Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Canadian Noize Punk Act Schizophasia Plays Awesome Prank on Nazi Label Deathangle Absolution

The neo-nazi music label Deathangle Absolution Records (formerly Satanic Skinhead Propaganda) ran by Antichrist Kramer, contacted Schizophasia from Canada a while back about putting out a record for them. Schizophasia however, are anti-racists who are not down with Kramer and his fascist ways. How did they respond?  Schizophasia agreed and wrote an anti-racist record. The lyrics were never submitted to the label and the record was successfully put out. They are now urging folks to only buy the record directly from the band and not the label. All profits from the album will be given to Chicago antifascists and anti-racist organizations such as ourselves. 

Read their statement below:

Beware such scene parasites as ''DEATHANGLE ABSOLUTION RECORDS''. They are a neo-nazi record label formally known under the names ''SATANIC SKINHEAD PROPAGANDA'' and ''AUDIAL DECIMATION''. Most of their catalog is NSBM or racist power electronics but now they are trying to move into releasing punk. It came as a surprise that label-boss Antichrist Kramer asked Schizophasia to release a record on his label. Being the pranksters that we are, we agreed and then proceeded to record a ten-track anti nazi record masked by undecipherable vocal effects and hidden by way of our tradition of writing our song titles in Arabic. Schizophasia has no hatred for any race, sexual orientation, gender or anything of the sort. Schizophasia fully supports confronting racism, homophobia, sexism (to be consistent with your previous 3-point enumeration) and ideologies which advocate for any totalitarian regime. The black triangle with a black bar on the front cover of the LP is the symbol that anarchists were made to wear in Nazi Germany concentration camps. Had antichrist Kramer brushed up on his history instead of jerking off to the idea of the next race war, he would have noticed that we were up to something. We call out to people not to buy releases from these labels and to actively boycott any Neo-Nazi bands and labels. Don't purchase this record, unless directly from the band! All proceeds collected by SCHIZOPHASIA will be donated to anti-racist and anti-fascist work. THE JOKE IS ON YOU ANTICHRIST KRAMER/DEATHANGLE ABSOLUTION RECORDS. LONG LIVE ROCK N' ROLL! LONG LIVE FREEDOM! DEATH TO FASCISM! DEATH TO NAZIS!  


  1. The very same individual, Antichrist Kramer, is also releasing music by Mexican and Asian people, with obvious full knowledge about their ethnic background, so it's not really a huge anti-racist prank at all; Schizophasia were (are?) poorly informed on the label/label owner, rather, or for whatever reason pretended to be.

  2. is this the release from mexican people you are talking about?
    mexicans and asians can be nazi's too.

  3. Some of the Mexican people I had in mind, yes. I guess you mean National Socialists when you say "nazi's," in which case yes, Mexicans and Asians can be National Socialists. But the fact is that Nyoghtaeblisz are not, they have stated anti-Jew beliefs, and that does not make them NS. But this is not about Nyoghtaeblisz, anyway. This is about Kramer-Schizophasia, and the obvious truth is that both parties knew well about the other (how could it be otherwise? None of the involved are quiet nor secretive in their stances), Kramer decided to release the band's output regardless of their political views, and now the band has decided to play prank. Meh.

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