Thursday, January 12, 2017

Matthew Heimbach and Traditionalist Workers Party Sneak Rally in Daley Plaza

On Sunday January 8th, Matt Heimbach and his petty hate brigade, better known as the
Traditionalist Workers Party, gathered on the steps of what they apparently thought was city hall but was actually Daley Plaza, to little fanfare, to spread their message of racism and ignorance to the citizens of Chicago. Despite claims of not being afraid of either Antifas or the “Black gangs” of Chicago, this action was planned in secret and executed with neither supporters nor foes being aware of their presence. Heimbach, in his usual long winded manner, had much to say, most of it the played out drivel he has become known for, and most of which he has proven time and again incapable of and unwilling to execute. In other words, he was talking awfully big for someone who chose a Sunday afternoon to have a secret rally outside of a nearly empty building, in a non-residential area of downtown that sits mostly empty on Sunday afternoons.

Their proclaimed reason for this sneak attack in Chicago, a city they are proclaiming to be “the seat of leftism in the Midwest” (if only) is despicable and, naturally, exploitative. Lets be honest Heimbach, you don’t give a shit about what happened to the man who was kidnapped and beaten here. No more than you cared about the high school football players in Idaho who assaulted and raped a young mentally challenged Black kid in the locker room. Nor the countless incidents of violence perpetrated against marginalized people, largely emboldened by your hateful lies. Nor do you give a shit about the 400 years or so of oppression that Black people have faced here. That’s the difference between what happened to that young white kid and what people of color face on a daily basis. There is no white genocide nor any systematic racism against white people. What those four kids did was just a symptom of the systemic oppression that Black people have faced for centuries, and of the hateful rhetoric that scum like you spew.

Let us make ourselves clear, we do NOT condone what those four did to that young man. What happened was tragic and sad. However we realize that this is not a part of some larger conspiracy to oppress white people. Those who hold power cannot be oppressed by the marginalized and oppressed. Oppression stems from power. The State acted swiftly in this case because those responsible are Black. They will serve significantly more time in prison, compared to white people found guilty of similar acts, because they are Black. They will likely be shown no mercy, no leniency and for the most part people wont care. THAT is what we do not condone and are working towards dismantling. THAT is what oppression looks like.

Despite the pathetic nature of this display, it does highlight a new found boldness on the part of these cowardly hate mongers which cannot be taken lightly. In these times even sad attempts at publicity like this sneak attack cannot be allowed to stand. It is imperative that if you see a display like this, that you contact your local antifa chapter and members of your community so that we can uphold our tradition of ensuring the safety of our community as a fascist free zone.

Heimbach, we see you. We will not allow you to exploit tragic incidents within our communities, so that you can mold the narrative to suit your own despicable ends. Your cowardice has been noticed. Your fragile male ego and rancid world view have no place in our city and will not be tolerated. You have been weighed and measured and found wanting.  Chicago eagerly awaits your return, should you have the spine to make your presence better known. This is your warning, one we are not afraid to hide from public view, as you did.  Your next visit will be met with force.

Friday, December 30, 2016

Chicago Antifascists Shut Down Neo Folk Show Featuring King Dude, Blood and Sun, and Et Nihil

Chicago antifascists celebrating victory outside the venue
On the weekend of December 16 and 17, 2017, Neofolk band King Dude was scheduled to play several shows throughout the Midwest along their recent tour with known Neofascist bands, Blood and Sun(lead by Luke Roswell Tromiczak), as well as Et Nihil. In a coordinated effort across several states, they were met with resistance in Minneapolis, Milwaukee and, in anticipation of direct confrontation in Chicago, they were finally compelled to cancel their remaining shows and crawl back to their homes. Enclosed is a statement from some of the Antifa groups in Chicago who were stood up by the cowardly fascists outside of The Beat Kitchen in Chicago, the venue they were set to play that Saturday night.

Let's make it clear! 

