Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Synagogue, Garages Spray-Painted with Anti-Semitic Slurs in West Rogers Park

Taken from the Sun Times:

A badly drawn Star of David and the words “F – - – U!” were among the scribblings residents awoke to Sunday morning on synagogues, garages and other buildings in a largely Jewish area of West Rogers Park.

“It’s outrageous, It’s very sad,” said one resident, as she saw the words Monday sprayed in black paint on the back side of the tiny synagogue in the 2900 block of West Touhy she’s attended for two-plus decades.

In all, a dozen or more buildings appeared to have been hit with the racial slurs and other profanity.
About 6:40 a.m. Sunday, police responded to the store-front synagogue. Officers later got word of similar incidents in the 2800 block of West Estes and the 5700 and 5800 blocks of North Talman. Police labeled the incidents as criminal damage to property. There had been no arrests as of Monday evening.

Crews with the city’s department of Streets and Sanitation were out covering over the graffiti with paint early Monday.

One local rabbi, who didn’t want his name used, said the neighborhood generally isn’t a target for anti-Semitic graffiti.

“We’re pretty much a peaceful neighborhood,” the rabbi said. “It’s sporadic here and there. Nobody makes a big deal out of it. I’m from the East Coast. You know how you know you’re in a New York? You see all the graffiti.”

Others were less forgiving.

“We deplore this despicable alleged act of anti-Semitism, which deeply impacts the entire Jewish community and the community at large,” said Lonnie Nasatir, regional director of the Anti-Defamation League of the Chicago/Upper Midwest Region. “This act reflects complete disregard for sacred Jewish institutions and individuals’ homes.  We applaud the Chicago Police Department for taking this incident seriously and investigating it as a possible hate crime.  We hope that the perpetrator(s) will be brought to justice.”

Friday, December 26, 2014

Meet White Supremacist Pier Zambrano AKA Pier Novikov AKA DJ Subtropical

Pier Zambrano, commonly known as Pier Novikov AKA "Subtropical", is a 43 year old white nationalist DJ living in Chicago. He first popped up on our radar several months back when he was seen making countless anti-semitic and anti-black Facebook posts. Pier clearly seems interested in the preservation of european heritage and has constantly blamed Jews and non-whites for what he sees as the downfall of society. His obsession with survivalism and the idea of returning to a more primitive or tribal lifestyle, along with his aggressive desire for racial separatism, are very representative of a variation of radical right wing ideology called "national anarchism". Pier has iron cross tattoos on his arms as well as slightly altered versions of the deaths heads skull (hand) and the white pride world wide symbol (head). Aside from his sketchy tattoos and overtly racist internet postings, Pier has connections to other white supremacists in Illinois such as National Anarchist Conor Wrigley (2778 Deerpath Park Dr Decatur, IL) and former Portland Volksfront associate "Trigger" Tom Christensen (3007 N Allen). He is also an associate of the virtually extinct Chi-town 77's (read here for info) .

Pier DJ's all around the city. He does an "industrial nation" night at the Charleston 1-2 Wednesdays a month and has/does DJ at Rodan, Analog, and elsewhere. Pier drives a black jeep. He is married to Lora Chasteen, and is also employed by her at Medusas Makeup (4001 N. Ravenswood Ave. Suite 304). He is rumored to carry a gun illegally on his person. Below are two screenshots highlighting some of Piers politics followed by some text detailing his personal info.

Taken and found from paste bin here, here, here, and here

Pier Zambrano
AKA Pier Novikov/Subtropical
4123 N Mozart St # 1
Chicago, IL 60618-2708
Drives a black jeep
License plate # F65 5219
Born  April 28th 1971
Works at Medusas makeup
4001 N. Ravenswood Ave.
Suite 304
Chicago, IL 60613

