Thursday, February 4, 2010

Details of Midwest Volksfront "Race Over All" Gathering Exposed

The midwest Volksfront chapter is having a private gathering in Chicago on February 6th for "white racialists of good character". We are releasing details of who will be attending the meeting and where they will be staying. Philip Anderson and others from the INSF are also attending this event most likely to try to recruit VF to participate in his upcoming "white pride world wide" march. Folks are encouraged to call the Budget Lodge and Key Motel (numbers listed below) and demand to know why they are hosting a racist hate group. Also feel free to call up the racist scum who are attending the event at their numbers listed below.

Volksfront is an international neo-Nazi skinhead organization that has existed since 1994. They call themselves "The Voice of the White Working Class" and use phrases like "Race Over All" and "One Front, One Family". In the US, they are primarily based on the west coast particularily in Oregon and Washington and are attempting to purchase land to set up autonomous white-only space called the "Northwest Territorial Imperative". Additionally, the midwest Volksfront chapter owns land in or near Fredericktown, Missouri where they held a 2007 VF gathering of white power bands for "brotherhood, solidarity and family". More information about Volksfront here, here, and from their website here.

Paul T. Alfich, the primary contact for the midwest chapter of Volksfront and the organizer of the Feb 6th gathering, lives in Oak Lawn just outside of Chicago and sells white power records and t-shirts while collecting VF dues. Besides looking over pictures of him attending a recent international Volksfront gathering in Spain, we were also fascinated to find that he had campaigned for Ron Paul and attended several Chicago "Tea Party" events and was even invited back to help organize future events! Download the flyer for Paul.

Paul's attempt to ensure any sort of privacy or security for the racist scum attending his secret gathering has failed miserably. He will have a lot of explaining to do to prospective members why he violated and betrayed everybody's personal information. But this is what you get when you join a racist national socialist organization. Hate has consequences!

From our little birdies: "Midwest Volksfront Social. Hello everybody, the motels recommended for the social are listed below, we ask everybody to meet at the Budget Lodge motel at 630 for final directions to the social. If you can not be there at 630 call the event phone number @ 219 510 7915 for directions. The event phone number will not be turned on until friday night. Food will be served at 730. If there are any other questions feel free to email me back, hope to see everybody there!

Budget Lodge 11840 S. Cicero Ave. Alsip, IL 60803 1-708-597-3214

Key Motel 11910 S. Cicero Alsip, IL 60803 1-708-388-6151"

Main Midwest Volksfront Coordinator:

Paul T. Alfich
Oak Lawn, IL 60453 near 111th and Cicero
From Mt. Greenwood
Cellphone: 1-773-612-4849
PO Box 557884 / Chicago, IL 60655
Birthdate: October 29 1981
Stormfront: "PrideOfANation"

People attending the Volksfront gathering:

Jason Lenz Phone: (219) 916-3830 Location: Portage, Northwest Indiana Emails: or Pic:

Keith Mccann "VF Keith" Email: Phone: 636 466 1216 Location: St. Louis Area

William Cerney, 27 Phone phone: 847-344-1837 Profile: Location: Elk Grove Village or Desplaines IL Picture: Email:

Renae "freyjasdottir" Northwest Indiana / Chicago or

Lindsey Vinsonhaler Jeffrey Vinsonhaler Email: Myspace: Location: Omaha, Nebraska

Justin Mccauley Email:

Rob Mohrendolin(moore) "WarWolf88" Phone: 630-290-4572 Location: Lombard IL Email:

Ed Lazwell "Big Ed" Email: Southern Illinois

Steve Verrx Email: "FriendofRPO" on Stormfront

Damian Wiertek Chicago area

John Quinn Phone: 715-797-3125

Donna Patterson Email:

Patrick Logan 40 minutes north of Chicago

Michael Saults

Rob (“Ufilas”) Phone: (574) 533-4389 ask for Rob Email: Location: Goshen Indiana / “upstate Indiana near the Michigan border”

Eric S. Norling (kinsmen88) cellphone: 815-519-3742


  1. You Fucks dont even target Nazi's all the time, you act more like nazis than anyother group, you go around in packs acting like screaming babies with bike chains. A number of my friends Have been Attacked by you asses just for wearing combat pants or boots. you guys dont even give anyone a chance to responed. you just start screaming NSF to justify your beating then go at it.
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  6. I love the fact that I was able to gain more info on how to get ahold of Volksfront, in order to get the details necessary to become a prospect. So, thanx, to ARA for helping a newly awoken white man! Due to your helpful site, I will be attending the next VOLKSFRONT gig in july. I cant wait! The funniest thing about ARA is that everyone in Volksfront that I have talked to, is always hoping that an contingent of their members will show up at one of their venues, so that we can have a good old fashion ruck and riot. But, I have been told that, in spite of all their computer nerd threats, they always fail to show up, except for one time in Chicago, where the ARA group of all 23 of them screamed and ran away when one of them was struck in the neck by a girl. Hahahaha!! Pathetic, but funny as hell. With any luck, some of you guys that arent all homos and/or internet cowards, might show up in July, and actually offer us a chance for some ultra-violence. We will see. 88!!

  7. Jimmy Crack CornMay 4, 2010 at 2:57 PM

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  9. Recent news article on Volksfront:

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  14. I will pass the info to my conservative friends and let them know not to let these racists in their organizations. I will also see to it that Paul and Renae are excluded from any tea party planning sessions. I am working hard to blacklist the Chicago area racists from conservative events so any information you can provide is definitely wanted.