Sunday, December 23, 2012

Meet William S Lasko AKA Racist Scumbag

Taken from,, and sent to us via email: William S Lasko is a 23 year old white supremacist from Evanston, IL. He is new to the Illinois white nationalist scene but has been a racist for quite a while now. He joined (SF), the worlds largest white supremacist forum, back in early October under the username "GoatoftheSouth" and since has made 47 posts, all of which display his disgusting racist views. He has sustaining member status, which means he has contributed to stormfront financially. Lasko has been eager to meet up with more established white supremacists to learn the ropes.

Below are two screen shots taken from

  More choice Lasko quotes from stormfront:
"The sooner we can put this ho(lol)cost thing behind us, the sooner our race can move on to greater things. I understand fear about asking for alternative books or even non-propaganda books, but sometimes a sacrifice needs to be made. Do they have Mein Kampf on the shelf? If not, why not? That is a great research book for anyone doing a piece on German history. It is a wonderful read about the enlightenment of a person. See if they can get that book, then move from there."
"Do not forget the one key to our dominance. If it was the sun that causes skin color change, and if everyone came from africa, then why are lighter color skinned people more advanced than the Africans they used to be?"
In a thread titled "Armed Ohio Robber reportedly Demands Vote for Obama!":
"The robber said he was Obama, why hasnt he been arrested? "Vote Obama. This is Obama, bitches.". Exact words... yet he is still our president. These fools think that because Whites are so lax about this kind of thing right now that they can get away with anything forever. We havent even begun to fight back."
In a thread  titled: "Four Black Youfs Brutally Beat White Man In Unprovoked Attack In Baltimore Again":
"Unprovoked? Isn't it obvious? He was white, how much more provocation does an animal need? Different? Attack! These pathetic scum need to be maimed and imprisoned. This kid didn't want to fight and witness testimony made that clear. Yet the sentiment of "One bad apple doesn't ruin the tree" continues to wreck our White culture's mind. When a tree gives off more than its fair share of bad apples, we must cut that tree down for good. We don't give it another season, we don't try to salvage it. Obama's sons are a thugs and racists."
"From the age of 14 to 17, my high school years, i was attacked by black gangs simply for being white. I was diagnosed with a personality disorder when i expressed by hate and resentment about the black race. Yet, when blacks express their hate for whites, it is out of "historical indignities" and they get off the hook. It was the jewish doctors who tell me that i have something wrong with my head. They spread their psycho-ganda into the media and tell us that our attitude is psychologically wrong."
In a thread titled "Why do people care about a pure race? What difference does it make?":
"The reason I care about the purity is because I'm not mixed. A mixed child has no ethnic integrity or identify. Being a purebred Irish man, I will make sure my child is mothered by an Irish woman. I want this because if my child does not identify with a nationality, he/she will be another person trying to force multiculturalism down our throats because my child does not have a real national home. It is a circle logic, but perhaps that is why we do it. We do it so we can continue to be pure."
    In a thread titled "New members post your introductions here":
"I'm quite new here and in the WN scene. Only a few months since I found out that we are in a state of deconstruction of pride. I am from the north suburbs of Chicago and went to a mostly black high school where I saw lots of black on white violence and no one did a thing about it. I've always thought that the black folk were less civilized, and am very glad to find that I am not the only one."

William S Lasko
2825 Lincoln st
Evanston, IL
Home: (847) 328-5647
Cell: (847) 636-2970
DOB 12-22-89
SF handle: GoatoftheSouth

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