Sunday, November 23, 2014

A Half Decade of South Side Chicago ARA

ARA and other antifascist groupings have existed in Chicago since the late 1980's. For the most part, the organized antifascist presence has continued to exist and have typically been amongst the more active and successful antifascist groupings in the US. The most recent incarnation, South Side Chicago Anti- Racist Action (now of the TORCH network), are celebrating the end of our 5th year of antifascist activity. Starting back in 2009 we set out with extreme dedication, to destroy organized fascists in our state, eventually expanding outward and doing serious work in the midwest and elsewhere. When we first started, the group to beat was the Illinois National Socialist Front (INSF), descendants of Bill Whites ANSWP, led by Phillip Anderson. At this time, there was also a huge call out by the ARA network to shut down David Irving's US tour. This year saw not only some very successful confrontations between south side ARA and the INSF, but Irving's speaking event held at the Edelweiss restaurant in Chicago was immediately shut down when a violent melee ensued between antifascists and neo nazis in attendance. Shortly after, in 2010 the INSF was scheduled to march in downtown Chicago, a bold move and an obvious challenge to Chicago antifascists. After tons of pressure from our side, the
INSF had a pathetic turnout of 4 unprotected nazis who were quickly attacked leading not only to the end of the march, but the arrest of two of the attending neo nazis. These 2 major victories, along with several other smaller successful battles, and an impressive ability to expose white supremacists, strengthened our resolve, and solidified our reputation as an antifascist force to be reckoned with.

Over the next 4 years, we would face many internal and external hardships, always coming out stronger and more intelligent than before. We managed for the most part, to keep our excitement and dedication and went on to have several more noteworthy successes. A few of these successes include the eventual end of the INSF, the shutting down of the local NSM unit before they even began, the forming of the TORCH network, the hosting of 2 national antifa conferences, the shut down of the White Man march in Centralia, IL, the infiltration and exposing of the local ANP, successful clashes with the Trad Youth Network, continuous pressure on David Irving across the midwest, antifascist benefits and prisoner support for several people including the Tinley Park 5, the publishing of 5 annual antifascist zines, home demos, and several street confrontations and disruptions of neo nazi individuals, groups, and events in Illinois and across the country. With any action we have been part of we have always tried to critique ourselves and be honest about our successes and failures. This being said we genuinely believe that our presence in Illinois has helped to create a fear and paranoia amongst the fascists that we hope will last for years to come. A fear that has led the once seemingly hopeful neo nazi activist community into a state of disarray and inactivity. To say that their own failures and the role of the state hasn't also helped to create this disfunction would be a lie. We also realize that repercussions are always a possibility and more importantly that white supremacy and reactionary tendencies are festering and live beyond the confines of flag waving organizations.

Since our forming years we have seen friends go to jail, we have suffered scrapes, bruises, state harassment and spying, but yet we are still here and are still active. We have outlasted any rival crew that has existed in this city since our inception. It has always been our dedication, brains, strategy, anonymity, and eventually our experience that helped lead us to constant victories over those who in some instances were more physically intimidating. Over the past year we have continued to expose and confront the fascists and white supremacists who have tried to rebuild or form a new and we will continue to do so. Thanks to everyone who is or has been a part of south side ARA. Thanks to all who have supported us.


Monday, November 17, 2014

Anonymous Doxxes Ferguson-Area KKK Members, Hacks KKK Twitter Account

Frank Ancona and cronies
Taken from jezebel:

The Ku Klux Klan got the Anonymous treatment over the weekend after they threatened protestors in Ferguson, Mo. with "lethal force." In response, the online hacker group donned their digital cape, took over the group's twitter account and posted an image of a Klansman hanging from a noose. Then the doxxing began. 
As news reports swirl that the Grand Jury may release their decision on Monday in the case of Officer Darren Wilson fatally shooting Michael Brown, the KKK thought it'd be cool to pretend like they were in The Ghosts of Mississippi. One guy named Franck Ancona, according to Raw Story, even handed out fliers calling the protestors "terrorists" and boasting "We will use lethal force as provided under Missouri law to defend ourselves." In true Klan fashion, Acona, who is a part of the Traditionalist American Knights of the KKK, said he had to take action because white folks were under "attack." 
In response, Anonymous posted photos and home addresses of a few local St. Louis Klansmen. The Klan complained about an "invasion of privacy" and took to Twitter to say that Anonymous was an harmless organization. Anonymous probably got tired of their whining and just took over the hate group's Twitter account on Saturday with the following tweet. 
At press time, the group is still controlling the KKK's Twitter account, and followers are rolling in, which I'm not sure is the best outcome. 
Bigger question: why doesn't the KKK use 2-step authentication? Amateur mistake.

