Friday, December 23, 2011

Introducing Bill Huddleston and the Lafayette, IN Aryan Nations

Just before 2:30am on Monday December 12th an apparent drive by shooting hit Charles St in the St. Lawrence-McAllister neighborhood of Lafayette, IN. News reports have confirmed that this was a "targeted" incident, but none relay the fact that the home owner, "Bill Huddleston",  is associated with the infamous Aryan Nations(AN). Although Bill claims to not be involved and says he's a latin king his ties are quite clear.

It hasn't been a great few years for the three factions that make up Aryan Nations;  the founder of AryansBook and rap producer Chris Hogan was arrested for possessing illegal narcotics, Zach beck got his ass kicked kicked and sentenced to 51 months in prison after trying to assault a black man, Paul Mullet got owned on the internet and August Kreis the third, who lossed his legs to diabetes, recently received time served after pleading guilty to fraud in August. Even Aryan Nations' lawyer Edger Steele was sentenced to 50 years for trying to kill his wife and mother in law. So to add some more salt to the wound, here are some names, addresses and more of Huddleston and some of his AN associates:

Bill Huddleston 
2106 Charles St. Lafayette, IN 
Dating Mandy Moody 
Other possibly associated address: 2822 Prairie Ln 
Lafayette, IN 47904-1724

Dustin William Short
31 years old
(possible addresses)
Perrin Ave, Lafayette, IN, US
1424-15 Elizabeth St, Lafayette, IN, US
3002 Greenbush St, Lafayette, IN, (765) 447-3073 
US Box 223, Battle Ground, IN, US 

Josh Randolph
Worked at Randolph Construction 
Went to Carroll Junior - Senior High School
Born on March 28, 1981 
Lafayette, IN 47909 
josh(Yahoo! Messenger) 

Jimbo Glaze
Born on December 31, 1971 and
"Aryan Pride" tattooed on his stomach

Alan H Lush 
37 years old
Married to Michelle Lush Aryan Brother hood tattoo on right side of chestIron cross on outside of right forearm


  1. LMFAO.... and bill huddleston's other girlfriend is Charlene Marie Summers @ 275 point west west lafayette IN 47906 she has a tattoo of a 5 point crown with "monster" which is billys nickname.... have at it!!!!!!!

  2. So sad to spend your life hating others.

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