We are not art critics, we are anti-fascists. Neo-Folk is not a strictly fascist music scene. Paganism is NOT fascist. Assatru is NOT fascist. Heathenism is NOT fascist. That being said, Wotanism IS a fascist bastardization of those ideas.

Pictured here is Luke(right) from Blood and Sun. Luke has a tattoo emblazoned on his chest supporting the insanity of documented racist and fascist David Lane. Luke has been photographed with his arm around documented Neo-fascist and white supremacist militia member Robert Taylor.

Unfortunately, as with other music scenes, fascists and racists make attempts to co-opt and infiltrate in order to shape those communities to their liking.

By not confronting and rejecting known fascists in your scene you are defacto giving them your solidarity. By acknowledging and allowing space for Blood and Sun as artists you are acknowledging that fascists and Wotanism have value in your scene and community. Luke and other bands and artists are crypto fascists who attempt to be somewhat under the radar with their actual fascist ideologies under the guise of art and free expression. Their success is measured in involving and indoctrinated many young and impressionable white music goers seeking belonging and connection to their ancestry. There is nothing wrong with getting to know your roots and seeking an alternative to a hallow culture in the United States that is based in racism and white supremacy and transcended to include empty consumerism and what....sitcoms?

The rise of fascist inspired werewolf workout clubs, the writings of misogynist and racist Jack Donovon or other alt-right shills, the election of Donald Trump are all serious signs that a neo-fascist movement in the United States in on the rise. These people and groups will not provide you with any real answers or ideas, but only hatred and xenophobia. You weren't a fascist before, but they have started making you into one and you didn't even realize. This is the true danger of allowing acts like these to perform and espouse their neo-fascist ideologies. Their music set isn't simply an expression of art, but a platform to inspire organized fascist groupings and recruit into those already existing.

These violent delights have violent ends. Blood and Sun are from this point forward banned from
Chicago. They will not be allowed to perform unchecked. Fascists attempting to take part in the Neo-Folk scene in Chicago are hereby put on notice that your presence will not be tolerated any longer. Southside Anti-Racist Action, Torch Antifa Network,(other groups)intend to take the fight to you in order to defend our communities. We fight to win!

Following is what local Antifas believe to be Lukes most current information:

Luke Roswell Tromiczak
281 St. James Place
Brooklyn, NY

Thursday, December 15, 2016

Neo Nazi Keith Kowal Exposed and Vehicle Redecorated

In recent weeks, local Antifa groups were put on alert that a man named Keith Kowal(pictured here) thought it was safe to drive a white Jeep Wrangler (pictured here) adorned with an anti-Antifa bumper sticker, a bumper sticker posing the question, “got pride?”( in obvious reference to white pride), as well as a giant skrewdriver emblem in the rear window of the ragtop throughout the Chicagoland area. Some Antifa folks in the area of the western suburbs, where the vehicle was traced back to, decided it best to relieve this piece of shit of that notion.

From an email:
The new Antifa arrows across each side are a great new addition to the vehicles otherwise bland paintjob. He probably won’t be needing that skrewdriver emblem in the back of the soft top any more so it’s probably good that it was taken off his hands.  Our comrades also couldn’t leave without a firm reminder to the local Nazi that “we are watching” and that if you ask for exposure and attention, then a giant “Nazis out” across the side panel would probably be another welcome addition.

It’s important to extend these small reminders to your local fascists that their ideology is not welcome and they are not safe in our communities, whether they’re driving around town or in their own homes. Speaking of homes, here’s some info about the owner of this vehicle.

Keith Kowal
813 Chicago Ave
Downers Grove, IL 60515
Age: 51
(630) 541-6013
Plates: V51 3238

Thursday, November 17, 2016

Report back from 3rd Annual TORCH Antifa Conference

South Side ARA is very grateful to have attended the 3rd annual TORCH antifa conference. The first was held by our chapter in Chicago in 2014 and we are pleased to announce that in 2017, we will be hosting the 4th annual TORCH antifascist conference.

