Saturday, September 18, 2010

Racist Glenn Beck Speaking at Right-Wing Hate Fest "Right Nation 2010"

Goebbels, Minister of Propaganda
Today on September 18th, notorious racist Glenn Beck is "taking it to Obama's backyard" by speaking to thousands of other right-wing extremists at "Right Nation 2010" at the Sears Stadium in Chicago suburb Hoffman Estates. This national event organized by such groups as FreedomWorks, United Republican Fund and Americans for Prosperity. It is also sponsored by dozens of  Illinois Tea Party groups, several Republican congressional candidates, TV/radio show hosts and musicians and is expected to draw tens of thousands of flag-waving idiots from across the country.

Glenn beck, FOX news propagandist
Other Illinois Tea Party groups have been active lately, organizing several events including a September 12th "Freedom Fest" rally in Morton Grove and a September 15th tea party rally in Joliet each drawing hundreds of people. We have previously confronted racism in the tea party movement at the April 15th Tax Day Tea Party rally where we kicked out Soren Renner, the type of nazi trash the tea party movement attracts.

This is Beck's first major public appearance since he spoke in DC at a rally called "Restoring Honor" on the same day as MLK's "I Have A Dream" speech in an attempt to appropriate the civil rights struggle. Although Beck initially claimed the date was a coincidence, he has frequently claimed him and his conservative allies to be "the inheritors and the protectors of the civil rights movement" and that the scheduling coincidence is "divine providence" - God's way of saying he is following in MLK's footsteps. But Beck is anything but a pioneer of the civil rights movement and is more symbolic of the rise of the fascist right. He frequently criticizes "big government" and uses vague populist rhetoric but he is very much a supporter of the status-quo and the institutionalized racism that the civil rights movement fought against. This can be seen in his constant xenophobic rhetoric and quest for "white rights" in a society rooted in white supremacy.

Other more blatant examples of Beck's racism include the time that he called Hurricane Katrina survivors "scumbags", calling Cinco de Mayo a "mexican beer holiday", calling the health care bill Obama's idea of "reparations", defending the Constitution's original claim to African Americans being three-fifths of a human, the time he called Obama a racist, and many more. Beck is also not surprisingly very popular amongst neo-nazis, and Beck even once added a post (the largest white supremacist forum) to his twitter favorites. And for the August 28th rally, his tea party assistant Bruce Majors published a visitor's guide advising people to avoid "sketchy" neighborhoods and train lines and "how to deal with African immigrants".

Glenn Beck, however, is not just one bad apple. The tea party and right-wing movement as a whole embraces these same racist tendencies and their intent to spread their hate through gatherings like "Restoring Honor" and "Right Nation 2010" under the guise of freedom and democracy must be confronted every step of the way. We must continue to point out the contradictions and hypocrisies in their reactionary ideology and expose them for what they really are; wolves in sheep's clothing.

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