Saturday, December 7, 2013

Phone Jam! Holocaust Denier David Irving Speaking In Chicago Today

An update 12/07/13: It gives us great pleasure to announce that David Irving was once again shut down in Chicago by antifascists. After receiving the email attached below and calling Dine restaurant it has been confirmed that the venue has decided to cancel his speech. Read more here. Thanks to Dine restaurant for cancelling.

Taken from onepeoplesproject:
Every year the Holocaust denier and Hitler apologist David Irving comes out to the US from the UK, and attempts to hold meetings and talks to promote his notion that the Nazis were just misunderstood and they didn’t really kill over 11 million innocent people, six million of them the Jews they hated so much.  This year, he is going around the country extolling the virtues of Adolf Hitler!?
Irving has received resistance at his past speaking engagements. When Irving came to Chicago in 2009, antifascists physically disrupted the event, successfully shutting it down. Since then, Irving charges close to 100 dollars a seat when he speaks in Chicago and uses strict security measures, including attendee investigation and booking ritzy hotels and restaurants like the Drake in 2011 and Dine this year.

Once again, despite his security precautions, Chicago antifascists have gained access to the hosting location for todays (12/7/13) speech on Rudolf Hess titled "Rudolf Hess: New Facts on his Mission & Death". The speech is to be held at the Dine restaurant at 733 W Madison St. in the Crowne Plaza Hotel at 7:15 PM. We are urging antifascists and anti-racists to call Dine (opens at 6am) and tell them who David Irving is and why you think they should pull the plug on his event.

733 W Madison St
Chicago, IL 60661
(312) 602-2100   or....
Crowne Plaza Hotel
(312) 829-5000

Here is a prompt you can use when calling (Be nice to the staff working there, they have no idea who he is or what he is doing there):

"Hello I am calling to urge you and your restaurant to not allow David Irving a platform to speak this evening. David Irving is a known Holocaust denier and flagrant neo-Nazi, I do not appreciate your business allowing such a scumbag to organize an event in my community; respectfully I ask that you cancel the event now."


  1. There is NOT an event with David Irving at Dine restaurant or the Crowne Plaza Hotel on 12/7/13. Also, there are NO future events scheduled.

  2. antifascists are as dangerous as fascists

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  5. Only the history can heal the wounds of many victims of the regime by Adolf Hitler. Killing of innocent people, only God can tell who is innocent and who is not. I know he is a great man, but he choose who will die and who will live during his Dictatorship time. It's totally unfair and never forgotten. | Irving Cab

  6. Many people died and blaming Hitler. Someone must responsible for this killing and must be punished. Many souls are waiting for the justice. Whoever supports this and tried to depends Hitler must be on watch and never have a peace in mind as long as you alive.

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