Taken from Rocky Mountain Antifa:

Rocky Mountain Antifa is pleased to announce the success of the 3rd annual TORCH Antifa Network Conference! TORCH is a network of various antifascist groups working autonomously. We come together to share resources, information, and strategy. Our purpose is to oppose and fight all formations of fascism. We confront neo-nazis, anti-migrant, anti-LGBTQ, anti-choice, anti-Muslim, the KKK, Trump supporters, the Alt-right, and more. Such groups and individuals have never been a minor issue. Although it was only a year ago when many fascists were hiding, they still contributed and promoted violence against women, Muslims, people of color, LGBTQs, and social justice activists. Groups like Blood and Honour, Ku Klux Klan, Keystone State Skinheads, Golden State Skinheads, and the American Freedom Party continue to pop on our radar. In addition, new objects have appeared such as the Traditionalist Workers Party, Soldiers of Odin, Identity Evropa, and far-right militias such as Oath Keepers and Three Percent Patriots. With the state and mainstream media jumping at the chance to amplify their bigotry, the rising movement of fascism is not a joke. It's not a bad dream, bad movie, or section of a political science book. This is real.

On Friday Nov. 11th, TORCH chapters gathered in Denver to discuss the network and upcoming goals/strategies. In attendance were Rocky Mountain Antifa, Philly Antifa, WNC Antifa, Los Angeles People Against Racist Terror (PART)/ARA-LA, and South Side Chicago ARA.

Then on Saturday Nov. 12th, a much larger crowd gathered for the semi-public portion of the conference. Attendance comprised of groups and individuals from:

Los Angeles
Dallas/Ft. Worth
Bay Area

The larger event kicked off with a speaking panel on Four Tasks for Confronting Contemporary Fascism:
    •    confronting machismo
    •    defense ideas and strategy
    •    counter recruitment to undermine white supremacy
    •    identifying our allies and connecting struggles

After a 20 minute break we regrouped for a workshop on antifascist prisoner organizing. Finally, we ended with a facilitated discussion on Alt-right formations, strategies and tactics for moving forward, collective resources and implementation, and a go around of the efforts in our different regions. The conference was a huge success, and with no disruptions from the enemy.

We want to take a moment to answer the question of "What happened to TORCH?" We assure everyone that we are still here and still fighting fascism in the streets and on the Internet. The TORCH network is not going anywhere. If you noticed the website was down, it was because of technical issues with the server. These problems are being resolved as we speak and we will soon be re-launching our twitter account. The network has expanded over the weekend and we are expecting much greater numbers by this time next year. The tactics of TORCH have been effective for us and many others. We will continue to neutralize the efforts of fascist organizing and recruitment. Under a Trump regime we cannot fall short of our goals. For more information on our analysis of fascism and our points of unity, as well as contact info for our chapters, go We have a lot of work to do. We intend to win!

The Trump Regime:

For years antifascists warned the world of nationalist formations and their influence in politics and mainstream media. Since the inception of the Trump campaign, we warned everyone of the seriousness of this man, the consequences of his presidency, as well as the uselessness of voting in electoral politics. We demanded ACTION to stop fascists from taking power. When we took actions ourselves, we were smeared by many on the liberal left. Perhaps the most notable example was the June 26th action in Sacramento to shut down the neo-nazi rally organized by Matt Heimbach. The aftermath was a sea of liberals defending the neo-nazis and shaming Antifa. Then on Tuesday November 8th, 2016, a fascist manipulated his way into office, changing things forever. Unsurprisingly, Antifa hasn't seen as much of the character assassination we saw just a short time ago. The shift is massive.

In light of the emergency protests erupting across the country, in enormous numbers, it seems many have finally acknowledged the grim reality we warned about. Social media is blowing up with encouragement to join your local Antifa groups. What does this mean for Antifa? It means our role has increased drastically. We are more than local crews combating local fascists. We are essentially tasked with building resistance to a fascist regime. For those of us who saw this coming as well as those who are just waking up, we need to recognize our significance at this moment. All social movement organizing is now antifascist organizing. We are at a pivotal point in the outcome of this overwhelming shit show. Mistakes made now are more detrimental than ever. Every step needs to note the masses of people looking at us for an idea of what to do.

