Sunday, June 26, 2011

Drive White Supremacist Eric "Scott" Kriske of Chicago Mafia Skins Out of Chicago

The violent street crews Chicago Mafia Skins(CMS) and the Chitown 77 Street Punks are well known for random beatings of homeless people, people of color and crusty punks at shows and bars, most notably their former leader and pedophile John Haley who murdered an asian fisherman in 2007. Because they are not outwardly political or freely brandish swastikas, some are not as easily able to recognize them for what they are: a so-called apolitical skinhead crew with extreme white supremacist and right-wing tendencies. Anyone who has any doubt as to where they stand politically and continues to associate with their members, the details below documenting a long history of racist activities should leave no room for confusion, and if so it might time to question where you stand.

The newest CMS leader Eric Scott Kriske is particularly active in trying to push the scene in a more white supremacist direction, threatening violence against those who don't fall in line with his agenda. Eric runs a new saxon account, a social networking site for Nazis, where he attempts to organize "Bully Boys" whites-only parties and promotes his fan zine "Brew and Honour" (name taken from the internationally know Nazi group "Blood and Honour") which glorifies their culture of racism to recruit new members. During his recent time in Spain, Eric spent time with Nazi skinheads and can be found in this interview not only admitting to liking and hanging out with a few Rock Against Communism(RAC) bands but stating very plainly that he is a racist. On the same website where this interview is found is an extremely racist and euro-centric section called "historical studies" in which Eric describes Humboldt Park as "a once great thriving German neighborhood in Chicago turned in to a Puerto Rican ghetto from hell". He is the guitarist in the band Wellington Arms which plays Skrewdriver cover songs and in their unreleased album Eric rewrites a Ramones song to use lyrics like "I'm a storm-trooper in Chi-town Yes I am / I'm a Nazi Shitze and I fight for father land".

Despite their attempts to maintain an active presence in the city, their numbers are dwindling and they clearly do not have nearly as much respect or influence as they once had. Even their supposed sister crew the 77 street punks have little respect for CMS because they allow women in their organization, such as Conor Looby(2957 N Pulaski) who believes that women have no place inside their crews outside of sexual pleasure. While their groups are suffering from internal divisions, and word has it they have been repeatedly getting their asses kicked over the past few years, they are becoming increasingly desperate and frantic in an attempt to maintain their crews that are rapidly dying out.

White supremacists and sympathizers have no place in Chicago and must be driven out. This it a callout to all bands, groups and individuals to confront CMS and 77s at shows, bars, where they work and where they live. They falsely pride themselves as being the dominant force in the scene but they know that we outnumber them by the hundreds and that they are not welcome in most neighborhoods and show venues. If you have any additional information about CMS or 77s, please get a hold of us at

Name: Eric Kriske (aka Eric Scott)
Crew: Chicago Mafia Skins, Bully Boys
Address: (current)6320 N Sayre Ave, 3700 block of W Dickens, 2211 W Diversey, 3001 N Albany Ave, 825 N Winchester Ave, 7724 W Belmont Ave
Phone Number: 773 401 5680
Michael Scarn
Crew: Chicago Mafia Skins
Address:  3217 N Keating apartment 3a
Phone: 773-565-8957

Other known members and supporters are Mickey nussbaum, Lauren, Tommy, Erica, Kevin, Colleen, Almighty Mel, Robert Lopatka, Andrew, Kyle, Bob, Matt D and more.Wellington Arms, Criminal Kids, Vicious Sex,


  1. get a fuckin life you fuckin hippy

  2. this shit is fuck, yep this kwote! sad...yall knuckle heads now!

  3. dude this is awesome I stumbled on your site by accident. HAve you ever checked out the ARC site

  4. well, I think you need to edit that and remove Tommy, Erica, and Kevin. Those guys are openly Puerto Ricans sympathisers

  5. I'm not a pedophile. they were at least 18 i think ha. you boys all grown up and still talking shit on the net. lame. cms and 77 you keep marching. Eric you were my right hand man for along time my friend. cheers to you. well boys, gotta a family to go take care of. drink one for me.

    1. you right hand man and the 77's have been hospitalized several times... with no retaliation. Sorry you went to the joint in vein.. wish you were still active.. it'd be a little more fun lol

  6. Wow, have you looked at Eric Kriske's tumblr page lately? That guy doesn't even try to hide the fact that he's a nazi.