Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Jon Burge Faces Protests During Torture Trial

As notoriously racist and corrupt former CPD Detective Jon Burge goes to trial, community groups and the recently exonerated are organizing protests to give Burge a Chicago welcome:
Jail Cops Who Torture! Retrials for Their Victims! Cut Their Pensions!

Over 20 years of terror, Police Cdr. Jon Burge and his “Midnight Crew” tortured 200+ Latino and African American men and their children to obtain confessions. 20 of these victims are still incarcerated, hoping to be re-tried. Burge has been evading justice since ‘93 and the City of Chicago has spent over $10 MILLION in taxpayer dollars paying for his defense even after the Police Department Review Board ruled that he was guilty of using torture!

Take A Stand Against Torture on May 24th, 2010*

@ Daley Plaza (55 W Randolph St) 8:30-10AM

*Trial date may change. Visit jailjonburge.org for more info.

* Spread the word: Facebook event and Flyer: JPG or PDF

Jail Jon Burge Committee Calls for Justice on May 24

Taking a stand against torture, the Jail Jon Burge Committee urges the residents of Illinois to join in a cry for justice from 8:30 to 10:00am on May 24, 2010.  The event will signal the commencement of the trial of former Chicago Police Department Commander Jon Burge, accused of perjury and obstruction of justice during a civil suit related to torture.

The event will feature appearances by victims who were tortured during Jon Burge’s tenure as commander, as well as their families.  Speakers will include Mark Clements, Marvin Reaves and Nick Escamilla, who are all victims of Burge’s torture regime.  Attorney Flint Taylor, renowned advocate for police torture victims, and 21st Ward Alderman Howard Brookins, fierce public advocate, will also appear.

The group has three demands, which include new trials by all who have alleged they have experienced police torture; cessation of pensions of all those who engaged in torture, as identified by the Special Prosecutor’s review; and indictment, trial, and imprisonment for all those found guilty of perjury related to their role in torture.   United with organizations across Chicago, the Committee will advocate on behalf of these victims, their families, and Chicago taxpayers, who continue to bear the financial burden of Burge’s defense costs.

In 1993, the Police Department Review Board determined that Jon Burge had used torture to obtain confessions between the years of 1972 and 1991, torturing an alleged 200 African American and Latino suspects.  Following an investigation by a special prosecutor that concluded in 2006, Burge was found to have committed torture in multiple instances. Due to the statute of limitations on torture crimes, however, Jon Burge and his “Midnight Crew” were never indicted for their offenses.  The trial of Burge for perjury and obstruction of justice related to the special prosecutor’s investigation marks the first time that Burge will be held accountable for even a fraction of the crimes that he has committed.

The Committee urges all interested and concerned parties to join them in their cry for justice at the May 24 Event.  Groups wishing to endorse the event should contact the Committee by calling 312-939-2750 or by emailing contact (at) jailjonburge.org.


  1. retrial? the judiciary is an apparatus that functioned exactly as it was supposed to. what do you want? a fair and democratic legal system? PLEASE

    and jail cops who torture? as if cops who don't torture are ok? and theres also the whole thing about throwing more people in jail, and you know, needing people to run the places... more cops!

    this is some dumb ass reformist shit.

  2. and by "reformist shit" i meant liberal statist garbage (to risk saying the same thing three times). sorry for the confusion.

  3. We highlighted this story because Burge being the face of racism torture and corruption within the Chicago Police Department is in town for the next month or two and that there are community groups mobilizing to give him a Chicago greeting.

    No one at ARA, in the Jail Jon Burge Coalition, or the Burge torture victims believe that any kind of justice can come from the same criminal courts that brought us Burge, torture, and wrongful convictions to begin with. We also recognize that Burge's actions are not isolated incidents, rather they are indicative of systematic racism and brutality within the CPD, and that the problem won't be solved by throwing away one bad apple when the barrel itself has to go.

    We don't agree unconditionally to the politics of every individual or organization who helped organize the protest but we do work with and support the recently released torture victims many who are demanding Burge spend his last days in prison. Will we be satisfied if he gets convicted? No, especially since there are dozens of Burge's cronies who are still working for the CPD (even though it would be very pleasing to see what happens when Burge hits general population in prison).

    So knowing that U.S. criminal courts aren't a solution to dealing with people like Jon Burge, how could we implement an appropriate people's response?