We call on antifascists everywhere to be bold moving forward. If you haven't already, join your local Antifa group or start a new one. If starting a new one, pick your most trusted people and develop a secure strategy for recruiting more. Consider that Trump plans to immediately deport up to 3 million people. This means that 3 million friends, family, allies, accomplices, comrades, and community members need backup. Develop community-based coalitions and create local defense networks to resist raids and deportation. Secure your communications with Tor, Signal, Tails,  GNU Privacy Guard (GPG), Full Disk Encryption, and read the limitations of each. Seek firearms and self defense training and share skills with everyone around you. Stock up on medical supplies, emergency contraceptives, and hormones. Stay together, support one another, and keep fighting.

There has been a call for a mass convergence in Washington D.C. to disrupt the inauguration of Trump. The TORCH Network endorses this action with several other organizations. We encourage all who reject domination and oppression to be there.


Rocky Mountain Antifa and the TORCH Antifa Network

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

South Side ARA Annual Zine #7 (2015-2016)

Readable version here

For a printable version, email us at

Welcome to the seventh edition of the South Side Chicago ARA zine. Every year we put together a collection of our updates on local antifascist work and intelligence, as well as a few relevant articles and updates from other sources.


-South side ARA

Wednesday, July 6, 2016

White Supremacist Group Tries To Redecorate The Loop, Gets Shut Down Quickly

Taken from

A white supremacist group spent some time putting up a handful of posters downtown over the weekend, littering parts of the loop with messages like "protect our heritage" and "our future belongs to us.

The posters, which are black and feature various and not-so-subtle racist messages laid over statues, have been spotted at the State Street Red Line stop, the Bean, along the Lakefront Trail and in a few other places, and in one exceptionally poignant placement, in the shadow of Trump Tower. All of them feature text reading "Identity Evropa," the group that's claiming responsibility for creating them.

According to their Facebook page, Identity Evropa is an "American based identitarian organization dedicated to educating the people of European heritage about the importance of a Eurocentric identity." In other words, Identity Evropa are basically fucking Nazis. The group was created by Nathan Damigo, a former veteran living in California who has long ties to white supremacist groups, including the National Youth Front.

Chicago isn’t the only city that's been targeted by Identity Evropa’s “#FashTheCity” campaign; the group has posted photos of their trash being plastered in several cities in California, Kansas and Colorado.

Predictably, Chicagoans haven’t taken too kindly to fascist trash being wheatpasted around their city. Already, groups have been calling for their removal and some have reportedly been taken down.

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Burning Cross Found On Portage Park Lawn

Taken from dnainfo:

PORTAGE PARK — Someone burned a cross Tuesday morning on the lawn of a Portage Park home, police said.

No one was injured in the incident that occurred around 7 a.m. Tuesday in the 4400 block of North Monitor Avenue between Sunnyside and Montrose avenues, said Officer Michelle Tannehill, a spokeswoman for the department.

The house where the cross was burned belongs to a 62-year-old white man, Tannehill said. The incident is being investigated as a case of simple assault, but could be classified as a hate crime depending on the outcome of the investigation, she added.

Ald. John Arena (45th) denounced the incident as a "grotesque and cowardly display of hatred and bigotry."

The crime occurred on a block where several residents are Arab American and African American, residents said.

The "horrible and disgusting incident is unacceptable and deserving of strong condemnation," Arena said.

"It is especially deplorable that his happened two blocks from Prussing Elementary School, a wonderful and welcoming school where many languages are spoken among its student body," Arena said.

The incident occurred just outside the 45th Ward in the 38th Ward represented by Ald. Nicholas Sposato, who said police told him they believe the cross was burned on the wrong lawn by mistake.

"I hope it was just knuckleheads or silly kids," Sposato said. "This is terrible."

"We cannot stand silent when confronted with racism and hate," Arena said.