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Canadian Noize Punk Act Schizophasia Plays Awesome Prank on Nazi Label Deathangle Absolution

The neo-nazi music label Deathangle Absolution Records (formerly Satanic Skinhead Propaganda) ran by Antichrist Kramer, contacted Schizophasia from Canada a while back about putting out a record for them. Schizophasia however, are anti-racists who are not down with Kramer and his fascist ways. How did they respond?  Schizophasia agreed and wrote an anti-racist record. The lyrics were never submitted to the label and the record was successfully put out. They are now urging folks to only buy the record directly from the band and not the label. All profits from the album will be given to Chicago antifascists and anti-racist organizations such as ourselves. 

Read their statement below:

Beware such scene parasites as ''DEATHANGLE ABSOLUTION RECORDS''. They are a neo-nazi record label formally known under the names ''SATANIC SKINHEAD PROPAGANDA'' and ''AUDIAL DECIMATION''. Most of their catalog is NSBM or racist power electronics but now they are trying to move into releasing punk. It came as a surprise that label-boss Antichrist Kramer asked Schizophasia to release a record on his label. Being the pranksters that we are, we agreed and then proceeded to record a ten-track anti nazi record masked by undecipherable vocal effects and hidden by way of our tradition of writing our song titles in Arabic. Schizophasia has no hatred for any race, sexual orientation, gender or anything of the sort. Schizophasia fully supports confronting racism, homophobia, sexism (to be consistent with your previous 3-point enumeration) and ideologies which advocate for any totalitarian regime. The black triangle with a black bar on the front cover of the LP is the symbol that anarchists were made to wear in Nazi Germany concentration camps. Had antichrist Kramer brushed up on his history instead of jerking off to the idea of the next race war, he would have noticed that we were up to something. We call out to people not to buy releases from these labels and to actively boycott any Neo-Nazi bands and labels. Don't purchase this record, unless directly from the band! All proceeds collected by SCHIZOPHASIA will be donated to anti-racist and anti-fascist work. THE JOKE IS ON YOU ANTICHRIST KRAMER/DEATHANGLE ABSOLUTION RECORDS. LONG LIVE ROCK N' ROLL! LONG LIVE FREEDOM! DEATH TO FASCISM! DEATH TO NAZIS!  

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Meet Neo-Nazi Dennis McGiffen and the Sadistic Souls Motorcycle Club

Dennis center
This post is about a white supremacist biker gang known as the Sadistic Souls Motorcycle Club (SSMC), and Dennis McGriffen who resides in Brighton, IL. McGrif­fen is pres­i­dent of the SSMC. They formed back in 2010 and in July of 2012, for­mally merged with the neo-Nazi and Christian identity group Aryan Nations, in which McGriffen has has had ties to in the past.

In the 1990s, McGif­fen and other white suprema­cists formed a group they dubbed The New Order, after the 1980s ter­ror­ist orga­ni­sation known as The Order.  In 1998, McGif­fen and five other members were arrested by the FBI on weapons and explo­sives charges in con­nec­tion with alleged plots to rob banks and armored cars, poi­son pub­lic water sup­plies, and to attack blacks, Jews, and civil rights orga­ni­sa­tions.  McGriffen and five other defendants pleaded guilty, while a sixth was con­victed in court.  McGif­fen received a seven-year prison sentence.

Dennis McGiffen works as a union pipefitter, out of United Association Of Journeymen AndApprentices Of The Plumbing And Pipe Fitting Industry.  (UA Local 553 2 South Wesley Drive East Alton, IL) Their Local's leadership; James Goltz ( Recording Secretary -goltzter@gmail.com) and Michael A. Toner (Financial Secretary/Business Manager ), probably have no knowledge of his nazism.  Their nazi activity is a violation of the United Association's Constiution, Section 144 (a)2: "He  is of good moral character." Dennis McGiffen lied in his pledge or oath for membership in UA, which is a violation of Section 151.  Since joining, Dennis McGiffen has recruited another UA member  named Joshua Miller, who also lives in Brighton, Illinois. Dennis McGiffen's son, Damien, as well as his wife Melina, are also members of the UA and the SSMC.

In April of 2012, McGif­fen and fel­low Sadis­tic Soul Ryan R. Duck­ett were arrested by the Madi­son County Sheriff’s Depart­ment and charged with felony mob action for an alleged assault at a bar in God­frey, Illi­nois.

