Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Creativity Movement leader Brian Moudry Arrested for Waving Weapons at Children

Brian Moudry with James Logsdon
Just a month after threatening a black postal carrier, local Creativity Movement member Brian Moudry was arrested for waving a weapon at a kid outside his home at 304 S. Reed St in Joliet, IL. Moudry  also plays, or played, guitar  and vocals in National Socialist black metal(nsbm) band Xenophobia under the Alias warhead jewdriver. One People's Project reports:
 As one Nazi dies, another takes his place - on Ye Olde Chopping Block. We reported a few weeks ago that one of the Creativity Movement's luminaries Brian Moudry was being investigated for threatening a black postal worker because he wasn't receiving his mail. Well now the US Postal Service can forward his mail to his new address at the county jail. This comes because on Sunday  the Creatard decided he would threaten someone else - this time a boy in his neighborhood with a gun. The cops didn't get him on the threat to the postal worker, but they told him to knock this crap off. Well not only he didn't, but he acted like the bonehead he was when police came to question him about this latest threat. They stayed for 90 minutes, said screw it, came back with an arrest warrant on Monday and took him away. A search of his home turned up a BB gun. Creatards. They never seem to fail in the comedy. Never.
An August 17th Herald News article:
White supremacist arrested
August 17, 2010  By BRIAN STANLEY

JOLIET -- A white supremacist leader has been arrested after allegedly threatening a boy with a weapon .

Neighbors told police they saw Brian J. Moudry, 33, run at 8 p.m. Sunday into the road in front of his house at 304 S. Reed St.

"He was holding (what looked like) a silver handgun and yelling at someone who had just ridden near his residence," Chief Fred Hayes said.

Witnesses were unable to describe the ethnicity of the boy, who fled from the armed man.

"Mr. Moudry was standing outside the doorway when officers arrived, but went inside and refused to exit the house or talk to them," Hayes said. "As police established a perimeter, the subject began yelling statements about white supremacy from inside."

Moudry had claimed to be the local leader of the Creativity Movement, a white supremacist group.

Police remained at the scene until around 9:30 p.m. Sunday before determining Moudry was not going to shoot anyone from inside his home.

"We obtained an arrest warrant for unlawful use of a weapon and took him into custody around noon Monday," Lt. Brian Dupuis said.

Moudry allowed police to search his home.

"We found the remnants of a silver bb gun inside that matched the description of the weapon witnesses saw him with," Dupuis said.

Bomb allegations
On July 17, Moudry reportedly threatened to bomb a mail truck after having trouble restarting his mail delivery.
Moudry was questioned by federal postal inspectors.

No criminal charges were filed, but he was "encouraged to behave," reports said.

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