Sunday, August 29, 2010

Chicago Anti-Fascists Attack Secrets

The war against secrets has begun. The following is a report back from Chicago antifascists. Taken from Chicago Indymedia:
On August 22nd around 2pm Chicago antifascists gathered in front of secrets to protest Suzy M Lenner, a member of the National Socialist movement, and the store itself for not only employing the known Neo Nazi but for actively trying to cover up her racist, sexist, genocidal politics.

The antifascists distributed fliers to people in the area before being approached by two secrets employees and a man claiming to be the owner. The first employee, who admitted not only to Suzy working there but also to the fact that Secrets knows she's a Nazi, asked us to not stand in front of the store and stated "yall do your thing why can't she do hers" and "I've seen her be nice to black people at work". The second employee who came out was a bit more hostile and tried to deny her working there even though the first employee openly admitted to it. Shortly after, a guy who claimed to be the owner came out of a taxi, ripped fliers from Protesters hands and began screaming in peoples faces in a fit of rage. Just seconds after his arrival the second employee, the owner and the store itself were pelted with a barrage of eggs leaving them even angrier than before. Once again all the antifa managed to make a clean get away just before police arrived. 
Chicago anti fascists and anti-racist continue to ask for a boycott of Secrets and demand that she resign or be fired. No matter what her work status is we will continue to confront Suzy(and any other Nazis who cross our path) in the streets, on-line and even where she lives at 910 Beau DR, Unit 304 Des plaines, IL 60016-5831 
 Happy easter from Chicago!

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