Saturday, July 9, 2011

Private Email And Facebook Discussions From Eric 'Scott' Kriske Released

Update 10/26/11: It has been confirmed that due to these posts and several other forms of harassment CMS has disbanded. Regardless of Erics attempts to say he moved to Canada individual members are still around.

Days after our first post on Eric Kriske, we received his private email and facebook discussions from an anonymous sender. The documents have been put together in one big easily readable format and put up on several websites. It also allows for anyone who wants to the ability to download his facebook and skim through for themselves. Both the email and facebook correspondence provides, from the words of Eric himself, concrete evidence of our previous claims as he blatantly admits to being racist and white supremacist. They also reveal several other extremely interesting discussions between him and members of CMS, members of the chi-town 77's, a few neo-nazis from Europe and many more. All of which, prove that the few associates of Eric, such as Conor Looby, Mickey Nussbaum and CMS as whole, are just as fucked up as he is.

Website mirrors: 
Download all his facebook messages! Read Online or download here:
Name: Eric Kriske
Address: 6320 N Sayre Ave
Phone Number: 773 401 5680


  1. Link to Grand rapids area nazi fb profile.
    Fight fascism!

  2. Another chapter of the "CMS" in Grand Rapids.. Danny claims "white pride" and pals around with racists but has a dirty secret he doesn't want other people to know.. He has a Hispanic girlfriend.!/profile.php?id=100000549955494

  3. Danny Skin is the ring leader to this racist group ->

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