Sadistic Souls Motorcycle Club
SSMC National Office”
P.O.Box 298
Brighton, IL 62012
(618) 219-5380

Dennis & Melinda McGiffen 
115 Boker St.
Brighton, IL 62012
(618) 219-5380
They drive a blue truck, with the Illinois license plate number 1349233.
They also drive a dark blue jeep, with the Illinois license plate number 1321844.

Damien McGiffen 
727 East Ferguson Ave.
Wood River, IL 62095
(618) 219-4900
Damien is currently 24 years old.
Damien drives a gold/tan truck, with the Illinois license plate number 1135073.

Ryan R. Duckett
Arrested with Dennis McGiffen for felony mob action at the Beer Barrel Pub, in Godfrey, IL. 
313 Main St.
Brighton, IL 62012
He owns Duckett's Power  Washing, a large power washing business.
Duckett's Power Washing:
5321 State Route 140
Bethalto, IL 62010-2205
(618) 520-5363
(618) 377-3224

Kevin Bowler
"Audman Fooshee"
SSMC- Illinois
"Jesse Jones" on VK
The Aryan Nations refers to him as "Kevin Hated"

SSMC Outside of Illinois

Fred Detrow 
SSMC minister of propaganda
615 E Main Street
Crestline, Ohio  44827
(419) 834-5289

Dennis Warburton 
Northeastern or central Canada
Aryan Nations' Ambassador to Canada
Ontario, Canada
(705) 698-0569
SSMC Ambassador at Large

Mike McQueeney 
West Coast Ambassador
Lives on North Roebbles Park Rd.,
P.O. Box 717
Mercer, Wisconsin 54547
(715) 776-0577
He has two  facebooks:
Here and here

Joe Wood
East Coast Ambassador
152 S Main St.
Friendens, PA  15541-8405
(724) 217-2359
Age: 42
Joe Wood might also go by George Joe Wood, Jr.
Joe Wood owns Joe's Glass Block  at 5919 Henry Street
Export, PA 15632
(724) 327-0319

Janine Wood
152 S Main St.
Friendens, PA  15541-8405
(724) 217-2359
Age: 30
She has a shitty women of the KKK page here 

SS Mel - Mel Patterson (center)
Midwest Ambassador
Melvin Patterson is a 48 year old man who writes shitty nazi  poetry.
Missouri - or Oregon, Illinois -
either at Jefferson Street Apt. or South 2nd Street
(815) 742-7801

2014 SSMC convention

For more on Dennis McGiffen's long established history in neo-nazi organizing and domestic terrorism, see the following links:





Monday, September 15, 2014

Reportback from the 2014 TORCH Antifa Conference in Chicago

This past weekend South Side ARA hosted the first annual TORCH antifascist network conference in Chicago. This conference is the time and place in which the TORCH network strategizes for not only internal growth but for our resistance against fascism, white supremacy, and the right. In attendance were delegates from Philly Antifa, Central Texas ARA, Milwaukee Antifa, HARM, ARA-LA/PART, and of course South Side ARA. This time is also utilized to build antifascist culture, which is why we hosted a public event with speakers, bands, and tons of antifascist literature and merchandise.

The public day was held at Chitown Futbol. At around 5:30 the speakers started.  Both Matthew
Lyons and Michael Staudenmaier gave great presentations followed by Q&A.  There were tons of groups present such as the War Zone distro, Black Rose, and IWW tabling with literature and merchandise. Groups within the TORCH network were also tabling and had tons of anti-racist t-shirts, some of which were completely free. By about 7:30 Mandatory Abortions kicked off the show followed by La Armada, Krang, Wartorn, Wrathcobra, and ATU. At the end of the night hundreds of dollars were made to support antifascist political prisoners.

The night went on with no disruption from the fascists or the state and the 2014 TORCH conference was a huge success. Thank you too all the bands, speakers, organizations, and individuals who came out to support. A special thanks to the Chicago May 1st Anarchist Alliance and the Black Rose Anarchist Federation for sponsoring the event. South Side ARA has spent the past 5 years smashing fascism in our state and elsewhere and will continue to do so.

Fuck fascism!  Fuck racism!

- South side ARA of the TORCH Network