Monday, July 7, 2014

More Nazi Fliers in the Suburbs of Illinois - Creativity Movement

For the fourth time in the past several months, neo nazi fliers have been left in a random suburb of Illinois. This time it was Creativty Movement (TCM) fliers in  a Crestwood, IL strip mall parking lot. The Creativity Movement was formerly known as the World Church of the Creator and is currently led by James Logsdon (1233 holiday rd Bloomington, IL).  The flier reads "Are you prepared to fight the Arab holy war on American soil?". This flier, much like the KKK and ANP fliers dropped before, are highly suspect. The unusual mix of organizations, the minimal (often only 1) amount of fliers left at some of the spots, and the neighborhoods where they were left have lead us to believe that this may very well be the work of a single individual or perhaps even a small group of  racists attempting to either promote these organizations (or white supremacy in general) or give people an increasing sense that organized fascists are on the rise. Regardless of the intention, or what we suspect, we are still very interested in figuring out who is behind this. If you have any information on these fliers, if you have seen any more fliers, or if you have any more information on fascist organizing in general, contact south side ARA at

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  1. These wanabe nazis are funny and get beat up by aryans in prison. I dont blam antifa for attacking them but im not a antifa supporter and want to warn new members of their actions. If you go to a max prison for this anti racist action join the white folks like royals, satan deciples, or insane gangster deciples because the black dudes and aryan brotherhood will not like you. Remember the aryan brother hood are not wannabe marching nazis. The aryans traffic drugs, kill people and have connects with mexican mafia. Most aryans aint even racist outside of prison. In prison the black dudes hate white people.I know because my bro is a aryan. So if ur a antiracist action member and have plans of hurting people and go to a max joint keep this in mind. I am not a racist, my kids are mixed and wife is black. Im just warning the antifa goons that u need to join the white folks when u go to prison because the aryans and blacks wont take u in. Just watch out for the kings if u join white folks.or dont get in troubke at all become military or police. Fuck nazis and antiracist action have a nice day