Monday, May 17, 2010

Chicago ARA Materials Available for Download

Also available are several old-school Anti-Racist Action zines published many years ago by Chicago ARA:
  • ARA Research Bulletin #1 May 2001 (No Tears for the Nazis, No Support for the State, The Enemy of Our Enemy: the Southern Poverty Law Center "Badjackets" Anarchists, The Third Position, The New Face of Resistance: White Music for White Sheep, Hale and Brimstone, and News from the Front Lines)
  • ARA Research Bulletin #2 Fall 2001 (Fifth Column Fascism: fascism within the anti-war movement, Reports from the "Homeland" Front, Know Your Enemy? Q and A about Osama Bin Laden, the Taliban, and the CIA, RAWA: Anti-fascists in Afghanistan, Repression after 911)
  • ARA Research Bulletin #3 Winter-Spring 2002 (Feedback and Discussion, Editorial: Notes on the Battle of York, National Alliance Mid-Atlantic Organizing Drive, Trends and Intentions of the National Alliance, Bill White: the Third Position in North America, Homeland Security: from Torture to Co-optation, Fascist Dirty Laundry, JDL Exposed: the Racist, Pro-imperialist Nature of the Jewish Defense League, Neo-nazis Return to Portland, Review of Nordic Front, Revolutionary Anti-Fascism: Some Strategic Questions, Interrogation of an Anti-Capitalist, The Anti-War Movement that Wasn't, and News from the Front Lines)

Another zine with various essays analyzing anti-fascist movements in Italy, Germany, the UK, Toronto, and Chicago: Beating Fascism: Anarchist Anti-Fascism in Theory and Practice (PDF) (edited by Anna Key)

Finally, several ARA zines published by South Chicago Anarchist Black Cross in the late 90s:

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