Saturday, December 24, 2011

Outing Creativity Movement Member Tim Nelson

Tim Nelson, Eric Scott and Michael Scarn
Update 1/17/12: It seems that due to antifascist pressure Tim Nelson has been tossed from his apartment. Rumors say he will be living with James Logsdon or another member of creativity movement, meaning he will most likely be out of the city.
Over the years south side Chicago ARA has been pretty effective at not only pissing off, but neutralizing the local Illinois WN scene, especially in the city. But since we aren't super heroes there will always be a few still floating around. In this case we have Tim Nelson from the Creativity Movement(TCM) who has been involved since 2001. Although Tim is a creator, James Logsdon(1233 Holiday RD Bloomington, IL 61704)doesn't deem him worthy of being a white Beret(is there even a functional white beret crew..or a functional TCM chapter in general?) due to the fact that he has been too inactive over the past few years. Tim is best friends with John Alexander, a Serbian(and apparently part Guatemalan)skinhead involved with C-18 and OGS of Blood and Honour. Tim and John are also trying to start a Chicago chapter of Prison State Skins(PSS)and have both been hanging around with everyones favorite fence walker nazi Eric "Scott" Kriske(6320 N Sayre Ave, 773 440 5688)of the now defunct CMS. After being exposed Eric Scott tried to deny being a white power piece of shit, but after being blacklisted from major portions of the local punk and skin head scene, he has clearly moved towards working with more organized/disorganized neo-nazis such as John and Tim. Tims favorite hobbies are getting drunk, doing drugs, cheating on his 21 old girlfriend and, according to his sons mother, being a bad father. Apparently Tim hasn't contributed any money or time to his son Damien because he is too busy getting wasted and trying to have sex with young girls. She says he is a loser with a suspended license who gets injured every time time he drinks. The master race shows it beautiful face once again. Merry Christmas Tim!! Maybe next years will be a little better seeing as Damien will be with you as he was in 2010

Tim Nelson
Last known address: 5655 n. Menard Chicago IL 60646
Phone: 605 541 7995
Birthday: 02/24/1984
Family: Bridget Nelson (sister) Kasey Bieri (sister) Damien Nelson(Son)
Facebook Profile:
Notable quotes: “hookers and blow”, “yeah if i ever ccought aids i would sleep with every black in America”


  1. It's funny that you bring up Eric & CMS. I have lots...and lots of dirt on them.

  2. The problem with this post is you gave his address and now the place got tagged and threats have been sent. He is just a tenant and is on his way out. The building doesn't belong to him nor does he give a crap about the building or the other tenants. Destroying the property doesn't effect him in any way shape or form. Although, I am glad to know these horrible things, I think that all who read this, should know that when you destroy the property and leave threating notes you in no way hurt him or scare him but innocent others!!!

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