Saturday, September 25, 2010

Michael Schloer On The Streets: NSM Chicago, Where Are They Now?

Chicago NSM member Michael Schloer is back in town after spending time in Tennessee attending the recent nazi march in Knoxville. Unfortunately for him, this lowlife won't be going back to his old address because he was kicked out of what was once his future wife's home in Naperville. According to her friends and relatives, since Mike moved in to her house he has done nothing but abuse and mooch off her, have his idiot white power friends threaten her, and break his promise to her father on his death bed that he would quit the nazi idiocy. He hasn't, and after we outed his NSM affiliations and personal details to Naperville residents, his girlfriend finally had enough and kicked him out to the streets (but maybe he will be able to move in with some of the girls from he has been exchanging dirty pictures with).

So where are the proud white people of the Chicago NSM now? Susan "Pincushion" Lenner(3144 Boyle Terrace, Apt 4B River Grove, IL 60171-1185) is feeling the heat at her job at Secrets in boystownNSM Tim Durkan and NSM Matt were both beaten by antifa and subsequently arrested at the embarassing four-man "White Pride" action last March, while Mike is floating around Naperville living out of his black Chevy truck making racist threats on his NewSaxon profile. This is what they're trying to pass as the master race?

From Michael Schloer's NewSaxon profile (view screenshot):
"I had to take some time off for a moment to clear my head and collect my thoughts but now Im back stronger than ever and with a vengence!!!  We have ALOT of work to do White man to reclain our country and we can and will united as one so put down the beer and put on your boots, were coming to a town near you !!! Chicago ara beware paybacks are Hell and I'm going to bring it down on ya ALL OF YA ! ! !
HOBBIES: beating the SHlT out of SHITago ara, anti fia and sharp pussies, Your day of the rope is coming,each and every one of ya in SHITcago You done F.U.C.K.E.D with the wrong guy here in IL.
DISLIKES: As if this section needs an explanation ? I will say though I have NO time for the socalled skinheads or klan folks who think this is all about just hanging out like its one big F.UCKING party yet claim to be some stand up street fighting warrior for the 14 words but only come around when theres something in it for them,like the day long or weekend long social events that involve beer,bands bbqs. Yet theres NO shortage of ARA, antifia or sharp scum when WE"RE out doing a march, rally ETC. You contribute NOTHING to this movement except to the expansion of your waisteline you fat ass keg bellied pussies!!! "
From "NoNazisInNaperville":
"Report from Naperville: LOTS OF POLICE CARS ON SUGAR COURT on [September] 3rd & 4th! Schloer is barred from the Naperville residence via protection order so we got to watch the police escort him out of the house. The person he lives with told me many times how much she hates him and how controlling & bitter he is. She also hates Nazis & is enjoying the peace and quiet. The fact that he put her and her daughter in danger is disgusting. Rumor has it that he is temporarilly living at Suzie Lenner's or in his truck in Naperville someplace."
"Mike Schloer is in Tennessee but will be in Naperville toward the end of August/beginning of September to gather the last of his pathetic, masking tape covered belongings."
From Anonymous:
"Schloer no longer lives @ the Naperville address & is barred from entering the residence. His wife Jennifer has been working on having him legally removed from the residence for quite some time. It took a while to get to that point but you have to be careful with people who advocate kicking their wives' faces in with steel toed boots, ie Drew Bostwick. What a fine, upstanding White man - not! He's probably in Minnesota or Michigan - or floating around Naperville someplace. Let's see if he can get himself to Knoxville for the rally next week... he has plane tickets. Anyone want to give him a ride to the airport??"
From Anonymous:
"Hello, Thank you for outting all of those haters.  One of them Michael Schloer happens to be living with my sister. My sister is so upset by him.  He is always berating and belittling her.  I can't stand him.  He lives with my niece and it makes my heart hurt.  He lied to my family (especially to my father who was on his death bed) saying he would change and leave the group before my sister married him.  He even went out and got a job and played the role of a changing person.  Needless to say, that did not last long at all. Now all he does is sit in my sister's house and sponge off of her. She is very scared that something is going to happen to her, her daughter, her pets, and or her home now that her address and phone number has been posted.  Is she safe? Thank you,"

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