Tuesday, January 22, 2013

William Nelson Attempts To Form Sentences And Threatens TP5

Earlier this week we received an email from William Nelson of the Aryan Brotherhood in regards to a semi recent article we published about him. In the email William says he is going to contact homeland security and the FBI about our posting of public information and then proceeds to not only say he has illegal weapons and is going to kill us, but that he is going to get his goons to harm the TP5 while they are in prison. Aside from him not so intelligently allowing us to document these threats, his spelling and punctuation is atrocious and will put a smile on your face. We hope you enjoy!

 From an email (see initial post here):
The Genius  himself
Dig to whomever you may be hiding behind anonymous website.You seem to have me at a disadvantage,as you all seem to think you know all about me and who I am .Let me lay out some FACTS for you as you are making ALLEGATIONS that can neither be proved nor disproved.No "AB" ever admits he is a member of such group.Second I take your posts on myself as you are calling for my head,I shoot first and ask questions later bottom line is "Mr.Mossberg" takes no shi..t.I do not look for trouble but I dont duck and dodge it either.If anyone braces me I come at 'em w/ all I got.I seen a million punks like you that got the tuff talk psycho babble and rhetoric down to a science but break and run when it's time to get down and spill blood.The only time my enemies drive on me lookin for drama is in groups or armed and ALWAYS at my back.As far as prison goes IF niggers did not act like niggers there would be no reason for whites to to form groups to protect themselves.Cause and effect. I got no use for candy asses like UN-Aryan Nations,various skin head gangs and like ilk.I think they're even bigger jag-offs than the rug head gangs.Heather Pittman IS NOT a "racist" She's a fucked up heroin addict whom I DO NOT associate with and whatever happened to the old adage ONLY COWARDS wage war on women? Seems to me you want Heather to publicly suck a nigger cock to prove shes not a racist? WHY don't you people do so first...? I'm sure you got plenty of members that do so already.LOL! Any man that has a problem with me ,my appearance or the views I espouse is a fuckin' faggot , a jew or a mongrel possibly all three.I train to fight every day and do plenty of real fighting on top of it so anyone wanting a piece of me get in fuckin' line.Hopefully the congoid -ubangis in the IDOC will victimize the white fuckboys of yer Tinley Park crew ....Most "racists" seem to have black faces based on my experiances.I think I'm agonna let some of my associates who are in max joints know who these punks are, I can cause problems too...Ask yerselfs How it is I can live in Chicongo,Detoit ,Jew York Shitty ,Philly Gary etc. {NOT the suburbs}and I DO NOT have problems.I was recently a guest of Lake Co.Indiana's jail one of "4" honkys on a 54 man deck and had ZERO problems .Reason being you do not fuck w/ a honky that will not hesitate to wield steel. Leave Heathers junky ass alone .The address you posted is incorrect and belongs to her 87 year old Grandmother.The other is her Moms.Now I'm gonna do my part and contact Homeland Security and the FBI... we cant have "domestic terrorists" threatening and intimidating women.I see I am a handsome Aryan Devil and very photogenic... it creeps me out that I got a bunch of Sodermites lusting after me but doesnt suprise me as this has been going on since Biblical times.Heres some photos for you to post.Thats a Mac-11 w/ a silencer.What can I say "violence is golden" , Are you REALLY willing to kill or be killed for your purported beliefs???I DON'T THINK SO,& I DO NOT think ANY of you want to fuck with me....I do not talk White Power I AM White Power.I DO NOT go out of my way to create problems, so here's the deal you leave me be and I'll do likewise.IF you dont and thats yer choice and any of yer bitch typ figurines brace me there will be no fuckin around or half stepping around on my part.I got more Mesican "carnales" than you can believe....Now get yer balls out of yer lovermans JEWelry box and post this. I got a job and a life,seems to me you people don't.I aint hard to find so I can not help but wonder WHY there aint a line at my door?

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