Friday, September 24, 2010

October 16 Midwest Regional Anti-war March in Chicago


On October 16th, please come to Chicago For a Midwest Regional March for Peace and Justice!

Many hoped that the end of the Bush Presidency would mean an end to illegal U.S. wars and a focusing on human needs. Yet nearly two years into the Obama administration, the occupation in Iraq continues, with more private military contractors taking the place of departing soldiers and the world's largest embassy set to squat in the heart of Baghdad.

The "peace president" has dramatically escalated the Afghanistan invasion ? at nine years, America's longest war. He's spread war into Pakistan, Yemen and Somalia. He's supported a brutal coup in Honduras, is building threatening new U.S. military bases in Colombia, and ignores Israel's war crimes against the Palestinians and those seeking to aid them.

The Bush-era attacks on civil liberties have if anything escalated, with Obama pushing for an even more powerful and unaccountable executive branch, assassinating people abroad at a far greater rate, and increasing the deportations of undocumented immigrants by more than 50%.

Yet while the economy continues to stumble, with ever-higher foreclosure rates, stagnate wages and persistent unemployment, the income gap between the rich and the rest of us gets ever wider. Adding insult to injury, President Obama has pledged a domestic spending freeze at the same time that he's brought U.S. military spending to its highest level ever. 57% of the federal budget is spent on war.

On October 16th on the eve of the 2010 bi-elections, please join us in President Obama's home town to demand:

END the Wars & Occupations NOW!
Money for Human Needs, Not Corporate Greed!

The October 16th protest will begin with a short 12:30 PM rally in the heart of Chicago's downtown – Michigan Avenue and Congress Parkway – followed by a march on Chicago's busiest thoroughfares.

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