Sunday, June 1, 2014

Local Ukranian Fascists DOX'd, Svoboda Flag Stolen and Burned

The political crisis in Ukraine has been boiling for months and has been made up by a complicated political situation informed by a wide range of political ideologies.

A significant element of the crisis has included far-right, fascist leaning groups, namely the Svoboda Party and Pravy Sektor (Right Sector). The Svoboda party frames itself simply as pro-Ukrainian, but their extensive political program ( includes a number of ultra-nationalist and anti-immigrant positions consistent with fascist parties.

Svoboda was active in the Maidan protests and maximized their position to achieve power within the newly established government- again, a typical power move of fascism.  They obtained three powerful posts in the interim government: acting chief prosecutor, deputy prime minister and chairman of the National Security Council.

Both Right Sector and Svoboda present themselves as legitimate political parties had candidates in Ukraine's presidential election that recently took place on Sunday, May 25.  Right Sector's candidate was their leader Dmytro Yarosh, while Oleh Tyahnybok was Svoboda's candidate.   However, they are clearly structured as a paramilitary organization wrapped up in an extreme nationalist party.

Supporters of these fascist groups have been active here in Chicago. It was alleged in an on-line release that 40 fascists stormed the UE hall and disrupted an anti-fascist teach-in  before leaving this Right Sektor flier.

The reality is only a few amongst the crowd were actual fascists, while many others simply oppose Russian totalitarianism and may not understand the message of the group that held the teach in. As for the actual Svoboda/Right Sektor supporters in Chicago, here are two of them :

Alex B Jarowyj
Age: 45-49
associated addresses:
2436 W Huron St
Chicago, IL 60612-1208,
52 James Ct
Glenview, IL 60025,
Attorney and Counselor · Chicago, Illinois · 2006 to present
The Law Offices of Alexander Jarowyj P.C.-  2301 W. Chicago
from Detroit
Oleh Hordij

The anti-fascist teach in event was initially supposed to be a protest outside of the law office of Jarowyj, demanding he remove the Right Sektor and Sbovoda flags that hang from the building. Since that didn't happen, some folks took it upon themselves to remove one.

Taken from pastebin, sent via email yesterday: 
"We refuse to ask fascists to remove their propaganda. This is why we chose to steal and burn the Svoboda banner from the Law Offices of Alexander Jarowyj at 2301 W. Chicago. "

While we recognize that the political situation is complicated and nuanced and that we understand that many protestors in Ukraine (and Ukrainians living in the U.S. and elsewhere) are active because they oppose the totalitarian governments of both the East (Russia) and the West (U.S. & Europe), under no circumstances can we tolerate or condone any fascists or Nazi sympathizers.  The banner can be replaced, but the antifas who stole it will always be on the prowl, and there's many more of us!

For more info about Right Sector and Svoboda, read this interview of Ukrainian antifa here:

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