Monday, June 13, 2011

When will they learn? NSM eats it again in Milwaukee

Back in April nazis from The NSM held a conference in Pemberton, NJ, but not before a huge melee between them and anti-fascists that involved bats, hammers, pepper spray and folding chairs left several NSM members gushing blood and sent four to the hospital with one apparently having a shattered cheekbone. Now, months later, a follow up attack left the Milwaukee unit of the NSM in a fury. Harriet and Paul Paletti and about three other nazis from the NSM held a demo at the pride parade in down town Milwaukee. As always the NSM was heavily protected by police but this didn’t stop a few anti-fascists from making sure they didn’t go home without interruption. Aside from infiltrating the Milwaukee NSM through Harriet Paletti(20225 w coffee road, new berlin 53146),anti-fascists had been watching the NSMs’ since early in the morning and had clear descriptions on all cars and attendees. Once it was clear that they were going to hide behind police protection antifascists decided to go for their cars that were in the parking lot. Their grey astro van was parked directly in front of their red Chevy HHR which had an NSM member inside ‘guarding’ the van. After being confronted at his car he cowardly denied being a nazi and did nothing to protect the vehicle of his comrades. During the confrontation of this low life scum anti-fascists made sure to pop both of the NSMs’ front tires leaving them stuck in the lot and out a few hundred bucks, not including the tow we are sure they needed. Although we realize this was no huge defeat, the reality is, after such a beat down in Pemberton you would think the NSM would tighten their security and assure nothing at all happened. Most importantly it should be assumed that this is not the last hit the NSM will face. This war is not over and so-far this years score board says anti-fascists: 2 NSM:0

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