Friday, October 16, 2015

Introducing Neo Nazi and Former US Customs Criminal Investigator; Jack Latham

Jack Latham is a 62 year old neo nazi living in Saint Jacobs, IL. Jack was a former special agent in the United States Army and between 1987-1995 he was a US customs criminal investigator. Jack first came to our attention via, the worlds largest white nationalist networking forum, where he uses the handle "soldierjack".  He joined Stormfront in October of 2014 and has since posted 11 times. Most of his posts (scroll down to see) consist of him spouting blatant anti-semitism.

How can we be sure that "soldierjack" of Stormfront is Jack Latham? Aside from the name similarities, Soldierjack's email address found via Stormfront ties directly to Jack Lathams facebook where similar anti-semitic rhetoric can be found.  Soldierjack says on Stormfront that he is from Madison County and Jack Latham lives in Saint Jacob, which is a part of Madison County. It is impossible to deny that Jack Latham is the neo nazi known to Stormfront as Soldierjack.

What's wrong with Stormfront? Is it really that bad?  Yes, it is! Stormfront was founded and is currently run by Don Black, the former Alabama Klan leader. It is the home and breeding ground for racists who have murdered almost 100 people in the last five years.

Jack Latham 
9755 4 Corners Lane
Saint Jacob, IL
SF: soldierjack

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