Sunday, December 23, 2012

Neo Nazi Paolo M Uslenghi Exposed

3349 W Ainslie st apt 2E Chicago, IL 60625
Paolo Uslenghi is a 40 year old goth and neo-nazi from Illinois. He is Italian and Welsh and is as an active member on stormfront (SF). He joined SF in May of 2007 and has since made over 150 posts under the username "gothboi30". Amongst other events, Paolo attended the annual faith and freedom conference in Harrison, AR on April 4-6th of 2008 and the NSM/NSF demo against the opening of a holocaust museum in Skokie, IL  in 2009. He started a popular thread on stormfront called "Illinois WN's please post here" which has been a somewhat successful networking resource for white nationalists in Illinois. Paolo has extreme insomnia and is a licensed aircraft mechanic. He worked for, and possibly still works for, one of the largest airlines in the US and is certified on aircraft types md80/82/83, b737, b757, b767, and b777. Paolo was most recently found networking in a hack on the North East White Pride (NEWP) forums. From

Here are a few more gems from Paolo via Stormfront:
"There's no such thing as a 'good' Jew"  "I have EVERYTHING against the pack of filthy, parasitic Khazars that consider themselves God's chosen people" "if the negro race died tomorrow the world would be a better place".
    Paolo M Uslenghi
    3349 W Ainslie st apt 2E
    Chicago, IL 60625
    (708) 524-0222
    Height:6'1" Weight:190lbs
    Age: 40
    SF username: Gothboi30
    Other username: cityguy2011
    Oak Park river forest High School(1984-1988)
    Lived in tennessee for 7 months
    Last known to drive a 2006 Toyota corolla
    Has a cat named Shams(Arabic for sunshine)
    paternal great grandfather fought for Italy in WW 1  


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