Gentile citizens of the United States of America, who own no allegiance of any nature or degree to any foreign government, nation, institution, sect, ruler person or people; whose morals are good; whose reputations and vocations are respectable; whose habits are exemplary; who are of sound minds and eighteen years or more of age, under a common oath into a brotherhood of strict regulations; to cultivate and promote patriotism toward our civil government; to practice an honorable clannishness toward each other; to exemplify a practical benevolence; to shield the sanctity of the home and the chastity of womanhood; to maintain forever white supremacy; to teach and faithfully inculcate a high spiritual philosophy through an exalted ritualism, and by a practical devotion to conserver, protect and maintain the distinctive institutions, rights privileges, principles traditions and ideals of a pure Americanism."

UNSK Constitution


Duties of the exalted cyclops

General instructions hand signs, salute etc.

Rank System UNSK



Emperor: Phil Lawson

Imperial Wizard: Cole Thornton

Imperial Klaliff: Ron Knight

Imperial Klazik: Billy Edwin

Imperial Klokard: Derek Stuart

Imperial Kludd: Kevin James

Imperial Kligrapp: J.B. Books

Imperial Klabee: Frank L. White

Imperial Kleagle: Jim Noble

Imperial Kladd: Bill Ford

Imperial Knight Hawk: Paul Coleman

Imperial Klarogo: Wilbur White

Imperial Klokan: Mike Anderson

Imperial Klokan: Jim Orion

Imperial Klokan: Joe Hammonds

Imperial Klokan: James Colt

European Supreme Grand Dragon: Didi White

L.O.T.I.E. Imperial Komander: Cleve Thornton

L.O.T.I.E. Imperial Kludd: Sister Nancy

L.O.T.I.E. Imperial Kligrapp: Martha White

National Office:

PO Box 26506
Fraser, MI 48026

National Office South:

P.O. Box 246
Englewood, FL 34295

Central Office

P.O. Box 30005
Chicago, IL. 60630

Members Addresses



Robert (Bob) Kukla

Illinois Knighthawk  of the KKK

5751 w. Waveland Chicago, Il. 60634

(773) 577 – 3898

Bo “BOreguard”

KKK IL Contact (773) 791-7997  513-275-2467

>> Bo’s phone number is registered to 5047 N Sheridan Rd #d, Chicago, IL, US(

Brian Lang ‘bri33’

KKK   1418 s Clarence Ave Berwyn, Il. 60402


Age 70(?)


KKK  429 Liberty Rd. Whiteville, Fairview Heights, IL 62208

cell: 618-616-1483

Education and Work * Southwestern Illinois College

Belleville East High School ''04

Indiana UNSKKK:

Jacob William Sirosky

DOB: 05/29/1991

Address: 302 south main Kennard, Indiana 47351

Home phone: 1-765-785-6539

Cell Phone: 1-765-520-1967


12555 E. Kyle Avenue, Rosedale, IN 47874

Phone: 765.828.0807


yankee (

Job: knightstown indiana 12 east main street also called u.s.40 restraunt is called knightstown cafe come by

Harley Halloway  Hammond Indiana


Grand nighthawk(security guy)- Donald Cook


(614) 519-3482 -

cell (614) 293-8500 -

work (614) 935-8902 -

GF Kelly (Ohiowhitepride8314)

2527 Kreber Ave Columbus, Ohio 43204

Brian Hoostal

1028 Buena Vista Ave NE Warren, Ohio 44483

330 646

Edward Schambs

4799 Centerville Green Camp Rd Prospect Ohio 43342


Brandon Wesley springer

615 state st. van wert , Ohio 45891


The address to Whooly JOes 1182 East Powell Road Lewis Center, OH 43035-8618 (614) 430-9441


Since you all have my address and I'm located in Central Ohio my residence is suitable for the muster point in case of a MAJOR emergency. Everyone should always have a "go bag" filled with essentials and ready to roll out on a moments notice. If my residence is compromised (for whatever reason) I will tie a bright red shirt around my mailbox. This will be visible from over a quarter mile away on my road. You will then proceed to the White Swan Resturaunt parking lot located at: 5969 Marion Marysville Rd Prospect, OH 43342 From there await further instructions.

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