Sunday, February 7, 2010

"Evil Incarnate" Fails Again

Neo-nazi band "Evil Incarnate" tried to play again last Saturday but thanks to the efforts of the Gay Liberation Network and ARA they were kicked off the show once again. Read this article published by the Windy City Media Group:
CHICAGO -- For the second time in three months the neo-Nazi heavy metal band "Evil Incarnate" was canceled after protests initiated by the Gay Liberation Network ( GLN ) and its allies in South Side Anti-Racist Action (ARA).

The band was to have performed tonight, Saturday, February 6th at "Memories Bar," 4358 N. Cicero, Chicago, until the bar's management received a flood of protest phone calls and pulled the plug on the show. Last December another Chicago performance by the Chicago-based band was also canceled after community protests initiated by GLN and ARA.

Evil Incarnate explicitly calls for the murder of African Americans and gays in the lyrics of its songs and employs fascist imagery.

Here is a sample of the lyrics from the song, "Killer of Faggots," which was recently released on the "Smashing Rainbows" label:

N---er lovers and faggots
Bullets in your head
N---er lovers and faggots
Now your dead

Luftwaffa nazi arial assault
Pounding from air never to halt
Flak 88's and panzer divisions
Bombing the faggots into oblivion

( repeat )  Bombing the n---ers into oblivion

GLN wants to note that once again, community activism has won an important victory over the forces of hate and violence. We wish thank all who called Memories Bar and explained to them why they should cancel the show. Finally, we want to thank Memories Bar for not helping promote hate and violence.


  1. so ya faggots are against free speech. dosen't that make you facist??? hypocrites.

  2. I love that song! I have the cd its great.

  3. Cool song. Good band. I hope they find a drummer and record a new album. Leftards don't seem to be bothered by bands that bash Christians when Evil Incarnate bashes Christians as well. I would not be surprised if ARA is run by Jews. ARA to the ovens!